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TotalAV Review

article by Maria Perinic author January 05, 2020
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TotalAV Antivirus is a robust protection suite that is available for a wide variety of computer and mobile platforms. It provides solid protection with features you don't see in many antivirus programs. Learn more below in our Total AV antivirus review.
  • Additional features can improve PC performance
  • Fast malware scanning
  • Large online support database with extensive tutorials
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Supports most mobile platforms
  • Some features standard for other programs not available - ex: Firewall
  • License only covers 3 devices
  • Poor Performance Against Malicious and Phishing Urls
TotalAV is a solid product for those looking for an antivirus solution for both their PC and mobile devices.
Maria Perinic, author
Multiple Devices Install on up to 3 Devices
Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Malware Protection
speed Boost Performance
Firewall Protection Firewall Protection
Call Management 24/7 Support
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  • NEW Advanced Ransomware Protection
  • Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware & Malware Protection
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Setup Setup

You will be able to set up TotalAV if you have Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices. Windows and Mac platforms you will have standard antivirus protection whilst Android devices will also get the same protection as well as an optimizer and an app manager. On the other hand, the iOS version is a little more limited, but it will allow you an optimizer to speed your phone up as well as a photo manager and a safe browsing tool.

To install you first need to create an account, whether for the free or paid versions of the antivirus program. Downloading and installing the software should not take longer than twenty minutes, which includes downloading the malware definitions library.

If you don’t have any issues with checking your email, the same will go with navigating TotalAV because the interface is so intuitive, operating with a sidebar as well as a tile-selection front-facing format.


You will have all the standard security features with this antivirus program. You can do a quick scan or a whole system scan, which is recommended for the initial scan. The quick scan is a little slower than it should be, clocking in at around 15 minutes.

This can be a little inefficient as the timing doesn’t really comply with the action, however, you don’t want the quick scan to be too speedy as it may not check all the areas that need to be inspected. On the other hand, there have been other full system scans which have taken around the same period of time.

The full system scan is much more efficient, taking about 25 minutes. Aside from the scanning process, TotalAV will also provide a standard firewall as well as real-time protection features.

If you want to take your online protection to the next level you will be pleased to know that TotalAV also gives you access to a VPN. Their VPN has access to over 40 server locations worldwide, which is pretty impressive and can even compete with some of the best VPNs on the market at the moment.

Ease of Use Features

There are other features included in this antivirus program which includes a System Boost feature. This will give you the ability to enable and disable various startup programs. Another fantastic feature is the fact that you can uninstall any programs found on your computer solely from the TotalAV client.

Searching and clearing your history and cookies can also be done from TotalAV, but it will not be possible with the Opera extension. There is a remote firewall on hand in order to prevent unauthorized people from entering your personal and private information.

After some time, it is normal for a computer to slow down, but TotalAV will be able to identify the factors that impact your PC’s performance. There is also a huge emphasis on ransomware which has cost around $11 billion just this year. Ransomware works by hijacking your device and then demanding for a particular sum of money for you to get your data back. The problem is, there is never a guarantee that you will successfully get your data back when you do pay up.

Ransomware is an increasing problem and one which TotalAV instantly recognizes when it is unleashed on your computer. Thankfully, TotalAV seems to be a great choice for people who are worried about this problem.

Personal Use Benefits Ease of Use

You will find that TotalAV has given a lot of focus on visuals, with the interface very easy to navigate in a minimalistic and uncomplicated aesthetic.

When you click on the antivirus tab you will clearly see all the options listed for you including Quick Scan, System Scan, Quarantine and Real-Time Protection. By those categories, you will see the results which will show you whether there is a pending scan, if your attention is needed and if any of those categories are not protected. You will also see the severity tracker which is on the right-hand side.

The user interface is by far one of the best aspects of this antivirus, however, it could do with more customizable features. You will find that everything is within reach with the TotalAV client and you can change settings in just seconds. This simple antivirus is probably one of the best when it comes to beginners, so if you’re unsure about your technical knowledge, TotalAV will not pose a problem for you at all.

