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Truthfinder Review

article by Rachel Carr author January 05, 2020
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TruthFinder is a reputable background check company that several well-known media outlets use to verify the data they hold on a person. The results it generates for users are timely and accurate as well as easy to digest owing to their straightforward reports.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Saves users time
  • Provides quick and accurate results
  • Easy way to find long lost friends and family
  • All searches are confidential
  • Far more in depth than a civilian Google search
  • Slightly above average pricing
  • Pricing is not transparent from the outset
  • No live chat feature
Best for a dark web scan as this service is not usually provided by background check companies
Rachel Carr, author
Free Storage Limit Search Criminal & Court Records
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Integrations Deep Web Search
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Multiple Logins Search New Neighbors, Relationships, & Friends
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Setup Setup

It is a suitable company to use for a background check whether you want to run an in-depth report, of which it is extremely able, or simply for a basic background check into someone’s social media usage. We like how painless TruthFinder can make finding a person who you have lost touch with or even a long lost relative.

File Sharing Available Reports

With a standard subscription package, users can have access to unlimited numbers of background check reports. However, what do those reports include when you sign up to TruthFinder? Well, their reports are exceedingly comprehensive and offer users a great deal of detail on a number of factors that data sources may have revealed.

For instance, if a background check subject has any of the following or been recorded within any of the following, TruthFinder will return its findings in its report:

  • Contact information
  • Birth and death records
  • Possible relatives, friends, relationships, and even exes
  • Known aliases
  • Census data
  • Sex offender databases
  • Assets
  • Social media and dating profiles
  • Educational history
  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Business affiliations
  • Professional licenses
  • Trademarks
  • Bankruptcies
  • Weapons permits

Some of these pieces of data are only returned for an additional fee which can be frustrating. Information such as weapons permits, for example, is only part of the premium reports that the company compiles. Bankruptcy is another as well as possible neighbors, educational information, past and current roommates, business associates, professional license and voter registration details.

One of the reports that TruthFinder runs that sets it apart from its competitors is the ability to run a very thorough reverse phone number check. The dark web search is obviously also a fantastic feature to offer a report on as this is where people can hide secrets that they would not want others to know.

It’s important to perform a background check on people in your neighborhood. This is especially true if you have children of your own. A background investigation can reveal any untoward information from a sex offender registry, and it’s a great way to perform a criminal background check. It’s extremely important to know whether there are sex offenders in your neighborhood, and it’s good to know whether your neighbor has been convicted of any criminal charges. On a personal level, background searches are indispensable. You may be applying for a new job, and you will want to know ahead of time what your potential employer will find when they conduct a background search of you. A self-check is a great tool for you to use so that you can prep yourself for any questions that arise at your job interview. Another reason background checks are so important is interpersonal relationships with blind dates, new friendships, and other love interests.

Safe Search Search Capabilities

TruthFinder does not over complicate things when it comes to running searches and so it asks for very little information or data upon a subject. This is great news to potential customers who may want to run a search on some pretty scant and perhaps some out of date information. That being said, TruthFinder is at its most useful when a customer has the first and last name of an individual as well as the city that they are supposedly meant to live in. TruthFinder then generates a whole host of results on these parameters from which a customer chooses their supposed intended subjects.

A customer is able to do this quickly as TruthFinder returns supporting information like a person’s social media usag or any data on a person’s relatives that may help to pinpoint who they are and a state records summary.

Once the customer has chosen its subject by picking out the correct person, it is then that they can run searches such as criminal records or searches on court records. Subscribers can also try to run these searches from the outset, which is the same if they want to run a reverse phone search or a dark web search.

Free Storage Limit Data Sources

TruthFinder does not break any boundaries in the data sources it uses to comprise or compile a report upon a subject. However, it does delve into the following public records to return information:

  • County records
  • State records
  • Federal records
  • Deep Web information
  • Social media data

More specifically, the company can discover information on a person if they have any past speeding tickets, or parking tickets, if they have any arrest records or sex offender convictions, if they have a mugshot somewhere on file and any information that comes about from birth or death records. Their in-depth searches of a person’s social media use is interesting as it means they can generate a picture of a subject in terms of online aliases and email addresses too.

File Size Limit Drawbacks and Limitations

The main issue that new customers will find with TruthFinder is the company’s lack of transparency when it comes to its pricing structure and fees. Potential customers have to go through the process of searching for someone using the online portal before finding out how much the service costs from this provider. This is ultimately time-wasting and frustrating to some. That being said, its website never claims that its services are free. The pricing structure it provides is quite complicated and inflexible too which is investigated further below.

Other limitations would be the lack of a live chat feature which can prove extremely helpful at times when customers have a quick query they need answered. This too will be discussed below in the Support section of this review.

Pricing Pricing

A one-month membership to TruthFinder where you can generate an unlimited amount of standard background reports costs $27.78. At just under $28, this is quite steep in comparison to its competitors so arguably is only worth signing up to if you either have a number of reports you want to run or if you are particularly interested in using the dark web search that is almost unique to TruthFinder.

A three-month membership is slightly cheaper at $23.02, which is still fairly expensive but perhaps more useful to companies that run background checks on a regular basis. For this fee, users get those same standard reports and the ability to generate as many of them as they want within their subscription’s time period.

A premium report costs $17.47 a time. However, if you use the website for long enough and it’s your first time on the site itself, the company will offer you a free trial for just $1.


TruthFinder may not offer around the clock support, which is what we would ideally like to see, but it does offer some fairly long hours in terms of how long its telephone lines are open for. For instance, customers can call TruthFinder between the hours of 8am to 1am EST. It’s a shame therefore that they do not offer a live chat feature at the same time given how long their telephone help lines are open for. That being said, such a feature is rare among background check companies.

Bottom Line Conclusion

TruthFinder is certainly a background check company to bear in mind for your people search needs – whatever they may be. This is because the reports and results they generate are comprehensive and robust so that a full picture of a subject is formed. This then gives customers the power to use that information as they see fit and how they need. This is only possible due to the fact that TruthFinder’s results are reliable, quick and far-reaching so that they can serve a multitude of purposes.

For those that need to run many a report each month, it is definitely a good option. In fact, some well-known news outlets and other media companies use TruthFinder for this purpose which is reassuring to potential clients. While the rolling monthly subscription cost may be a little above market averages, the fact that an unlimited amount of reports can be generated for this one cost also gives confidence to users.

Additionally, the amount of data sources that the company uses to generate reports is also a huge confidence builder. It means that potential and current customers can rely on the data given to them without having to worry about the veracity of the facts included in a report.