ZoneAlarm Review

article by Arya A. author March 23, 2017
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ZoneAlarm has been supporting Windows users since 2000 and is one of the most advanced programs on the market today. If you're looking for strong antivirus protection with an advanced firewall, this is a good place to start. Continue reading to learn more.
  • Protect 3 Devices for One Price
  • Advanced Firewall Included
  • Extra Features Including Wireless Network Protection
  • Real-Time Phishing Protection
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Only Supported on Windows - NO Mobile Support
  • Some Advanced Features Too Complicated for Beginners
  • Tech Support Options a Bit Vague and Limited
Solid antivirus protection from Kaspersky with an advanced firewall. May be too advanced for beginners but worth taking the time to learn for those serious about security.
Arya A., author
Real Time Protection Advanced Real-Time Protection
Firewall Protection Two-way Firewall
speed PC Tune-Up
Anti-Spam Anti-Spam Filters
Identity Protection Identity Protection
$ 39.95 /yr
  • Anti-Phishing protection
  • Secure your identity and online privacy
  • Keeps your PC clean from malware
  • Back-up your files periodically
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$ 59.95 /yr
  • All Pro features
  • Parental controls
  • Laptop tracer
  • 100% virus free guaranteed
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Setup Setup

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Pro is compatible with Windows machines all the way back to Windows XP. Unfortunately, this program only supports Windows. There also doesn’t appear to be any support for mobile devices at this time.

Note that ZoneAlarm is not compatible with any antimalware software with the exception of Windows Defender. If you have other antimalware software installed, it must be removed or you risk compromising your machine.

Detection and Removal Tools Detection and Removal Tools

Just like Kaspersky, this product uses a combination of signature comparison and behavioral analysis of programs to protect your computer. If it detects a known threat, it deletes the file, quarantines it or tells you how to proceed. When it detects an unknown threat, that’s when DefenseNet kicks in.

ZoneAlarm includes DefenseNet, which provides real-time security upgrades. It quickly responds to the newest online threats and pulls data from millions of users from around the globe. This means you will always be protected from the latest attacks.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

What’s interesting about this program is that the antivirus portion of the program is licensed from Kaspersky. So in essence, you’re buying Kaspersky with extra features. As such, you’re going to get a solid antivirus.

In addition, ZoneAlarm provides you with decent malware protection, but it could be better. Independent tests reveal it blocks around 70% of threats where other programs like Norton and Avira scored much better.

Additional PC Protection Additional PC Protection

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Pro offers advanced protection with additional features not found in every antivirus.

Wireless PC Protection helps to shield your devices from identify thieves, hackers and various other online threats when you’re on unsecured Wi-Fi.

Wireless Network Security will automatically detect Wi-Fi networks and then apply the strongest firewall settings possible to protect your device.

Browser Protection will help identify online threats before they reach your web browser.

In addition, users on Google Chrome will receive advanced Phishing protection. This alerts you to dangerous links or websites that will steal your data or your identity.

Firewall Protection Firewall Protection

As you have guessed from its name, this product does include a firewall and quite a solid one at that. The firewall included is the same as comes with their Pro Firewall package and will protect your computer from a majority of threats.

It controls the access of application on your PC and network and has real-time Phishing detection. In addition, it resists direct attacks from outside users.

The one gripe that some will have about this firewall (and some of the rest of the program) is that advanced features of this firewall tend to required advanced computer knowledge. If you’re a beginner, this is going to be a challenging product to use, so you will need to enlist help form tech support or brush up on your skills.

User Interface User Interface

The user interface is fairly simple for most basic features. Just load the program and the main page shows you the status for antivirus, firewall and your identity and data. If everything’s good, then you get a green Protected in each section and a check that your PC is secure. If you want to do a scan, perform an update or run a tune-up, go to the upper right hand corner to do so.

While basic features are relatively straightforward, if you need to tinker with the advanced features, things might get a bit dicey. The advanced features of this app tend to be a bit confusing, so beginner users might have problems modifying them.

Our suggestion is to contact support if you have any problems with modifying settings. They will be able to walk you through what you need to change.

Pricing Pricing

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall is a reasonably priced option at just $39.95 per year. This covers three computers or devices. You can choose a 2-year term for $79.95.

ZoneAlarm does offer a free 30-day trial for those wanting to try the program before buying. In addition, all ZoneAlarm products have a 30-day money back guarantee.


ZoneAlarm support is fairly decent but could use some improvement. There is a searchable Knowledge Base available but we found it a bit lacking. It lacked tutorials (at least on the surface) and it looks fairly basic to the casual user looking for support.

Next, there is a community of forums that you can check out but we did notice that they do not appear as popular as other forums. Many sections haven’t had activity in weeks and some haven’t had a new post in years.

Chat support is available, but only from 7am to 11pm EST Monday through Saturday. Finally, we couldn’t find a number easily for support but they do have phone support.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall gives you trusted protection from Kaspersky with a solid firewall that will keep your computer safe from attackers. While some advanced settings are not ideal for beginners, it is still worth a look for those wanting both antivirus and firewall protection beyond Windows firewall.