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article by Rebecca S. author April 02, 2017
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Intelius is certainly one of the best background check resources on the Internet. It provides a wide range of verification services including property information, reverse phone verification and a comprehensive background check.
  • Detailed info about people and their histories
  • Information gathered from 20 billion public records
  • People search, ID theft protection services, reverse telephone number lookup and background checks
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Not FCRA Compliant
The search platform acts as a directory for other related searches such as credit checks – performed by other companies affiliated with Intelius.
Rebecca S., author
Free Storage Limit Comprehensive Background Check
Features and Specifications Criminal Records Report
Mobile Access Mobile Apps for iOS & Android
Integrations Social Net Lookup Available
Privacy Address & Reverse Phone Lookups
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$0.95 / Report
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  • Relatives
  • Address
  • Age & DOB
  • Aliases
  • Address History
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  • Social Network
  • Email search
  • Address History
  • Aliases
  • Address History
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  • People Search Plus Report
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • Lawsuits
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As far as information services are concerned, Intelius offers a social net search, email search and quick people search. The protection services offered by the company cover identity protection, criminal background checks, and cell phone caller ID verification. All information that is available at Intelius is public data. It is possible to source information on people and others they are connected to.

Who Is It For?

Background check should be performed on anyone that you come into contact with. Typically, background checks are most relevant for neighbors, blind dates, boyfriends/girlfriends, coworkers, friends, family and known associates. The reasons for conducting a comprehensive background check are wide-ranging. These include records of liens, judgments, property records, bankruptcies, marriage records, divorce records and even a criminal background check.

Sometimes, a background check needs to be performed for acquiring information from sex offender registries. A criminal records report will reveal important information such as misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic-related violations. The Intelius report is wide-ranging and covers things like case numbers, the date and type of offense committed, the outcome of the judgment and more. When performing a background check at Intelius, you simply enter a first name, middle initial, last name, address, and city/state information.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Intelius is fairly easy to use, however some of the services you will likely want to perform on site are conducted by other companies affiliated with Intelius. These include Kennect/Talentwise, and Identity Protection with Identity Protect. Since Intelius accesses information from 20 billion+ public records from commercial and public sources, it can delve deeply into personal information searches. This covers all aspects of reverse phone lookup, people search information, background check information, and ID protection services. To get started, simply enter the person’s first name, middle initial, last name, and city/state. Once you click the search button, you will instantly receive a listing of results. It is entirely possible to conduct a personal background search report, or a background search on other people. Unfortunately, search results are not 100% accurate and updated, and important information is often missed in these reports.

Search Capabilities

The search capabilities of Intelius allow the algorithm to comb through billions of public data records. You can search by name, telephone number, and other criteria during your background check. Other available records include criminal records, public records, property records, on-site criminal records, and on-site public records. You can narrow your search results by including the middle initial, adding the age group, and filtering by previous city. Intelius offers a wide range of products and services, including other business services (customer solution in public records), protection services (caller ID, ID protection and criminal checks), information services (people search, email search and social network search) and verification searches (background checks, reverse phone ID verification, and property/area information). The search capabilities have resulted in 50 million reports generated so far.

Data Sources

The search capabilities for all background investigations scour all aspects of the Internet including marriage and divorce records, death records, census data, voter registration ID, civil court records, criminal records, property information, telephone services, professional services, web registration, social media information, commercial publications, and the like. Data scientists use all investigation-related material to compile the most accurate possible reports. Once the data sources have been analyzed and evaluated, they are sorted for accuracy. Intelius requests copies from government agencies to fulfill the user’s search expectations.


Once a background search report is conducted, multiple reports will be available. These include a people search report, a people search plus report, and a background report. Each of these reports is priced differently, and includes unique elements. The standard people search report includes the full name, address, age, date of birth, aliases, phone number, relatives, and address history. The people search plus report includes additional information such as the social network profiles and email search. A background report includes a criminal check, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, aliases, lawsuits, marriage records, and divorce records. These added extras are available at discounted rates on site.

Pricing Pricing

The price for the Standard People Search Report is regularly $3.95 and you get 2 reports for the price of 1. However, there is a 75% discount offer for this report at just $0.95. The People Search Plus Report is regularly priced at $9.95, but it is available at a 30% discount for $6.95 with the purchase of the Premier Plus Offer. The Background Report is the most comprehensive report, and is regularly priced at $49.95. However, this can be purchased at a discount of $10, for $39.95 with the purchase of the Premier Plus Account Offer. This accounts allows one background check voucher per month for a price of $29.95 each.


Intelius support is available via toll-free telephone (888) 445-2727 from 6 AM through 6 PM Monday through Friday, Pacific Time. Online contact forms are available, and you simply need to enter your name/email, order #number, subject and message.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Intelius offers an interesting range of options for background searches and background checks. However, it is certainly not as accurate or as all-encompassing as other award-winning background check sites such as Instant Checkmate. The search platform acts as a directory for other related searches such as credit checks – performed by other companies affiliated with Intelius.