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AT&T Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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Any list of the best cell phone plan deals will include AT&T. As one of the nation's best known cell phone carriers, they offer great options for any customer.
  • Coast to coast network coverage
  • All the hottest devices are available
  • Offers plans with unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Robust international options
  • Ability to backup messages in the cloud
  • “Unlimited data” plans can still result in slower data speeds
  • Cheapest devices on the market are not available
  • Limited connectivity in rural areas
AT&T offers excellent network coverage in all but the most remote of areas, combined with a range of plans to meet the budget and needs of any customer.
Sandra Trentino, author
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Available Numbers Unlimited Text
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File Sharing 10GB Mobile Hotspot
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  • Max Speed (at 3Mbps)
  • Standard-Definition Video
  • Unlimited text from U.S. to 120+ countries
  • Save $25/mo on DIRECTV
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Coverage and Quality

If you are in any major metropolitan area in the United States, you’ll find AT&T’s coverage more than adequate. The quality is high from New York City all the way to Los Angeles, with only a few gaps in the most rural areas along the way. In addition, its LTE service mimics its coverage areas almost perfectly, so you’ll nearly always have 4G speeds. The bottom line here is that while service interruptions do happen, you can more or less expect to have full functionality no matter where you are in the country.

features Features

To secure a phone against theft and damage, AT&T’s mobile insurance coverage is just $7.99/mo. There is also the option to add additional technical support for an extra $3/mo.

For customers without unlimited data, another nice touch is the “data perks” feature. This option offers extra data just for downloading certain apps for your phone or shopping at select locations.

Cloud storage & backup is another set of features worth taking advantage of. Messages on any compatible device can be backed up into the AT&T cloud for easy retrieval later.

The features offered are constantly changing, so you should always be sure to check the AT&T website to see what cell phone plans are being offered at the moment.

Additional Fees

Because AT&T only offers unlimited data to customer with a DirectTV subscription, the most common fee customers will encounter is for data overages. Unlike other carriers which will slow your speed down after you exceed your threshold, AT&T will charge you a rate of $15/GB.

In addition, any new line you activate will set you back an additional $15 as a one-time fee. And finally, AT&T’s early termination fee is $325, minus $10 for every completed month under the contract.

Phone Selection

As one of the major US carriers, you will find the entire range of devices available. Common brands, such as the whole iPhone series as well as the Samsung Galaxy line of devices are all here. But customers who are more concerned with saving a little bit of money than having the latest and greatest toy are also represented – more affordable alternatives such as HTC, BlackBerry, and Windows phones are available.

However, the selection of the cheapest handsets out on the market is quite limited. We only counted two that would cost less than $10/mo.

Available Plans (including price)

Although AT&T’s claims to offer “unlimited data plans,” the reality is that speeds will be slowed after 22GB of usage (although it’s true this does eliminate overage charges).

These fine print shenanigans aside, AT&T does offer some of the best cell phone plans you’ll find. The “AT&T Unlimited Plus” plan offers unlimited data, talk, and text, plus HD video and a 10GB allowance at mobile hotspots for $90/mo for a single line.

There is also the “AT&T Unlimited Choice” plan which offers unlimited data, talk, and text, SD video, and a hotspot allowance starting at $60/mo for a single line.

The prepaid options start at $25/mo and come with rollover data, unlimited talk and text, and zero activation fees.


AT&T offers a wide range of support options to help customers get more information about services or troubleshoot problems. Of course, you can contact them via more traditional channels such as phone or email as well. However, there is also a robust FAQ section on their website that can offer answers to many questions without any hassle. In addition, there is also social media support over Twitter that can be used if you don’t have time to sit on hold with the call center.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Overall, there is a reason AT&T is one of the big players in the US cell phone industry. For starters, they have one of the strongest and most reliable coverage areas in the nation. But on top of that they offer some of the cheapest cell phone plans on the market, coupled with a wide array of customer support options.

If you are looking for a solid carrier to provide you with good value for your money, you can’t go wrong with AT&T.