The Best Cloud for Photography Enthusiasts

article by Deeann B. author
For amateur, enthusiast and professional photographers, storing your photographs is as important as the work itself. The significance of an image is that you’ve captured a moment in time, so of course you’ll want to keep it safe and share it with friends and clients.

Why the Cloud and Photography are Best Friends

High quality digital images, the kind taken by any serious cameraman or camerawoman, are large files that take up a significant amount of memory. For someone who shoots all day just to capture a single perfect image, even a nice camera will not contain enough storage space to save all the pictures you need to choose from.

This is where the cloud comes in. With a smartphone, it’s possible to be in the field, snapping away, and be uploading your incoming images to the cloud while at the same time while keeping your camera free. Most cameras, even the most expensive kind, are more concerned with taking pictures than storing or displaying them, and rely on another device like a computer for these purposes. The cloud allows you to go into the field with just a camera and have everything ready to go when you get back home.

You can also have the images you’ve taken just minutes ago be visible on your phone, tablet or laptop to display to clients in person, without taking the time to set up an assortment of cables in your office first. Or, you can use a service like JustCloud to share photos directly with the client from your personal account.

What Are the Best Photography Clouds?

Generally, the use of any cloud storage service is an enormous upgrade for your photography practice. Besides the organizational and sharing advantages, you also save space on your devices and never need to risk losing important pictures to a spilt glass of water or a faulty cable.

Which options are best? Any of the ‘big three’ will do, but if you want something specialized you may want to check out pCloud. The service is amazing at syncing between the cloud and local devices like your phone or computer, and comes with an impressive 20 gigabytes of free storage – so you can try it before you subscribe. You can also choose just to upload and save photos for backup.

Additionally, pCloud’s fast upload and download speeds are extremely important to photographers, who may need to quickly gather and send hundreds of heavyweight raw images to clients at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Fall Behind the Curve

Most photographers already use the cloud as their central hub for everything: backups, overflow image storage, sharing file with friends and clients, and even for on-the-go access to display images that were taken a long time ago.

Join the cloud revolution for yourself, and test out some of the free services in this article – it might just be exactly what you were looking for, without realizing it.