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Kaspersky Antivirus Review

article by Arya Attar author October 16, 2017
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Founded 20 years’ ago, Russian-based antivirus provider Kaspersky offers some of the best malware protection on the market.
  • Best malware protection on the market
  • Top line package, Total Security, packs just about every feature possible
  • Kaspersky offers programs for a multitude of devices: PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Real-time protection and a worldwide virus detection network
  • Excellent anti-phishing performance with keyboard and webcam protection.
  • Entry-level offering, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, is somewhat limited in features
  • Decrease in system performance is noticeable
  • Technical support can be somewhat difficult to access
Whether you’re looking to protect one computer or 10 devices, Kaspersky antivirus is an amazing program.
Arya Attar, author
Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Malware detection and removal
speed Elite real time protection
Ease of Use Webcam and microphone protection
Reliability Linux-based rescue disk
Parental Control Extensive parental control
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Kaspersky is a Russia-based antivirus provider that offers three level of antivirus protection, in addition to a complementary program that was launched last year. The software is particularly notable for its stellar malware detection in addition to the real-time protection it offers thanks to the efforts of the Kaspersky Lab and a worldwide protection network connecting all users.

Setup Setup

Kaspersky products are known for their quick setup times and this certainly proved to be true during the test installation.

After purchasing the software online, the download is obtained from within a small installation file that is packed within.

Users do not need to register to use the premium products’ 30 day free trial, which makes it a great choice for those wishing to try the software without entrusting their personal information to the company.

After agreeing to a quick terms of service, the product was up and running on our test computer in a matter of minutes.

Detection and Removal Tools Detection and Removal Tools

Kaspersky includes some good features for identifying threats such as System Watch, which monitors all system activity for suspicious behavior and even features a removal tool that can undo changes that the system flags as suspicious.

Snippets of codes that have raised flags are also automatically sent for analysis to the Kaspersky Security Network. In this way, users are able to tap into the collective power of the worldwide network of Kaspersky users so that each user is one step ahead of the latest threats.

Kaspersky bundles some advanced tools for dealing with detected threats such as heuristic monitoring of unknown software and digital-signature matching to detect malware that has already been reported.

In addition, the program features some granular scanning tools that let users decide exactly what kind of antivirus scanner they want to run at any particular time. While a quick scan, for instance, can be completed in under two minutes, it’s also possible to scan just for potential system vulnerabilities (such as out of date software and those missing crucial patches) in addition to performing a full system scan that covers all directories.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

The company operates a futuristic looking physical virus laboratory in which cybersecurity specialists monitor emerging threats from around the world in real time and provides instantaneous protection back to users. This ensures that users always have the very latest protection on-hand irrespective of the frequency of regular updates that they have selected.

The system also has a built-in self-defense area which prevents any attempt by malware to change the configuration of Kaspersky itself.

When it comes to internet security, Kaspersky also has some nice features, including a VPN connection that automatically gives prompts whenever users are accessing e-commerce sites. Encrypting traffic used to make online purchases is especially important to prevent credit card details from falling into fraudsters’ hands. An on screen keyboard is also offered, which gives users protection against key-loggers, a type of malware which records and transmits all keystrokes made by users.

To ensure that no potentially embarrassing breadcrumbs are left for intruders to exploit, Kaspersky also offers a privacy cleaner which crawls through items such as browsing histories to ensure that the user is aware of (and can chose to remove) any potential compromises to their privacy.

Additional PC Protection Additional PC Protection

Kaspersky’s licensing is on a per-device basis. At the consumer level, the maximum number of devices that can be covered on one purchase is five, although bulk subscription packages are available for those with more extensive requirements.

Firewall Protection Firewall Protection

Users opting for the more expensive Internet and Total Security packages can also use the Kaspersky two way firewall which offers more protection and control options than the default options included on Windows and Mac. The firewall can also be configured to prevent certain applications from having access to the internet. Networks can be assigned statuses including public, local, and trusted which the program will remember for future connections.

User Interface User Interface

Kaspersky has clearly taken some earlier criticisms of its user interface to heart and now features a clean and crisp UI that makes navigating the program a joy. Compared to earlier versions, the latest Kaspersky is easy to navigate and intuitive.

Pricing Pricing

Kaspersky’s three premium product lines, Anti-Virus, Internet Security, and Total Security are available from $39.95 (Anti-Virus, one user) to $149.95 (Total Security, 5 devices) per year. Discounted two year prices are also available. The company also offers Kaspersky Free, at no cost. Secure connection, a VPN, password manager, and Safe Kids (parental control) can be purchased separately.


Kaspersky US-based telephone support is available seven days a week between 05:00 and 23:00 ET. Users can also reach agents via live chat and email. A premium support channel, with 24/7 phone access, is available for large business users but not for consumers. The online knowledge base is packed with plenty of information to help users out of common difficulties. Some users will find the lack of 24/7 telephone support frustrating.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

It’s hard to find much wrong with Kaspersky. For most users, the company’s premium tools offer very comprehensive collections of antivirus, antimalware, and anti-phishing functionalities that ensure very comprehensive protection.