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BeenVerified Review

article by Rachel Carr author January 05, 2020
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Taking the decision to run a background check is all very well, but you want to use a company that gets it right from the start once you’ve parted with your hard earned cash. BeenVerified is such a company and is more than capable of running background searches that are robust and comprehensive.
  • Affordable pricing scheme
  • Straightforward website design
  • Returns results in one easy to read report
  • Can be used on a variety of devices
  • Thorough public record search
  • Ability to search businesses
  • Only two pricing plans
  • Telephone support is not available 24 hours a day
  • Data reports do not automatically update
The ability to run several comprehensive background checks with a variety of purposes in mind yet provides an easy to read report to the customer
Rachel Carr, author
User Interface Intuitive Design
Multiple Devices Cross Platform Support
Features and Specifications Public Records in One Easy Report
Privacy Full Transparency
Money Back Guarantee Affordable Pricing
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$ 22.86 /mo
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  • UNLIMITED Background Reports
  • UNLIMITED Phone and Email Lookups
  • UNLIMITED Criminal Records Lookups
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  • UNLIMITED Phone and Email Lookups
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The results they return are accurate and within a report that is easy to read and therefore digest. It is far and away one of the most trusted companies when it comes to finding the histories of a person with relation to their addresses, criminal records or any other secret that they may not have made publicly known.

File Sharing Available Reports

BeenVerified is able to provide a product and service to customers all with varying needs. This is down to the wide range of reports and background searches it offers that are within the company’s capability. The result is that customers have their queries and questions regarding a person answered quickly and efficiently with no quibbles about the veracity of the information.

The reason being is that BeenVerified uses sources that are both online and offline to create a full and thorough picture of a person’s background. This means that the company is able to provide accurate data if a customer wants to run the following reports:

  • A people search
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Email Lookup
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Property owner search
  • Public records search
  • Criminal records search
  • White pages lookup

Unique to the company is also the service they provide known as Know Thy Customer. This report provides BeenVerified users with information that can help them better their customer relations, if they are a company, or helpfully point out customers that are likely to commit fraud. By using Know Thy Customer from BeenVerified therefore vastly improves a company’s success rate by improving their dealings with customers or stopping them from being affected inadvertently by doing business with a customer up to illegal activity.

The product produced by Know Thy Customer is easy to use. The results generated can be searched, sorted and filtered to maximize their use. They can also be input to a company’s CRM system so the results have long-lasting impact.

Safe Search Search Capabilities

In terms of the information needed by BeenVerified to generate one of its comprehensive reports, very little needs to be known by the customer regarding their background check subject. All that is really needed is a first name, last name, city, and state of the person. Customers only need to enter this data into BeenVerified’s online dashboard to start running a search with this data. If various people are returned within the initial results, BeenVerified offers a quick and easy to use the process on its online portal to then further streamline the results that were found.

Additionally, a criminal records search is comprehensive by the company as BeenVerified runs a search across all states and major cities. What is exemplary about the service that BeenVerified provides is that if needed, the results of a criminal records search can be verified by one of its court runners who ensure that the information found is correct by searching the physical records.

Free Storage Limit Data Sources

While BeenVerified certainly does not look in any unique places to help compile their reports, they still run in-depth searches across a wide range of data sources to help compile their comprehensive reports. This is comforting to any present or potential BeenVerified customer. For instance, it draws on public records such as court records, property deeds, and police files. It also looks into the online activities of its subjects so searches across several social networks, it investigates any blog posts created and even look at any comments made on websites.

Additionally, it also looks at sources that a mere civilian would never think to look into like cell phone rebate records, magazine subscription history or any past speeding tickets. In doing all this, BeenVerified enables itself to generate reports time and time again that are full of accurate information due to the amount of cross-referencing they are able to conduct by using a range of sources. Ultimately, this leads to accurate data being given to their customers.

File Size Limit Drawbacks and Limitations

Without a doubt, the main issue with BeenVerified is its pricing structures – or lack thereof. They simply do not offer enough subscription plans or varieties of pricing structures to suit everyone’s needs. While they are clear, they are basic and only offered by signing up to use the service for either a month or three month time periods. This may not be suitable for everyone as not everyone will need the level of thoroughness that the price for either of these subscription time periods reflects. There are some potential customers out there who will simply need a very basic report run to find a person in a state or city – they will not, for example, want that person’s criminal record or know about every parking ticket they have.

Breaking down subscriptions into smaller parts can be helpful to so many people who require a background check service, so it’s a great shame that BeenVerified does not provide this option.

Additionally, its customer support is a little lacking which we investigate at a later stage of this review.

Pricing Available Plans (including price)

As stated, BeenVerified only offers two types of subscription plans. They are on a one month and three-month basis. The prices are as follows:

1-Month Membership: $22.86/mo

3-Month Membership: $14.86/mo

This is certainly one of its limitations as a company, particularly if some entities would like to enter into a long term relationship with the company – perhaps with reference to running background checks within HR departments in mind. However, that being said, the following reports make either membership plan worthwhile as these all come as standard with both packages:

Unlimited Background Reports
Unlimited Phone
Unlimited Email Lookups
Unlimited Address Lookups
Unlimited Criminal Record Lookups
Unlimited Contact Information

What is great about this slightly limited pricing plan offering is that it is, at least, clear. Users know what they are getting when they sign up from the start which cannot be said of all of BeenVerified’s competitors.


