Carbonite Review

article by Foster I. author March 23, 2017
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The service offers you the ability to automate your cloud backups and ensures that new changes are reflected while files are always updated. It is designed to be easy to use and after a quick setup, providing a simple and efficient way to protect your data.
  • Quick and painless setup and startup
  • Fantastic data tiers let you find your perfect plan
  • Automatic and continuous updates let you stop worrying about data
  • Strong emphasis on data security
  • Great connectivity with easy-to-use mobile applications
  • No automatic video backups
  • Only yearly subscription plans
  • Limited functionality for Mac users
Carbonite is a strong alternative if you are looking for a no-frills, no-hassle option to back up your information and important files to a secure cloud.
Foster I., author
Server Locations Unlimited cloud storage
File Sharing Automatic backup
Syncronization Easy file recovery
Countries Available Anytime Anywhere Access
Antivirus Setup Safe and secure
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$59.99 /YR
  • Unlimited cloud storage for 1 computer
  • Automatic & secure cloud backup
  • Free U.S.-based support, 7 days / week
  • Access files remotely
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$74.99 /YR
  • Includes all BASIC features+
  • External hard drive backup
  • Mirror image backup
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$149.99 /YR
  • Includes all PRIME features+
  • Automatic video backup
  • Courier recovery service
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Accessibility Accessibility

Carbonite makes it very easy for you to access your account regardless of where you are or what device you use. The service’s simple and powerful desktop client is designed to integrate with your file explorer and lets you know which of your files have been backed up and which ones are yet to go. For first time users, it also helps with the selection process for the files you wish to store in your cloud backup. Carbonite’s web dashboard features a streamlined design that highlights your important information, including your devices, account information, and payment details.

Carbonite provides a mobile application that is available for Android and iOS compatible devices. The applications enables you to view individual files or check on a full backup history, as well as play media files directly on your devices. Carbonite even offers a courier recovery service in case you require a physical version of any of your backups.

Security Security

Carbonite delivers rugged security in both its software and physical data centers. The company keeps its data servers in disaster-proof rooms that are protected with industry-leading security measures. Your data is stored in redundant RAID 6 servers to prevent any loss, as well as specialized proprietary systems to defend against data corruption. Data transfers are protected with high end 128 bit SSL technology, using Blowfish and Triple DES encryption to protect transmission and cloud data. Carbonite also owns its data centers, so information is always in trusted hands.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Carbonite’s features are designed to take the heavy lifting off your hands. The desktop client installation is a simple process thanks to a helpful setup wizard, and first-time configuration of your automated online backup is a breeze. Once that is set up, you rarely have to worry about changing settings. The web dashboard is also a great, easy-to-use tool, focusing on the features you need and providing quick access to your account information. You can use the mobile applications, which are available on both Android and iOS, to view your backups, access individual files, and even play media on your mobile devices.

Personal Use Benefits Personal Use Benefits

Carbonite is a great tool for home users looking to protect their information in a comfortable, low-maintenance way. The service is useful because it is designed to use minimum bandwidth and processing power. After an initial backup that can take some time, Carbonite is extremely efficient because it only updates new files or changes to existing ones, keeping processing usage to a minimum. It also features a generous 4GB limit on uploads to ensure that your cloud backups never take up too long. At a great price starting at $59.00 a year, Carbonite is a fantastic solution for budget oriented individuals.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

Carbonite offers specific services for business which are a great addition for companies of all sizes. On top of regular backups of your company’s computers, Carbonite offers physical and virtual server backups to protect your business’ vital data and prevent drop-offs in operation. Carbonite also has disaster recovery plans that enables you to protect against the worst case scenario. While its prices are near the higher end of the range, Carbonite offers top-tier services that few other cloud backup companies provide

Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Can Small & Large Businesses Use This?

Carbonite is a great addition for both small and large companies. The service offers online backups for unlimited computers on all of its business plans, as well as great tiers of data storage space for companies with different cloud backup needs. Solutions also include business tools for small and medium-sized companies as well as enterprise level firms.

Key Factors Key Factors

Pricing: Carbonite’s Home plans come in three tiers, all of which offer unlimited cloud storage—Basic, which offers cloud backup for 1 computer at $59.99 a year; Plus, which provides backups for 1 computer plus an external drive at $99.99 per year; and Prime, which gives you the same services as Plus, but includes courier recovery and automatic video backups at $149.99 a year.

Its Business solutions are offered for computer and server backups. Computer plans come in Pro basic—250GB and unlimited computers for $269.99 a year—and Pro Prime—500GB and unlimited computers for $599.99. Server plans come in Server Essentials—starting at 500GB for unlimited servers at $799.00—and Advanced, which offers the same service as Essentials, but includes image backups and Bare Metal recovery for $899.99 per year.

Upload and Download Speed: After an initial setup, Carbonite is designed to offer the best possible speeds by using continuous automatic backup, which only updates new files and changes to existing ones. File transfers are quick and low on data usage.

File Sharing: Carbonite does not offer the ability to share files, focusing instead on file security and backup reliability. It does enable you to view your files remotely.

Device Syncing: Carbonite could improve their live syncing options, but it allows you to view your backups and files on all of your devices.

Support: Carbonite features support via phone, email, or live chat, as well as a great selection of in-depth FAQ. Service hours for chat and phone are from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, but their email service is available 24-hours.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Carbonite is a great tool that focuses on providing a simple set of high quality services with top-notch backup tools. Additionally, its great business features also makes it ideal for companies of any size. Overall, Carbonite’s services are easy to use, set up, and handle all the heavy lifting for you.