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article by Rebecca S. author May 17, 2017
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When you run a background check on someone, you need comprehensive and accurate information. BeenVerified is one of the most trusted services available when it comes to finding address histories, criminal records, documents, or almost anything else you might need to know about someone.
  • Intuitive website
  • Comprehensive record search
  • Phone support
  • Business functionality
  • Excellent mobile applications
  • Only two subscription options
  • Data reports sometimes need updating
  • Excellent mobile applications
BeenVerified is an easy-to-use, comprehensive background check service that removes the guesswork from knowing who you are dealing with in any situation.
Rebecca S., author
User Interface Intuitive Design
Multiple Devices Cross Platform Support
Features and Specifications Public Records in One Easy Report
Privacy Full Transparency
Money Back Guarantee Affordable Pricing
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$ 22.86 /mo
  • Full Price
  • UNLIMITED Background Reports
  • UNLIMITED Phone and Email Lookups
  • UNLIMITED Criminal Records Lookups
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Who Is It For?

BeenVerified excels at taking the huge amount of information it collects from multiple sources and presenting it in a clear, useable format.

Its website design is intuitive and easy to navigate. Menu bars clearly lay out the searches available so that you can find what you need without any problems. If you want to work with your searches on the go, you can access the service from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android as well.

But beyond the ease of navigation, the reporting is also excellent. While other services generate multiple documents after processing a request, BeenVerified consolidates everything into a single user report. And surprisingly, the simplicity doesn’t come at the sake of detail. The report provides a concise explanation about what public record is behind every piece of information provided.

The result is a customer experience that is both effortless and effective, making it easy to request what you want and then understand the results that come back.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

In terms of designing a search to get the information you want for an investigation, there are several different options that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. The classic functionality of searching for a person using their name and age is here, but it’s only the beginning. Additional options let you search phone numbers, email addresses, or even real estate properties in order to discover the person behind them.

When it comes to thoroughness, BeenVerified is one of the best at amalgamating data from disparate government record repositories. This includes court records, police files, tax liens, or even civil judgments. And if a situation arises where the public record in question is only released at certain times or in certain formats, the service will be sure to collect the information when it’s available and translate it into its easy-to-use user report. This includes their “Court Runner” service, which returns undigitized results from the county criminal courts by physically sending a real human being to retrieve them.

Search Capabilities

BeenVerified collects data from many different sources in order to provide you with the most comprehensive background search possible. They draw on obvious sources of information such as court records, police files, and property deeds. Their searches also encompass online activities, such as social media use, blog posts, and posts in the comment sections of websites.

Data Sources

BeenVerified offers an excellent API with features that provide great value to businesses, called “KnowThyCustomer”. It allows companies to do research on customers, increasing the efficiency of lead-nurturing efforts. Or, it can be used to add additional customer information into a CRM to enhance customer service efforts.

And if you are worried about fraud, the API lets you get information about a potential customer’s criminal record before providing a service or shipping merchandise.


BeenVerified membership benefits are standard across all plans. A membership entitles you to unlimited searches for background reports, criminal checks, phone/email contacts, and more.

BeenVerified costs $22.86 per month for a single month, or $14.86 per month when you sign up for three months of the service. These are the only two membership periods offered.


There is a complete FAQ section that will have answers for nearly all of the basic questions or issues you may have about the BeenVerified service. If you aren’t able to find what you are looking for there, you can contact the customer support team via email from the company’s website, or call them during normal business hours.

Bottom Line Conclusion

BeenVerified is one of the premier background check services available online today. It has a beautiful, intuitive website that helps you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily. The comprehensive reports it provides are the result of searching billions of records, including social media and even non-digitized results. The biggest downside is the subscription model, which only has two options and may not be flexible enough for everyone.

But overall, if you are relying on background checks to provide you with critical information, the accuracy and clarity of BeenVerified’s reports make it one of the best background check services available.

Harold R. says:

Apple Watch version is great for someone who is into real estate like me. Makes it easy to get the info quickly.

Nancy says:

How long does the ‘court runner’ service take to get results?

Kevin W. says:

CRM is great if you are doing a lot of searches. Easy to use.

Jesse says:

I’m a landlord. This is definitely a bit pricy but the criminal checks are comprehensive and I’m sure have saved me multiple headaches.

Sabine says:

Great review. Definitely going to give this a go.. Thanks for posting

Mrs L. Maguire says:

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! Recently had an awful situation where the data we checked had not been updated, resulting in us missing some serious red flags for a prospective employee. My business is very small and this particular person almost derailed my hard work completely. Looking for a better option, if you have any suggestions?

Michelle Hartwell says:

We’ve been doing background checks for years and recently switched. I cannot tell you have refreshing it is to have a single user-report rather than a million different documents. There are other services with more extensive features, but if you want to job done quickly then this is great.

Gavin Marshall says:

Really useful services! I just started expanding the employee base of my small business and opted for BeenVerified thanks to this article. Just wanted to confirm that it’s a very proficient service and has helped me immeasurably during the hiring process.

Karen says:

Is there any reason someone would need this subscription for private use?

Paul says:

It scares me that anyone can buy this type of service.

Steve says:

Is this service good for people from really small towns? I know of at least a few in my state where they don’t have computerized records or the ones they have are very limited. Do they hire local investigators to complete the searches in those cases?

Walter says:

You can never be too careful nowadays. My daughter started dating this guy that claimed he was 27 (she’s 21) and claimed he was a graduate student, etc. Something didn’t seem right so I did a check. He was pushing 40 and was an ex-con! Never been to college. Suffice it to say she dropped him like a hot potato.

Britney says:

Is there a way to opt out of this type of service? I don’t want people to have the ability to just search for me at random without my consent. This seems to be an EXTREME violation of privacy. I’m surprised that these companies haven’t already been sued!

Jim says:

If you’re doing a background check, make sure there are no other people with a similar name to you. I live in a town where there are 4 people with the same name and another with the same middle initial. I’ve had stuff show up on my background check that belongs to other people. If you have people with similar names in your town, do a check on yourself to make sure stuff isn’t on your report from others.