Is My Blind Date Really Who They Say They Are?

article by Cheyenne M author
Nowadays, online dating is more pervasive than ever before. Social media has made it easier for people to connect with one another on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and a myriad of online dating sites. Everyone wants to chat, in chat rooms, on Skype, via SMS or messenger.

Work constraints make it difficult to find the time to go out and meet people in the traditional sense.To counter these concerns, people have turned to online dating as the optimal solution. While many online dating sites employ identity verification procedures (ID, credit card, telephone number verification, etc.) they are notoriously lacking in background check information. There are no laws about who has a right to date and who doesn’t, but it behooves ‘online daters’ to be aware of who their potential suitor is. The best background check will instantly root out these miscreants, and prevent all sorts of horrors from taking place.

Is Your Blind Date a Criminal? A Sex Offender? A Murderer?

It may seem humorous at first, but far too many men and women have been blindsided by horrific blind date stories. Some of them never lived to tell the tale. We have all heard those chilling stories of how serial killers stalk their unsuspecting victims. Some of these social misfits and pedophiles abuse the Internet, posing as children to meet other children. Many people on dating sites post fake profiles to try and lure people in. These profiles are doctored to create a false narrative.

Since it is possible to register at an online dating site with a fake name and a debit card, it is difficult to validate the identity of the individual without conducting a background check. Of course, one should not become paranoid about meeting people on an online dating site. Caution is the order of the day, and it will prevent tremendous unpleasantness, heartache, or criminal conduct. There are many ways to conduct a discrete investigation of a blind date. Many background check websites such as Instant Checkmate are highly rated by users, and they provide a treasure trove of information in their report.

Do You Have a Bad Blind Date Horror Story?

There is no end to the tragedy that has befallen many women going on blind dates over the years. Most everybody knows about serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, but there are thousands of lesser-known sociopaths and psychopaths patrolling online dating sites in search of their next victims. For example, an Australian woman named Sharon Siermans met a man named Jason John Dinsley online. Unbeknownst to her, he had 100 prior criminal convictions. After their first date, Sharon refused to go on a second date, enraging him in the process. In April of 2013, he broke into her home and bludgeoned her to death with a cricket bat.

There are scores of similar heartbreaking stories that have occurred over the years, and many of the victims ended up exactly like Sharon Siermans. For safety’s sake, it is necessary to be as vigilant as possible with a background check investigation. The Internet is bubbling over with these stories, making it all the more important to be extra cautious where online dating is concerned.

This begs the question: Are there red flags with online dating?

The answer is a definitive yes. The statistics prove that 10% of registered sex offenders are already on online dating sites. 51% of online daters are already involved in a relationship and cheating on their partner, and 10% of registered members on free dating sites are scam artists. At the time of writing, Truth Finder discovered that since 1995, 400 people have been murdered by someone they met online. These are harrowing facts, and they don’t even discuss the number of women who have been sexually assaulted, date raped, or scammed by blind dates.

Does Hollywood Embellish Blind Date Tragedies?

Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers have sought to highlight the trauma that monsters bring to our lives. One way they have done this is via terrifying films of pedophiles and sociopaths stalking unsuspecting victims via dating sites. There are scores of examples of this type of tragedy, including heart wrenching films like Trust (2010) starring Clive Owen and Viola Davis. Another gut-wrenching film is Hard Candy (2005), starring Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page.

Back to reality, date rape that was initiated through meetings at online dating sites is on the rise. The statistics point to a steady increase between 2009 and 2014, by a multiplier of 6. This is not something to be taken lightly, and most of the offenders already have a criminal background. Luckily for the women out there, these monsters can be avoided with things like FCRA credit checks, a background search investigation, and proper screening.