Pricing Pricing

One of the highlights of TotalAV is that they offer a completely free service, although it is an entry-level product that is capable of running scans and it comes with basic protection features. It should be noted that there is no real-time protection in the free package so we recommend upgrading to a paid subscription once you acclimate to the TotalAV interface.

The Total Essential Antivirus will set you back $19.95 per year, the cheapest of the paid subscriptions. You will only get protection for one of your devices, but if you own multiple smart devices, you will soon see that this will not be enough.

Within this package, you can look forward to features like:

  • Malware protection
  • Browser manager and cleaner
  • Disc cleaner
  • Optimization tools and performance boost
  • Web shield
  • Safe site
  • Firewall protection

The next package is more advanced and will cost you almost double per year, priced at $39.95 per year. With this package, you will receive all of the previously mentioned features and then some. You will be able to protect as many as three devices with this plan and apparently, according to the TotalAV website, it is the most popular of the lot. In addition to the features found in TotalAV Essential Antivirus, you can also look forward to a handy antivirus eBook as well as a safe password vault, which will keep all your passwords under lock and key.

The TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus is the most expensive at $59.95 per year and will protect up to five of your devices, which should be more than enough for any household. Considering that you can protect that many devices, this is good value for money, but then again, if you don’t have that many items to protect then there is no point in spending that much money.

This package will allow you what is found in the previous two packages, but on top of that, you will also receive priority customer assistance as well as smartphone optimization.

You should take note that these prices, while they are low, are only for the first year, which when your subscription runs out will cost you three times as much at the regular rate.

If you wish to cancel your renewal after the first year, you will have to remember to do so or else you will get charged again. It is common practice for people to shop around for the best prices. Whilst TotalAV gives a very enticing rate for the first year, the following year will be quite steep compared to competitors.

Support Support

When it comes to assistance we are pleased to report that TotalAV has a live chat feature that is located on the bottom right-hand corner of the website. To start a conversation with one of the customer service agents you will have to fill out your name, email address, what you wish to talk about, select a department as well as choose the language you would like to communicate in. You can choose from English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

If that isn’t an option you can always use the ticketing system or contact the support team via email, but it will take them a few hours to respond, whilst the chat will take just minutes.

You can check out the knowledge base on the TotalAV website which is very clearly laid out and all the popular topics are covered and accessible.

Lastly, if you’re after 24/7 priority support, you should know that this service is only offered to the people who have purchased the TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus package.

Bottom Line

This antivirus protection program has some great pricing options if only for the first year, depending on which package you choose to invest in. Whether you want to have one, three or five devices covered within your household, there are affordable options for all of these possibilities.

TotalAV does well in protecting your computer by using advanced ransomware protection and real-time antivirus protection. On top of that, you can feel secure when it comes to Trojans, phishing, adware, spyware as well as malware security. And on top of that, you can rely on TotalAV antivirus to free up system space with the disc cleaner feature and save your computer from slowing down to an insufferably sluggish speed.

There are performance and optimization tools on hand to make your device the best that it can be. A safe vault, antivirus eBook, smartphone optimizer as well as priority support are all features that you can count on if you decide to purchase the most expensive package which is three times less expensive in the first year than in the years that follow.

The TotalAV software may take a little longer to install and run the first time around, but one of the highlights is that it has a very intuitive interface that is simple to navigate. With a thirty-day money-back guarantee there’s nothing to lose, so give TotalAV a go without any contracts tying you down.

Greg Nettor says:

Basic Protection on Windows; No IOS; Disappointing!
I had a one year subscription to TotalAV thru 2018 along with their VPN service. I discovered their AV system is very simplistic and offers only a basic protection on Windows platforms. TotalAV offers nothing for IOS machines though they have an App. The VPN service provides a worldwide range of servers, however drops frequently and noticeably slows traffic; does not run on IOS. I did not want to renew and removed my CC information from my account, however they retrieved that and extended my subscription thru to 2019. I did get that reversed after a couple of telephone calls. Disappointing! I have been using Bitdefender AV and VPN for a couple of weeks now; very sophisticated and runs clean.

