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article by Hector Alvarez author March 23, 2017
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Avast Antivirus Pro offers comprehensive protection for anyone looking to keep their computer safe from viruses and hackers. The suite of programs offers some features you don't get with many antivirus programs, including the ability to test suspicious files without harming your PC.
  • Reasonably Priced Annual Subscription (For Single Computers)
  • Antivirus, Malware, and Phishing Protection
  • Sandbox to Test Suspicious Files
  • Additional PC Protection Including SafeZone Browser
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Licenses Must be Purchased for Each Computer
  • Tech Support Virus Removal Very Expensive
  • No Added Firewall Protection
Avast Antivirus Pro offers comprehensive protection at a reasonable price (as long as you don't need support to remove a virus for you).
Hector Alvarez, author
Encryption Intelligent Antivirus
Anti-Spam Anti-Spam
Firewall Protection Firewall
Smart Scan Smart Scan
Free Trial Free Trial
$ 49.99 /yr
  • Wi-Fi inspector
  • CyberCapture
  • Behavior shield
  • Smart scan
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Internet Security Try Now >>
$ 59.99 /yr
  • All PRO features
  • Firewall
  • Anti-Spam
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$ 79.99 /yr
  • All Internet Security features
  • Date shredder
  • Automatic software update
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Setup Setup

This program is super easy to setup. After installing the program, you will launch it. Then you will need to update your registration by going to “Settings” and then “Subscriptions” to insert the license file. If you have any problem with this, check out the support files or call technical support for help with registering your product.

Detection and Removal Tools Detection and Removal Tools

Avast Pro Antivirus begins your protection by using “viral-signature matching” to detect files that may be dangerous on your computer. Next, they use behavioral monitoring to watch how different programs act on your machine. Their database of definitions comes from over 164 million systems, giving you a massive database to protect your machine.

Their malware scanners are very versatile and can scan the entire PC and even file down to browser extensions. If you have a known malware program on the machine, this antivirus software solution will find it. If there is anything that looks suspicious, their CyberCapture feature will send it to the Avast Threat Labs for analysis.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

Avast Antivirus Pro protects you from nearly everything that may try to invade your PC. When testing against various viruses, Avast performed fantastic and also has excellent real-time threat detection.

The program also did well in catching most malware and spyware programs we threw at it. We do note that the malware updates sometimes run quite frequently, which is good for keeping your computer protected.

Additional PC Protection Additional PC Protection

Avast Antivirus Pro offers a ton of additional protection options to keep you safe. Their Smart Scan feature not only scans your PC but also your entire network, saving you time.

Are you on a router? If so, use the Home Network Security feature to see if you’re vulnerable to attacks.

Avast also offers Browser Cleanup that will get rid of those oddball toolbars and plugins that you either no longer use or those that magically appeared one day.

If you have any files that you’ve received that you’re not sure about, run them in the Sandbox. This test system will allow you to open the files in a sealed space that won’t affect the rest of your PC to see if they are safe.

Finally, Avast offers the SafeZone Browser is part of their anti-Phishing technology that allows you to surf, shop and bank without having to worry about hackers accessing your personal information.

Firewall Protection Firewall Protection

Firewalls help stop hackers from accessing your data, especially over public Wi-Fi. Avast Pro Antivirus doesn’t offer a firewall as part of their package. You can purchase it as part of their Internet Security or Premier program that offers both Antivirus and Internet Security.

However, most modern Windows users should have firewall protection built into the operating system.

User Interface User Interface

Overall, this program is easy to use and most beginners shouldn’t have much problem with scanning for viruses. When you launch the application, you have a simple menu that allows you to run a Smart Scan or you can choose to run a standard scan.

With that said, some more advanced features may not be as obvious for those unfamiliar with this type of program. We recommend reading some of the tutorials in the help section or contacting support for more assistance in running these features.

Pricing Pricing

Avast offers a free version of their antivirus software but if you want to take full advantage of everything that it offers, you will need to buy an annual subscription. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a license to cover all your devices and can buy a license for 1, 3, 5 or 10 PCs.

A one-year subscription for a single machine is $34.99. If you want a longer term, you can purchase a 2-year subscription for $59.99 or a 3-year plan for $74.99. The per machine price is lower for 3, 5 and 10 PC plans. Check out their site for pricing on these plans.

Also, Avast offers a 30-Day money back guarantee on all their products.


Depending on your issue, you’re either going to love Avast’s support, or you are going to loathe it. The support page on their website is great. It has a searchable database of help topics as well as a forum and a support ticket system.

They also offer 24/7 telephone support and they have support centers in the Czech Republic and the United States. However, the support is not always free. If you have simple issues, such as problems with installation, then your support is free.

If you have a virus, you’re going to pay up big time for their help. Their fee for a one-time virus removal is $119. You can choose to upgrade to a year’s worth of service for $179. After paying $34.99 for the software, this seems like the company is trying to gauge their users for extra money. Granted, in emergency situations, this may be better than having to lose access to your machine.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Avast Antivirus Pro offers fantastic antivirus protection along with a myriad of products that will help protect your PC from online threats and hackers. While support is a bit lacking in areas, it is still a great option for beginners and expert users alike.

M. Walsh says:

Hi there. I see you have mentioned a free version of the software and I was just wondering whether you could give me a breakdown of what it includes? I’d much rather not spend money but I want to ensure guaranteed protection. Thank you.

Suzy P. says:

love the sandbox feature on this! really innovative!

Kevin Marks says:

I actually used to use Avast and I didn’t have any problems. The frontline defence was seemingly enough to ensure I never had to fork out for virus removal. Switched software a few years ago as my partner was given a free package from work, but now I’m considering returning. Is the Premier version worth the $20, or should I just stick with basic protection?

Luke says:

wow. not getting this then.

Ronald says:

What if you license a computer and then want to get rid of it later?

James C. says:

Gives me confidence to surf at Starbucks. Thanks.

Harry K. says:

Got rid of a lot of the useless plugins I didn’t even remember I had. Helpful.

Jon E says:

Behavioral modeling is crazy. Not sure about the privacy considerations of CyberCapture but it found a few things that had been missed. Good if you need results.

Scott says:

I’ve never heard of this company…that makes me hesitant.

Elizabeth says:

It seems ridiculously expensive to get a computer virus with this anti-virus software. That seems so ironic to me. Aren’t you paying to prevent that?

Steve says:

What are the features that are only available with the paid service?

Asher says:

Avast has done an awesome job of keeping my computer clean the last 3 years. I started with the free version but then got a full license. I use the browser cleanup on a regular basis to get rid of all those annoying toolbars that seem to crop up at random.

Sherman says:

If you know what you are doing with computers, then don’t spend the money on tech support. I’ve used Avast for years and it’s a solid product. I’d never pay to get tech support though. In most cases you can figure out how to do it on your own. Google is your friend.

Art says:

I’ve had good results with this service, but they are right about tech support. I went ahead and paid the $179 for support. Luckily the support service covers all your machines. You don’t have to buy a support plan for each license. That would be insane if that were the case.

Booker says:

How does this software do on ransomware? One of my computers got infected with ransomware last year and I had to cave and pay the ransom because I couldn’t figure out a way to clean it. I’d pay $50 a year if it means keeping me from paying another $250 just to decrypt my computer.