The Best People Search Engines- Find People Easily Online From The Comfort of Your Home

article by Rachel Carr
August 20, 2019
A people search engine allows users to find information and data on people - for a variety of reasons. Using public information from many sources, the best people search sites provide a quick and easy way to do a background search on a person.

What is a People Search Engine?

A people search engine enables users to run a background check to discover what they can on a person’s past – this can be data from their criminal, commercial, educational, and financial records. There are several types of background checks that people search engines use to provide this information, all of which have different rules that must be followed and are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).




Our 3 Top Choices

However, the best people search engine will be able to run a background check to find out the following data on a person:

  • Federal nationwide and statewide criminal record check
  • Phone numbers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Global homeland security search
  • National warrants
  • Education verification
  • Lawsuits
  • Traffic court records
  • Criminal record featuring felonies and misdemeanors
  • DUI reports
  • Military background check
  • Employment history
  • Employment eligibility verification
  • License verification
  • Credit report
  • Drug screening
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Professional reference checks
  • International criminal records check
  • Sex offender registry check

Finding people online is now easier than ever, but not all people search websites were created equally – some are definitely better than others. Here we look at the best people search engine as well as what makes the best people search sites that allow users to search and find people quickly.

So, What Makes The Best People Search Engine?

We rated and reviewed the best people search sites on the following parameters that we believe are essential to an effective and efficient people search engine.


We are all in an increasing rush to get data so that we can utilize it for our own purposes. Therefore when we search real people on people search websites, we want to do so as quickly as possible. Some background check services are speedier than others. Quite simply, the quicker the better.

Search Options

Background searches on deep web people search engines should include the following search options, at the very least: people search, reverse phone search, reverse email search, property search, and a nearby sex offender search.


Background checks need to be affordable as well as only charging for features that are not already free with a regular Google search. We balanced price versus the features available within our listed people search sites. All you see here are the best people search websites that provide the best value for money.


When we pay to search and find people, we need the information that is returned to be accurate. Without it, the background check becomes null and void.

Customer Service

Customer service should always be nothing short of excellent. Users of people search websites may very well have queries that they will want answered. Therefore, a customer support function that is quick and efficient is important. We also looked for an in-depth FAQs page, as well as easy to find contact numbers and emails.

The Best Public People Search Engine & Sites

#1 BeenVerified


BeenVerified is definitely one of the best people search engines out there. In particular, this service is great for delving into people’s criminal pasts. It has a robust method of searching for people and always provides accurate data, fast.

A BeenVerified search will return:

  • County records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Relatives and associates
  • Criminal court records
  • Tax Liens
  • Full names and aliases
  • Property ownership details
  • Civil judgments
  • Criminal check
  • Case numbers
  • Arrest details
  • Offense details
  • Address history

Run Background Checks And Get Information With BeenVerified Right Now

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#2 People Looker

 peoplelooker 210x100People Looker sets itself apart from its competitors on a number of fronts, but it does the basics extremely well too. For instance, the results it produces are highly accurate yet People Looker compiles them into a report that is very easy to read for customers. The customer service it provides is market leading.

Customers can use People Looker to find out plenty of basic personal information in addition to facts about a property and a person’s criminal record. This means that the following data can be found:

  • An individual’s current and historical real estate assets with detailed property info
  • Satellite maps
  • Property tax amounts
  • Home value
  • Building specs.
  • Buyer/seller info
  • Sales prices
  • Co-owners
  • Parcel numbers
  • Country assessor data
  • Arrest or conviction records
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Traffic violations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Detailed offense records, including the date and location of the crime
  • Federal, state, county, and local court databases
  • Most Wanted lists

Search Public Records And People With People Looker Now

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#3 TruthFinder

 truthfinder logo

If you want to search and find people quickly, TruthFinder is a premium service to use. They have apps that are available on both Android and iOS devices so it is possible to search real people on the go.

Here is what information TruthFinder can return:

  • Home addresses
  • Interactive map of registered sex offenders
  • Criminal records
  • Reverse email lookup
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Property search
  • Social media profile search
  • Deep web search
  • Educational information
  • Current or former roommates
  • Weapon permits

Find The True on Every Matter With TruthFinder Service Right Now

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#4 Instant Checkmate

 instant checkmate logo

Instant Checkmate takes the chore out of finding people online. They’re particularly good at finding family members due to the family search function which is an unusual feature from background check companies. Those who want to search for adopted parents or look for estranged family members can do so with Instant Checkmate’s services.

