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article by Arya A. author March 22, 2017
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TotalAV Antivirus is a robust protection suite that is available for a wide variety of computer and mobile platforms. It provides solid protection with features you don't see in many antivirus programs. Learn more below in our Total AV antivirus review.
  • Additional features can improve PC performance
  • Fast malware scanning
  • Large online support database with extensive tutorials
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Supports most mobile platforms
  • Some features standard for other programs not available - ex: Firewall
  • License only covers 3 devices
  • Poor Performance Against Malicious and Phishing Urls
TotalAV is a solid product for those looking for an antivirus solution for both their PC and mobile devices.
Arya A., author
Multiple Devices Install on up to 3 Devices
Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Malware Protection
speed Boost Performance
Firewall Protection Firewall Protection
Call Management 24/7 Support
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Setup Setup

  • TotalAV is supported on a wide variety of platforms. It is available for both Windows and Mac users as well as Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.
  • To install the program on Windows or Mac, just head to the website. Android users can install via Google Play while iOS can download at the App Store.

Installation of this program is quick and easy. Just download the file and install. Once installed, the program is simple to load and use. Check out the user interface section for more.

Detection and Removal Tools Detection and Removal Tools

TotalAV Antivirus is similar to other antivirus programs as it compares files on your computer to a database of known threats that is regularly update. One difference over other programs is that the database is maintained in the cloud rather than locally on your computer

Also like other programs, it actively monitors your computer for suspicious activity and if it detects it, it will send information to their virus lab for analysis. Should it prove malicious, then protection will be sent in subsequent updates.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

When you first install the program, a full scan is conducted and then scans are conducted daily for major threats in key areas on your computers. As such, TotalAV is great for stopping most standard virus infections.

For malware, TotalAV is fantastic. Test have proven that TotalAV’s malware protection far exceeds the industry standard for protection. Another plus for their malware protection is speed. The initial malware scan is very speedy in comparison to most products and subsequent scans go even faster.

Total AV antivirus provides one protection feature you don’t hear about often – clickjacking. Clickjacking is what happens when you see people unknowingly send dangerous links via social media or spam email. TotalAV catches and eliminates this threat.

One area where this product seems lacking is phishing protection. Independent tests have shown that this product doesn’t block malicious or phishing urls as well as other products.

Additional PC Protection Additional PC Protection

In addition to virus and malware protection, TotalAV offers a couple of feature that will help improve the overall performance of your computer or mobile device. Their System Booster feature will help to boost system performance in multiple ways.

It frees up hard drive space by removing duplicate files. Next, it searches and eliminated any speed related issues affecting your computer. Startup Manager and Program Deactivator will reduce your average boot or startup time by up to 77%.

With Disk Cleaner, you will average up to 75GB in additional disk space as it removes unnecessary files from a wide variety of programs, including Photoshop and iTunes. Finally, by using the economy mode on TotalAV, you can experience up to 117% longer battery life for your mobile device.

In addition, there are several additional features coming in the future. These include a comprehensive file manager, parental controls, browser speed optimization and an enhanced firewall.

Firewall Protection Firewall Protection

Total Defense antivirus presently doesn’t offer any type of firewall protection. However, when looking under the features section of their website, this is something that will be added in a future update, so stay tuned.

User Interface User Interface

The user interface for TotalAV is sleek and simple – perfect for even rank beginners. Simple reports keep you informed on your protection status with the standard green meaning that everything is good to go, yellow meaning there are things you might want to look at and red meaning you’re infected and need to scan.

All program features are easily accessible from the main dashboard, including comprehensive reports that tells you what (if any) infections were found and also their type.

Pricing Pricing

Like most other premium antivirus programs, TotalAV offers a free 30-day trial period. Afterwards, you must purchase the program to continue using it. Normally, this program is a steep $149 for an annual license.

However, they often run specials for this program and currently you can get TotalAV protection for just $49 for a year. The one catch to this deal is that you will only be able to cover three devices with this license. For those just needing protection for a single computer and just a couple of mobile devices, this will be a perfect fit.

Once you’re ready to purchase a subscription, you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.


TotalAV has a solid knowledge base online with general FAQs, installation guides, mobile tutorials, desktop tutorials and general troubleshooting guides. If you need additional help, you have several options.

They offer email support for non-critical issues or you can chat online with a support agent 24-7. There is live phone support available, but phone support only covers billing issues.

Live chat is going to be your best bet for most urgent issues. Just go to the support section and click on the 24/7 Live Chat link at the bottom right of your screen.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

TotalAV antivirus is a solid program for those looking for protection for both PC and mobile devices. If you use multiple mobile devices or multiple mobile platforms, TotalAV has you covered.

While it lacks some features normally found in some programs, it exceeds others with superior malware scanning and clickjacking protection. However, future product releases will make this equal or even superior to the industry leaders.