Jed Thomas says:

the WORSE software and customer support i have delt with.. totalAV caused multiple crashes when it did it’s first updated on my 1 week old custom built computer with 7 programs on it, complete system lock-ups forcing me to hard reset my machine when totalAV updated and now when my machine comes out of sleep makes me think that TotalAV could actually damage my hardware, support told me to uninstall windows defender and sent me tutorial on how to remove a program, i replied explaining windows defender is integrated into windows 10 and cant be uninstalled only disabled which it was from the start. they replied with the same email saying uninstall windows defender and sent me tutorial on how to remove a program again….. facepalm… they then told me to start removing programs as other programs are causing the issues.. i use Steam, Battle net, spotify and a few benchmark and performance testing programs like aida 64 and msi afterburner, nothing that causes conflict with any other antivirus. few weeks later TotalAV picked up a game mod file as a potential threat and put a warning overlay on my screen which is fine, i put the 2 file back on usb stick and removed them from the computer but 2 hours later and i’m still trying to get rid of the overlay so i can see my screen, support tell me to start removing programs and sent me the same tutorial on how to remove a program.. at this point they are starting to frustrate and insult me by wasting my time so i ask again how do i get rid of the overlay or who do i contact to refund the broken and unfinished software. guess what.. they replied with you need to remove conflicting programs and sent me tutorial on how to remove a program because 1 of the 7 programs i use but are not currently not running causes the issues with and only with TotalAV so if you use Steam, Spotify, Battle net, Aida64, MSI Afterburner, CPU-z or Intel Extreme Tuning you may have issues with TotalAV. i canceled my subscription today and found not only that i can’t get a refund i also lose the 1 year with 2 other devices i had not used which is fine because at this point because i’d pay to not deal with TotalAV or TotalAV support (Lack Off) how they get a rating above 1 stars is beyond me.


not intuitive
can cause system instability
no support at all
micro transaction spamming
reports of TotalAV taking money from people’s bank accounts months to a year after subscription was canceled

Josh says:

I’ve been running TotalAV on my smartphone and been pretty happy. 117% battery life might be a stretch, but overall I do think I get some more juice out of it. Overall happy with it.

Alice A. says:

Any word on the additional features?

Timmy says:

Can you pay in crypto?

Carol says:

Clickjacking protection is an interesting feature. But will it ever accidentally stop links I want?

Elle D says:

Would you say TotalAV is better than Norton? I was on my parents package but they’ve cancelled their subscription and left me stranded!!!! Trying to work out the best option because I’m pretty sure they just picked on they’d hear of!! hahaha.

Reginald Harrison says:

After using TotalAV for over a year, I can report no instances of infection. The malware protection is indeed first-rate, but it would be nice to see the company branching out to protect against other threats (i.e. phishing.) It’s also a shame that the PC optimization tools are only available with the premium plan, as it is something I would like to try out, but currently remains outside of my budget.

Janet Parker says:

Hi there. I’m not very good at this tech mumbo jumbo. Reading this review makes also no sense to me. I recently have a problem with a computer virus and it was recommended that I download some antivirus software. Could you please point me towards the best option for beginners?

Sheriden says:

An antivirus that doesn’t have a firewall in this day and age is basically useless. No thanks.

Diane says:

This seems like strong protection against malware, worth a try at least.

Samantha says:

Why are some of the basic features of anti-virus protection included in this service? Are there plans to expand it?

Beth says:

Phishing scams are a really big problem online. This seems like a hole in the service.

Mick says:

How is disk cleaner freeing up 75 gigs of data? That seems a bit extreme and makes me wonder what it’s deleting. Does it give a full breakdown on the site on what it deletes as I don’t want to use it and then find it has removed stuff I actually need.

Jake says:

I’m not sure why covering three devices is a “con.” There are several products out there that are single-use licenses only. Three licenses is not a bad deal. I use TotalAV to protect my computer, my laptop and the kid’s computer. Not a bad deal overall.

Zeke says:

I used to use TotalAV a few years back and had to remove it because it made my computer dog slow. Do you know whether they have improved performance to where it doesn’t eat away at system resources so bad? I can understand if I was doing a full or deep scan of my computer but sitting idle it shouldn’t eat 70% or more of resources.

Sarah says:

Does TotalAV protect against Ransomware? Seems like Ransomware is everywhere now. It’s a bit concerning to not see that listed on the things this program blocks.