Other features that Instant Checkmate has are:

  • Mobile App
  • On Demand private investigator service
  • 24/7 telephone customer support
  • People Search
  • Top-tier online support
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • An online “Private Investigator” service
  • Search by name, phone number, address or email
  • Detailed premium reports
  • Business interests
  • Confidential searches
  • Firearm permits
  • UCC filings
  • Confidential searches

Instant Checkmate offers a variety of pricing options – the most expensive returns one of the most comprehensive searches available on the market.

Verify Every Fact With Instant Checkmate Right Now

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#5 Intelius


Intelius is a reputable background check service that returns detailed reports to its customers each and every time. They also offer several pricing options depending on the level of information search that you require.

This is a fantastic service with the following features:

  • Addresses
  • Securities fraud
  • Criminal records
  • Tax evasion
  • Drug trafficking

Offers which they make available to their customers include:

  • Criminal background check
  • Traffic violations
  • Disposition filing date
  • Reverse phone number check
  • Court type
  • Felonies
  • Court dates
  • Misdemeanors
  • Case type
  • Sex offenses

Their customer service and support is also excellent. Users can be assured that they will have their questions answered quickly and promptly. The app that the company offers is also quick to install an application that makes people searching on the go a possibility.

Get Information From Billions of Records with Intelius Now

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#6 US Search

US search logo

US Search offers an excellent price for its service. It has several levels of membership so it is possible to tailor your search to your financial needs or requirements. US Search is known to use sources when conducting a search on people’s records that many other business won’t even have thought of. By using the following sources in conjunction with more traditional searches, they are able to offer one of the most comprehensive searches out there:

  • Business websites
  • Reverse email search
  • Public records
  • Marketing surveys
  • Social media profiles
  • Names
  • Family members
  • Photos
  • Neighborhood information
  • Public social profiles
  • Property information
  • Current address
  • Phone and location information

Their customer service is very good with an extensive FAQ section on their website alongside providing many phone numbers and emails for customers to contact them on. Their website is easy and logical to use with a whole host of different search options available. US Search also returns search reports to customers exceedingly quickly.

Search Public Records And People With US Search Now

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How Can I Use A People Search Engine?

There are limits on what people can do once they have run a people search through a people search website. It is The Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations that limit how the information can be used – especially in a professional capacity. However, on a personal note, running a search on people’s records can help users make contact with old college friends or estranged family members. Even with the whole host of social media platforms available to us now, accurate information is difficult to find given how big those very platforms have become.

These types of searches are also perfect to check up on someone that you have met online, run a would-be roommate check or even see what information is available online about yourself. Some customers have been known to use the services of our above-listed people search engines to verify online buyers and sellers – especially if a physical meetup is required to exchange goods.

Things To Be Wary Of With People Search Engines

As is the way with online products, it is very easy to be scammed. In short, if a background check service looks too good to be true, it is probably it and could be a scam.

Ones that promise lightning quick speeds but also claim they can provide robust checks are probably not being truthful and are more likely to find inaccurate and weak information for its customers.

So how you be certain that deep web people search engines are legitimate?

Firstly, the best people search sites will never ask a customer to give financial information on a person. Instead, they will ask for previous employer information. Other fraudulent background check sites won’t use secure internet connections. A key signal that they are a scam is if their website does not start https:

Other smaller details to check, when questioning whether a people search website is the real deal, are simple measures like a professional looking website that has accurate spelling and grammar. Websites should also have a whole host of ways to contact the business – those that don’t will tend to be out to make a quick buck from unsuspecting people.

Our Top Pick For The Best People Search Engine

Our top pick for a people search engine is BeenVerified. We found that its intuitive website alongside the comprehensive and robust set of information that was returned was the best in class. It has excellent customer service in the form of phone support as well as providing customers with apps so that they can search for people on the go.

BeenVerified is one of the most trusted background checking companies out there for good reason. Customers are always certain that the information they are provided with is accurate, and is returned quickly.

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