BeenVerified vs Truthfinder Comparison: We Checked & Decided

article by Rebecca Lori
February 26, 2020
If you have ever wanted to run a background check on yourself or others, then you will probably be aware that there are a ton of background check (BGC) services available and it can be pretty overwhelming trying to find the best.

What makes the search even more difficult is that the quality of services provided can drastically differ. In this article, we compare BeenVerified with Truthfinder, two of the biggest background check companies on the market. In our BeenVerified vs Truthfinder piece, we look at the two services head-to-head and compare their features, pricing, ease-of-use, and reports, so you can see for yourself which company will work best for you.

BeenVerified vs Truthfinder

We took a look at BeenVerified and Truthfinder and compared the quality of service. Below are our findings:

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When it comes to BeenVerified and Truthfinder, you won’t find large differences in the way in which the services are presented. Both companies have fantastic reputations and offer comprehensive reports, but who will come up top when it comes to unique features?

Let’s start the ball rolling with BeenVerified, do they offer a comprehensive list of features?

As expected from a company that is used by millions of customers, BeenVerified’s list of features is pretty impressive. There are five different types of search that you can perform from the website: People Search, Phone Lookup, Address Lookup, Email Lookup and Public Records Search. The People Search section offers the chance to search by first name or surname. Other information can be added to help narrow the search, such as state/city where the person resides and age.

Phone Lookup is a clever tool that actually allows you to search a number rather than a name. This reverse phone lookup feature is handy for when you’ve received calls from a mystery caller. What we liked about this section was how clear it was to use. There’s a written explanation underneath the search feature which gives you plenty of information on the different types of search and the type of information that you are likely to get.

Alongside this, the information on the page tells you how to use the search tools, how it compares to a normal search engine search and how to lawfully use the service. You can also run a comprehensive background check with BeenVerified, check an individual’s location history, find information regarding their relatives, any criminal records, education, associates and imposters that have taken their name and created fake accounts on social media, etc.

The website layout of TruthFinder isn’t as clear, and the homepage can feel a little overwhelming. The tabs at the top of the homepage give its users a number of different options including People Search, Dark Web Scan, Public Records and Background Check. Much the same as BeenVerified, each section contains a number of paragraphs giving an explanation of the different types of searches; what they can reveal and how they compare to general searches. You can also obtain a full background report with this service and have access to location history and if the person is listed on any sex offender list. TruthFinder has an app which can be used with iOS and Android phones.

Winner: BeenVerified

It’s easier and faster to use, offers a comprehensive list of features and a court runner service should physical public records need to be obtained. As well as this they also offer an app that can be used on Android, iOS and Apple Watch.


Let’s look at the usability of BeenVerified vs Truthfinder. How easy are the services to use? Are they transparent when it comes to the information that can be found?

We chose to make a comparison of Truthfinder and Been Verified because they’re both highly rated services with millions of users. These are among the best of the best when it comes to background checks, which means that it’s often tricky to make comparisons.

If we look at the website layout first, we can see that TruthFinder isn’t as clear with its information. The search functions are similar in style and very simple to use, but where TruthFinder just contains a search bar on the homepage and an A-Z directory, BeenVerified offers extra snippets of information regarding search, public records, the law and their unique search tools, how they work and what you’re likely to find.

What we really like about BeenVerified is its transparency. It is very clear about what type of information you are likely to find and doesn’t make false claims. TruthFinder isn’t difficult to use and a full explanation can be found in the sub-pages of the website, of how each type of search works. This is a double-edged sword, however, as there’s so much information (especially regarding the Dark Web) that it can all feel a little overwhelming. Regardless, we feel that it’s necessary to have the information on-hand and to know what each type of search can reveal.

TruthFinder has also recently partnered with Experian, to enable you to stay safe and secure online. This partnership gives you the ability to monitor your social security number, email addresses, passport number, phone numbers, driver’s license, bank account details, medical information, credit card details and more. All that is required to run this section of the search is an email address, which is about as simple as it can get. BeenVerified gains a few points here as it explains just how it uses the information to get the results that you need.

One of the points where both websites do fail is when it comes to pricing and transparency. If you dig around in the FAQ sections of each website, then you will find information regarding pricing, but this information is pretty vague and not explicit on the homepage. Unfortunately, to find out the correct pricing, you need to spend 10 minutes or so running a search in order to gain access to price plans.

Winner: TruthFinder

They offer extensive services including a sex offender check and dark web scan which are simple and straightforward to use.

