Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Recover Any Call Information

article by Rebecca Lori
March 26, 2020
This article will explore reverse phone lookups in-depth and advise the best way to find the information that you need. We will reveal how to perform the best reverse phone lookup and look into why they are so useful. We will also tell you how you can perform a reverse phone lookup using specific background check services and talk about the best companies to use to stay safe while doing this.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Most of us have been in the situation when we receive a call that we do not recognize and while this isn’t always a problem for everyone it can be incredibly stressful for some people. In fact, receiving persistent calls from an unknown number can not only be a nuisance but frightening too, for those who are receiving calls again and again from the same source. There are a number of different ways to look up a phone number that you do not recognize. A reverse phone lookup is a method of searching for the caller’s details online. It’s quick and nearly always free. Below we will talk about the different ways in which you can perform a reverse phone lookup.

 How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

There are a number of different ways that you can check a number that has called you or is persistently calling you.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Online Search – one of the fastest and easiest ways to find out exactly who has been calling is to type the phone number into Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! If the number belongs to a public organization then it’s likely to show up online alongside any other relevant details. Sales calls are unlikely to show up but you may be redirected to a website where other people have searched the same number and listed it as spam.
  • Use a Special Reverse Lookup Service – if a simple search on Google brought up zero results then you could try a dedicated reverse lookup service such as ZLOOKUP which is 100% free or or you can use a reverse phone lookup app. Still no luck with your reverse cell phone lookup? You might have to dig deeper.
  • Use a BGC Servicebackground check services (BGC) such as BeenVerified, PeopleLooker and TruthFinder can be used to find information on people online. If you suspect that you might know who is calling you then you can perform a reverse phone lookup with the name alone. These services can give a wealth of background information (often including an address and phone number) of the person you plan to search.
  • Private Investigator – obviously you’re not going to go down this road if you have just received a few unknown calls. However, if you are persistently being called by an unknown number then it might be worth getting some serious professional help. As a side note: if you are getting pest calls on a regular basis or have concerns then please contact the authorities.

Why is a Reverse Phone Lookup Useful?

This might seem like an obvious question, but you would be surprised just how useful a reverse phone lookup is. It isn’t just for people who are receiving persistent calls from unknown numbers, look at the other reasons why a reverse phone lookup is so handy:

  • You’re Expecting an Important Call – we’ve all been there. Perhaps you applied for a really good job a month back and haven’t heard anything since. You see a missed call on your cell phone and want to call back to see if it’s them, but you also want to be prepared and professional. Or maybe you gave a handful of business cards out at an event, and want to know who the person getting in touch with you is before you call. Being able to search and see where the call is coming from makes this pretty painless as it takes away all the guesswork.
  • Pest Calls – we have mentioned this a few times and we’ll mention it again. When you get persistent calls from an unknown number it can be annoying. If you have history with an ex or someone with an unsavory past then it can be pretty scary if you’re getting unknown missed calls too. It’s your right to know who is calling you and some of the best reverse phone lookup services might be able to put a name to a number. Do this, and then call the authorities if you are being harassed.
  • Number in Your Purse – here’s a fun one. Ever found a scrap of paper in your purse with a number scrawled across but no name? Frustrating isn’t it? Of course, you could just call them, but wouldn’t it be better, and potentially less embarrassing to find out who it is before you call?
  • Block Those Sales Calls – We’re big fans of blocking nuisance numbers but only once we know who we are blocking. Find out who’s calling you four times a day, and then BLOCK.
  • Unknown Number on Phone Bill – if you get an itemized phone bill then you’ll probably be familiar with most of the calls you’ve made. But what if there’s a number you don’t recognize? It might appear a few times or the call may have been expensive. For whatever reason, it’s good to know who you’ve been calling, or if there’s an error on your bill – so it’s good to know how to reverse lookup a phone number

A successful reverse phone lookup will give you information about the person or organization that has called you – normally with a name and address. If you have used a private investigator or background check service such as BeenVerified, you’ll have additional information available too. Stay legal, use a legally compliant company and be wary of scam websites which promise too much.

Top Background Checks For Reverse Phone Lookup

When you perform a quick Google search there is a small chance that you’ll get the information you need regarding your reverse phone lookup, but as not every phone is listed, finding the right type of information may prove to be difficult. The best solution, in this case, is to use one of the many background check companies that offer their services for a reasonable fee. Obviously, the quality of services varies from company to company, and you won’t always get good value for money.

Luckily we have taken the guesswork away from you and listed our three favorite background check companies below:

#1 BeenVerified


One of the most popular background check services, BeenVerified will likely give you better results than just researching the phone number yourself. By just providing a name, address, email or phone number, BeenVerified will present you with useful information regarding the person or company who has called you. The BeenVerified reverse phone lookup tool may be able to help you find out your mystery caller’s name, address and email address and much more. Searching with a name can give you even more access and you can even see if your caller has a criminal record.

Read more about BeenVerified in our extensive review.

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#2 TruthFinder

truthfinder logo

Using a background check service with a reputation as good as TruthFinder is always going to give you the very best results. Normally when you search for a caller’s ID you may only get an address or a name. Performing a reverse phone lookup check on TruthFinder will grant you a comprehensive report which will identify if the caller is a scammer, spot a catfish, verify the identity of an online seller (Craiglist, eBay etc) and enable you to check and see if the person who has been calling you is who they say they are. Using a background check service is an invaluable tool for your safety.

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#3 PeopleLooker

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This background check company will give you much more detailed results than a search engine. Using a well-known service such as PeopleLooker will give you access to names, criminal records, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, relatives and court records. If you are getting pest calls and want to find out who is calling you, then using a service such as this is the best way of getting the most information online. Whilst these types of services are not free, they do tend to offer very good value for money.

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The Bottom Line

Learning how to perform a reverse phone lookup is an essential skill. You have an absolute right to know who is persistently calling you and you have a right to know their intention. A quick search engine sweep may show you the results you need, but for a more in-depth approach, it’s definitely worth using a background checking service such as BeenVerified or PeopleLooker, who will provide you with as many details as possible on the person who is calling. It’s vital to stay safe whenever taking on the task of research yourself so it’s always important to use a reputable company. Happy searching!

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