Best Cloud Storage Services of 2019

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
Having a backup service is vital in protecting your sensitive files and data. Instead of relying on a physical device that can break or become lost, explore these cloud storage providers and find the best solution that fits your unique needs.


Excellent Secure Cloud Storage

Carbonite LogoCarbonite’s easy-to-use home storage plans offer something for everyone. The company is one of the best cloud storage services for both Windows and Apple OS, and provides a wide range of excellent features. With remote access, automatic backups, and even courier service available, Carbonite is an excellent choice for a wide variety of needs. Here are some of the company’s top strengths:

  • Download in just a few minutes with a simple install that automatically sets up backups and lets you select the right directories to include in your cloud storage
  • Protects even from catastrophic hardware failures thanks to outstanding courier service which delivers a full physical backup to your location in case of emergencies
  • Continuous automatic backup means users are always fully protected from data loss while taking up the minimum possible bandwidth when uploading new files and updating existing ones
  • High-end 128-bit encrypted cloud storage and several cutting-edge security protocols protect user data heavily while being uploaded and stored in Carbonite’s servers
  • Click and Restore lets users instantly recover files that were lost or damaged, even if they have been affected by viruses or malware

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Great for Personal Cloud Storage

myPCbackup logoUsers looking for a great home cloud storage service will enjoy the simplicity and ease-of-use MyPCBackup provides. The company focuses on offering straightforward and unlimited cloud storage service in a secure and efficient way. Here are some of the highlights of MyPCBackup’s service offerings:

  • Take advantage of a fully automated and synchronized backup solution accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, even mobile and tablet devices
  • MyPCBackup directly integrates with file explorer, letting users simply drag and drop, or just right-click files to be included in the cloud backup
  • Robust 256-bit AES data encryption ensures users safely transfer information without worrying about data theft or loss
  • Access files anywhere you go with strong applications that offer cloud storage for Android and iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Get started with a free 1GB storage solution, and upgrade to a variety of plans that cover any cloud storage needs that may arise thanks to affordable options

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Excellent Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

iDrive logoHome users and entrepreneurs looking for a strong online cloud storage service will find excellent benefits in the fast-growing iDrive. The company offers quick and secure backup services for a variety of operating systems and devices, and includes strong protection. More importantly, it provides excellent features that make it a go-to for a wide range of users. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Access single files or full versions of online backups to recover important documents and choose exactly what should be stored in the cloud
  • Receive full backups for both physical and cloud-based servers, protecting your vital and sensitive information
  • Visualize backups on your desktop or iDrive’s web application, as well as on mobile applications available for both iOS and Android
  • Generate your own local encryption key to guarantee that all backups are completely secured
  • Create disk images that can quickly and efficiently restore your company’s systems to avoid any potential down time

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Easy and Fast Personal Cloud Storage

just Cloud logoJustCloud offers an excellent solution for customers seeking a reliable cloud storage solution that does not overburden their budget. The company offers a customizable online backup solution that uses servers based in several countries to offer excellent speeds anywhere in the world. Here are some of the company’s top features:

  • An easy installation process will directly integrate JustCloud to your file explorer, allowing you to simply right click on files and folders to include in the backup
  • Take files anywhere you go with applications for both iOS and Android, as well as an intuitive web-based dashboard
  • Powerful 256-bit AES encryption guarantees that all data being transferred and stored is always protected from prying eyes
  • Affordable pricing tiers let you scale storage space depending on your needs for up to 1TB of data
  • A dedicated sync folder lets you select which files to update instantly when any changes are made, so vital documents are always ready

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A Flexible Cloud Storage Option

zipCloud logoThose looking for an adaptable and flexible online backup service can take advantage of ZipCloud. The company offers great services including background updates, automatic syncing, and even adjustable backup speeds to ensure bandwidth is always available. Discover some of their top highlights:

  • A fully customizable backup service that lets you choose how often, when, and which files to include in the backup
  • Take advantage of reliably fast download speeds thanks to the company’s server locations all over the world
  • Quickly back up photos and videos from your Android or iOS mobile device with ZipCloud’s easy-to-use applications
  • With auto-renewal, be sure that your files are protected and secure as they are updated 15 days prior to your plan ending
  • Adjust upload and download speeds to guarantee that backups never limit what you can accomplish on your computer

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Invest in personal cloud storage or cloud storage for small businesses and relax knowing that files and photo will be forever at your disposal unless manually removed or deleted. Whether a computer or device is lost, stolen, or broken beyond repair, files backed up with cloud storage will always remain safe and accessible from another device. As external hard drives prove insufficient in the face of wear and tear, a virtual storage setting will guarantee valuable security and peace of mind.