Hidden Deals in Your Cell Phone Plans You Didn't Know About

article by Arya A. author
Carriers are constantly changing the cell phone plans they offer. But while you’ll see a lot of advertising on television and the internet, this usually isn’t where you find the best cell phone deals.

Those are often reserved for the deep recesses of a company’s website, where executives know only the most committed and determined cost-conscious consumers will ever end up looking for them.

To sway and convince these determined deal hunters, carriers will offer hidden gems that you would never otherwise know about. But fortunately, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Below are some of the best hidden deals you can check out:


AT&T has great partnerships with businesses, universities, and governments that provide individuals affiliated with those organizations to get exclusive promotional cell phone plan deals. In addition, they signed a partnership with Amazon in order to offer cloud based services to subscribers at a very low cost.


If you are looking to get more lines at a lower cost, T-Mobile has a promotion that offers two unlimited lines of T-Mobile ONE service for just $100/mo, which also includes HD video streaming and 10GB of high-speed hotspot data as well.

In addition, you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s “KickBack” promotion as well, which offers you cash compensation at the end of the month for unused data. Make sure to check out the details of the plan to learn more.


Sprint has “click or call only” deals that reward customers who go the extra mile to save money either by phone or online. These are exclusively device deals that will offer you steep discounts on popular handsets such as the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

If you are looking for the best cell phone plans they offer, Sprints’ strength is its international offerings. Their “Global Roaming” plan offers unlimited data and text in many parts of the world, and their “Open World” plan gets you free unlimited calling and text when traveling in Mexico, Canada, and large parts of Latin America.

US Cellular

US Cellular stands out because its prepaid options combine great value with some of the cheapest cell phone plans you will find. Plans start at just $35/mo for 500MB of data, and go as high as $75/mo for 12GB. It’s also worth mentioning that for $10/mo you can get unlimited talk and text to Mexico & Canada.

Lycamobile USA

New customers with Lycamobile USA can take advantage of a great promotion that offers three months of service for the price of two. In addition, all customers can take advantage of their great prepaid plans. Starting at just $19, you can get unlimited nationwide talk and text, 100MB of data, unlimited international texts, and unlimited calling to over sixty countries. In addition, they have great recharge options that will make sure you never find yourself without minutes or data, including just $10 for an additional 1GB of 4G LTE data.