Norton Antivirus Review

article by Arya A. author May 14, 2017
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Norton Antivirus has been protecting computers for 25 years. Now owned by Symantec, Norton Antivirus is part of Norton Security and will continue to protect users in this challenging digital age. Continue reading to learn more about the product.
  • Superior Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Firewall Software Included
  • Antispam, Phishing and Intrusion Protection Included
  • Protect 10 Devices for $5.99 Each, per Year
  • Guaranteed to Keep You Virus-Free or You Get Your Money Back
  • Installation Files Are Large, and May Take Longer to Set up on Slower Connections
  • Slow Initial Scan for Malware
  • No Support for Linux
It provides excellent protection at a fantastic price, and I use it on all my devices.
Arya A., author
Mobile Protection Mobile Security
WiFi Privacy WiFi Privacy
Identity Protection Identity Theft Protection
Setup and Interface Computer Tune Up
Safe Search Safe Search
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$ 19.99 /yr
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  • Defends Against Viruses, Spyware, Malware and Other Online Threats
  • Safeguards Your Identity and Online Transactions
  • 1 Device
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$ 39.99 /yr
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  • Defends Against Viruses, Spyware, Malware and Other Online Threats
  • Safeguards Your Identity and Online Transactions
  • 1 PC, 1 Mac or 1 Mobile Device
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Setup Setup

Depending on the speed of your computer, setup for Norton Security can take up to 20 minutes. Part of this is because you must download the entire 128 MB program before starting your install.

During installation, you will need to create a Norton account. Once setup is completed, you can launch the program and begin scanning immediately. It took us about 10 minutes to install the program, but we also had an ultra-fast connection.

Norton Security is available for Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android devices.

Detection and Removal Tools Detection and Removal Tools

Norton uses a combination of matching known threats with a technology called SONAR (Symantec Online Network Response). Basically, a global network of systems gathers information on threats, and updates for these threats occur as often as every hour.

Security Deluxe and Premium versions include additional protection that prevents Java Security Manager from being disabled. This is helpful for older version of Windows.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

If you are looking for a powerful virus and malware scanner, you’re not going to do much better than Norton Security. It is highly rated by many independent labs, and the AV-TEST Institute gave it 17.5 out of 18 points.

The program includes Norton Power Eraser, which completely obliterates malware programs on your computer. It should be noted that the very first time you perform a scan, it will take a while. That slow performance is the main reason it lost a half point with the AV-TEST Institute. If you are concerned about malware, put up with the slow initial scan. It’s doing its job.

Additional PC Protection Additional PC Protection

In addition to providing superior protection from viruses and malware, Norton Security offers a variety of extra features. Their antispam feature filters potentially harmful or annoying email messages. It also includes Identity Safe password manager.

Norton Security provides excellent phishing protection. This protects you from fraudulent sites that can steal your personal information or even your identity. Finally, the suite includes Intrusion Protection. Intrusion Protection protects your computer from outside threats such as hackers or malicious website code.

Firewall Protection Firewall Protection

While Windows provides a firewall by default, not everyone uses Windows. Also, the default Windows firewall is far from perfect. Norton Security offers a firewall that is probably one of the best you’ll find in internet security bundles.

The firewall is very intuitive and internalizes most functions. It automatically handles traffic for known, trusted applications, kills bad apps, and constantly watches for any programs that appear suspicious.

User Interface User Interface

Norton Security has a simple interface that tells you whether your security and identity are protected. If the options are green, then everything is ok. If options are in red, then you can click on that option and there is a handy “Fix Now” button that will allow you to take care of the issue. You can access settings via a menu in the upper right hand corner, as well as via the help menu.

The interface is remarkably simple and users of any skill level will be able to use this program.

Pricing Pricing

Norton Security has three subscription packages with support for up to 10 devices. Norton Security Standard is $39.99 and covers one device.

Norton Security Deluxe covers 5 devices and is just $49.99 a year. Norton Security Premium offers the same protection as Standard and Deluxe, along with 25 GB of online PC storage included. The package covers 10 devices for just $59.99.

Norton Security Premium does have a free 30-day trial, but you have to register once that trial expires. All products come with a 100% guarantee. If their software cannot keep your devices virus-free, you will receive a refund. This is superior to many companies who only offer a 30-day refund policy.


Norton Security has a variety of support options, both free and paid. Their free support includes a robust online help section that can help you solve many issues. There is also an online community that can help you resolve trickier issues, or provide assistance when your problem doesn’t exactly match the ones described in the help files.

If you need help from a live support agent, you can contact them via either live chat or telephone. Both are available 24/7.

Norton Security does charge for spyware and virus removal assistance, with two levels of support. Either you can pay $99.99 per incident or you can sign up for the Ultimate Help Desk support option. Ultimate Help Desk provides support on three devices, along with home networks, as well as setting up or troubleshooting smartphones, tablets, printers and more.

Ultimate Help Desk costs $19.99 per month but does have a one-time $89.99 setup fee. This is a substantial initial setup cost, but if you’re a user that needs a good amount of tech help with your machines, this could be a smart purchase.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to protect one computer or 10 devices, Norton Security is an amazing program. It provides superior protection from online threats and a guarantee that isn’t topped by any other company. Reliability is the reason that Norton is still one of the best antivirus providers after 25 years on the market.

Allison E. says:

Basic features are pretty comprehensive for most users. I upgraded to Premium and it’s great if you have a lot of devices. Otherwise, it’s enough to have the basic.

Bruce P. says:

Intrusion Protection helped me to detect some threats to my computer. Great feature.

Michael N. says:

Does customer support speak other languages or allowed only English?

Irene A. says:

I’ve been using Norton for years, hands down best in the business.

Steven Mullen says:

Norton truly is a fantastic product. Would recommend to anyone thinking of upgrading.

Nick says:

I’m interested to know the difference between the standard and deluxe package, other than the amount of device connections? Is the performance quality notably different?

Karen Ballard says:

This is a fantastic product. I bought it a few years back for my PC and I’ve been blown away by its competence. Nothing slips past and it provides regular updates and tests for your peace of mind. Although the standard package is great for one person, I’m now purchasing the deluxe edition as my children are coming to the age where they want to use the internet often. Will update on how we find the upgrade! Thanks!

anon says:

Norton is not the best, it’s just the most popular. BIG DIFFERENCE PEOPLE

Nancy says:

There is software out there that does some of these things for free, or at least a lot less money.

JT says:

Good to see that this software got an update. I trust the brand.

Kristie says:

I thought Macs didn’t get viruses. Why would a Mac user need this software?

Matthew says:

How effective is this against ransomware? My company got hit three times last year with different ransomware attacks and while none were “widespread,” they cost us a chunk of money.

Sam says:

The biggest selling point for Norton, at least for me, is that you can cover up to 10 computers at once. I run a computer lab at a local Boys Club and can protect all the computers in the lab for one fee. Considering our budget, it’s the perfect pricing point.

Ryan says:

Norton used to be infamous for being super slow and taking up too many system resources. Does it still do that? Have you actually installed this on a computer or are you just good at research? Seems like with all these features that it would bog down your computer.

Borne says:

I’ve been a Norton user since back when Antivirus wasn’t really “necessary” but I have always had a need because I often partake in “Warez” and other things that may be questionable. Over the years, the service has really improved and is really one of the best antiviruses out there, IMO.