Spokeo Review

article by Rebecca S. author May 17, 2017
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Spokeo has become of one the most powerful and well-known people searching tools available. It maintains a vast bank of personal records from a variety of sources, granting access through a familiar search engine interface. This “people search engine” has both free and paid options available.
  • Quickly search for court and public records
  • Find people by email address or social media
  • Crawls a wide range of internet sources
  • Straightforward search engine interface
  • Impressive search results for even minimal information input
  • Sparse contact information provided
  • Some features of results were not pertinent
  • Limited search results available without a paid subscription
Spokeo helped me execute a background check quickly. I had limited information to work with, but the search turned up a lot of information nonetheless.
Rebecca S., author
Licence Duration Simple and Fast
Personal Use Benefits Reliable Data
Multiple Logins Search as a Team
Money Back Guarantee Results-driven Pricing
Key Factors Specialization in Reunions
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Who Is It For?

With Spokeo, even those individuals with just meager details on who they are seeking have a chance at succeeding during their people search. Users who access Spokeo’s website are presented with a search bar reminiscent of Google. Users are prompted to input a qualifier which may include a name, phone number, email address, or social media user account for the target of their search. Doing so produces results in a clean format that rivals some of the best background checks.

If the user does not know exactly who they are targeting with their search, they can simply click on the button that applies what information they do have before attempting to find a match. Even old social media accounts can produce results.

Spokeo presents these details in separate boxes for their geographic location and past homes, names of relatives, photos, contact information, and public records from places like the local court. In order to unlock a person’s profile, users are first asked to sign up for a paid monthly subscription plan.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Find long-lost relatives, targets of legal action, or estranged friends with just the minute details last known about them. These details may include a name, address, social media username, phone number or even a past email address. Spokeo’s speedy search engine is capable of complex and far-reaching aggregation techniques, which give even the smallest detail a chance of producing surprisingly wide-ranging results.

For customers who have a paid subscription, the details provided by the search are thorough, even connecting users with the relatives of their target, current household members, and information on their spouse. The free search, however, may not be detail oriented enough for some users.

Search Capabilities

Spokeo crawls results from a wide range of online sources, some of which are standard practice and others more unusual. White Page listings, social media profiles from each platform, email addresses old and new, usernames, court and other public records, blogs and articles, and even entertainment sites are covered by Spokeo’s search.

While some of these sources have a low chance of returning results, one feature we enjoyed was the ability to search social media. A unique tool among the competition, it generates a solid volume of results, likely due to the high participation rates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Data Sources

In some searches, information on the target’s neighborhood is revealed, including average property value, household income, and top occupations of residents in the area. While it does give some context, this type of information may prove unnecessary in the case of background checks.

Additionally, it is important to know that the search function for court records and public reports is contained within a separate page on the website. Spokeo decided to keep the general search and the court search at a distance, likely because of the different purposes and results that each entail.


A monthly subscription to Spokeo costs $7.95 per month for the 3-month term, and $4.95 per month for the 6-month membership. Spokeo also offers a $13.95 single month plan, which is nice for people who do not require the use of this service each month.

For those individuals seeking a specific person, paying $7.95 per month for 3 months is a solid choice, lending plenty of time to find the subject of the search while presenting a more cost-effective solution when compared to the single month plan.


For customers who need help with their background search, Spokeo operates a dedicated customer service line that is found on their website. On the phone, we only had a short wait before connecting with a friendly representative, and all of our questions were answered with confidence and little hesitation.

It was nice to see that Spokeo also lets customers get in touch via email, which is sometimes preferable for those with less urgent inquiries. In our experience, Spokeo support sent their responses to our inbox within a single business day, with answers matching the thoroughness we experienced with representatives over the phone.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Spokeo allows many different types of information to be used to find individual people, even granular details like social media usernames or old email addresses. A paid subscription is worthwhile, and the results are typically accurate. However, some ancillary details that are provided may not be as significant when trying to build a bigger picture during a people search.