Accuracy & Reporting

When we made the comparison of Truthfinder and BeenVerified there were a few things that we took into consideration. We looked at the popularity of each service, taking into account the features and how easy they were to use, we took a good look at pricing and customer support. We also looked at the reports provided and the level of detail and accuracy. A service that promises bells and whistles is one thing…but can TruthFinder and BeenVerified really deliver?

BeenVerified has a reputation for revealing the highest number of connected people in one search. A monthly membership with this company allows you to run unlimited background checks and so we feel that there’s a lot of information that can be found using this service.

One of the best features that BeenVerified offers is the ability to track a report. What this means is that if any information changes, you will get a notification to check the updated information. The reports produced by BeenVerified are clear and easy to read. Each section gives you a brief summary of each section, so you know exactly what you are looking at. In the report, you will find Personal Overview, Contact Information, Address History, Relatives, Associates and more.

TruthFinder also provides unlimited reports when you sign up for the membership service. It also has a reputation for giving you the most up-to-date information. One thing that sets aside TruthFinder from other background check companies is that they provide lots of additional information. Not only will you be able to check for current and previous property ownership info, but you’ll also be able to see in the report if any sex offenders are registered near the person’s current address. This is a relatively easy process and the reports are easy to read.

The TruthFinder membership gives you information on how to make the most of the service and before committing to a membership, you can find on their website information regarding what to expect in a report.

Winner: TruthFinder

Despite BeenVerified’s report information being easier to read, we favored TruthFinder for its extensive reports.


Background searches are rarely free and if they claim to be free then you’ll likely find hidden costs magically appearing as you advance your search. Both TruthFinder and BeenVerified are paid services. However, it is slightly disappointing that this isn’t clear on the homepage. To get pricing information for both services, you need to dig around in the FAQs and only BeenVerified provides clear information in this section. This is a shame as honesty and transparency is a feature we highly rate in a company.

BeenVerified charges $26.89 per month for a one-month membership and $17.48 per month based on a three-month membership. This membership includes unlimited background checks, unlimited contact information, unlimited phone lookups, unlimited email lookups, unlimited address lookups, unlimited criminal record checks, fast search and four ways to search. You can also choose to be notified when reports change. You can email or call the dedicated team to cancel or renew your membership as needed.

TruthFinder is a little secretive when it comes to its pricing structures and only reveals the cost after you have performed a search. This is not a good feature, since people should know the prices beforehand. When we ran a search on ourselves, it took 10 minutes for the process to finish. During the process, it felt as though lots of unnecessary pop-ups and warnings came up, saying that it would most likely contain “sensitive information” and “graphic content”. After this process had finally finished, we were then asked to pay either $27.78 for a one-month membership (Including unlimited reports) or $23.02 for a two-month membership in order to view the content found.

Winner: BeenVerified

Although we still had to do a little digging, we like the fact that this background check service provides prices before you perform a search. We also found the pricing to be reasonable value in relation to the unlimited searches you can perform.

Customer Support

One of the most overlooked features of a service at the time of signing up is their customer support. If you are using a service for at least a month then it’s vital that they provide extensive support for any problems or queries that you may encounter.

Support for BeenVerified can be found at the bottom of the homepage in the Help section. Here, you can type in any query that you may have and you will then be automatically taken to a Knowledge Base where you can find articles relating to your query. If you can’t find information in the Help Center, then you can submit a query using the online form, email them directly or call the company from 6am – 11.30 pm EST. The company has a great reputation for their customer care and response times are renowned to be fast.

TruthFinder has an equally great reputation when it comes to customer support and provides a toll-free number to call, should you encounter any issues. The customer care team is US-based, which means that your call won’t be outsourced overseas and you will get a response fast, seven days a week. TruthFinder also provides an extensive Help Center where you can search a number of articles, listed in helpful sub-headings in order to troubleshoot your issues.

Winner: BeenVerified

It was a close call but BeenVerified has an all-round better reputation for customer service.

Overall Winner: BeenVerified

Believe it or not, this was a very close call. Both TruthFinder and BeenVerified provide a very high standard of service and have both gained very good reputations among their regular users.

BeenVerified came out top for a number of reasons. The website is simple to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm you with information. Despite BeenVerified’s reports not boasting the additional features that TruthFinder provides, such as Sex Offender information and Dark Web Scans, we still believe that they provide a comprehensive service that would suit most people’s needs. We liked BeenVerified’s honesty and transparency regarding the information that their customers are given access to and how legally the information can be used.

All in all, we feel that BeenVerified Provides the best value for money and service for those looking to perform a thorough background check.

For more information, we encourage you to read our full Truthfinder & BeenVerified reviews.