Like its competitors, BeenVerified has a comprehensive FAQ section that will have an answer to most queries that customers have regarding the service provided. However, it’s pretty extensive so it can actually be pretty difficult to find an answer in the first place. In those instances, it is possible to contact the company directly either by phone or via the website contact us page. There is also an email address for customers to use if they wish. Customers should have any queries answered within a day if they choose to go down the email route, but those that use the phone may have quicker results.

However, what is disappointing about the phone service is that it is not provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This level of support – either by phone or by live chat feature – can really set a background check company apart from its competitors given how some customers will want and need answers to their queries at any time of day. In the case of background checks, a speed of results can often be critical to a customer so any issues need to be answered quickly.

Bottom Line Conclusion

With the limitations of its pricing structures and its lack of around the clock phone support to customers, BeenVerified is not without its drawbacks. However, they are few and far between especially if you consider what customers do actually get in return for their money when they sign up to either of subscription plans.

BeenVerified is perhaps one of the easiest background check services to use that is available. This is down to the time the company has spent ensuring that its website is straightforward and intuitive to use so that customers never have to feel like they are doing the wrong thing – which may result in generating inaccuracies in the company’s findings.

Plus the company generates those findings so quickly too. While they search a vast array of data sources for the most comprehensive picture of a subject possible, they return results in a timely manner. This means customers can start using the data found for their own purposes without having to wait too long to find out information that could help them there and then.

We also like how the company provides the data they find. Their reports are easy to analyze and digest so customers can spend time making informed decisions from that data, as opposed to simply trying to understand it in the first place.

HOLLY says:

DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE “THERE’S MORE QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITY FOR THIS PERSON “!!! because that’s just a ploy to get you to PAY….continue to read my review
I recently signed up with this company to get a background check on myself for a job interview.
NOT SURE IF this is a good thing or not, but there was NO INFORMATION about myself. They didn’t have a record of my married name since 2016.
Phone numbers, addresses were incorrect. Oh the real kicker? They listed my husband’s EX WIFE as a relative.
If you want even MORE DETAILS you’ll have to PAY MORE.

Rebecca S. says:

Hi Holy,
Thanks for your review.

First, it is important to note that the background checks featured here are not designed for employment background checks. For this purpose please read this piece.

Beenverified is one of the large verity of background check brands that are featured on our site. You can try some of the other services here.

Hope that will help you to find what you are looking for.

Harold R. says:

Apple Watch version is great for someone who is into real estate like me. Makes it easy to get the info quickly.

Nancy says:

How long does the ‘court runner’ service take to get results?

Kevin W. says:

CRM is great if you are doing a lot of searches. Easy to use.

Jesse says:

I’m a landlord. This is definitely a bit pricy but the criminal checks are comprehensive and I’m sure have saved me multiple headaches.

Sabine says:

Great review. Definitely going to give this a go.. Thanks for posting

Mrs L. Maguire says:

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! Recently had an awful situation where the data we checked had not been updated, resulting in us missing some serious red flags for a prospective employee. My business is very small and this particular person almost derailed my hard work completely. Looking for a better option, if you have any suggestions?

Michelle Hartwell says:

We’ve been doing background checks for years and recently switched. I cannot tell you have refreshing it is to have a single user-report rather than a million different documents. There are other services with more extensive features, but if you want to job done quickly then this is great.

Gavin Marshall says:

Really useful services! I just started expanding the employee base of my small business and opted for BeenVerified thanks to this article. Just wanted to confirm that it’s a very proficient service and has helped me immeasurably during the hiring process.

Karen says:

Is there any reason someone would need this subscription for private use?

Paul says:

It scares me that anyone can buy this type of service.

Steve says:

Is this service good for people from really small towns? I know of at least a few in my state where they don’t have computerized records or the ones they have are very limited. Do they hire local investigators to complete the searches in those cases?

Walter says:

You can never be too careful nowadays. My daughter started dating this guy that claimed he was 27 (she’s 21) and claimed he was a graduate student, etc. Something didn’t seem right so I did a check. He was pushing 40 and was an ex-con! Never been to college. Suffice it to say she dropped him like a hot potato.

Britney says:

Is there a way to opt out of this type of service? I don’t want people to have the ability to just search for me at random without my consent. This seems to be an EXTREME violation of privacy. I’m surprised that these companies haven’t already been sued!

Jim says:

If you’re doing a background check, make sure there are no other people with a similar name to you. I live in a town where there are 4 people with the same name and another with the same middle initial. I’ve had stuff show up on my background check that belongs to other people. If you have people with similar names in your town, do a check on yourself to make sure stuff isn’t on your report from others.