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Elephant Drive Review

article by Sandra Trentino author September 02, 2019
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ElephantDrive has created a powerful yet simple cloud backup service that will help you keep your important files and data secure. The service provides an intuitive interface on several platforms—from desktop to mobile—and lets you access your important documents and keep your backups secure.
  • Excellent free account plans
  • Great connectivity across devices
  • Subscription plans made to match your needs
  • Share your files with a single right click
  • Low bandwidth and CPU usage let you use your computer’s power elsewhere
  • File upload size is limited at 1GB
  • Reporting tools could be improved
  • Higher subscription tiers can be pricey
ElephantDrive is a well-rounded online cloud storage service with great features and blazing speeds, that puts a strong emphasis on usability and accessibility.
Sandra Trentino, author
File Sharing Simple Secure Backup
Multiple Devices Sync All Devices
User Interface Web Access
Integrations Secure Sharing
Mobile Protection Mobile App Support
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  • 2GB for Free
  • Backup & Sync On 3 Devices
  • 100MB Maximum File Size
  • Link & Folder Sharing
  • End to End Encryption
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Personal Try Now >>
$9.95 /mo
  • 100GB Storage
  • Includes all Lite features+
  • Backup External Disks
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • 1 GB Maximum File Size
  • Email + Chat Support
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$25 /month
  • 50GB Storage
  • Includes all Personal features+
  • 5GB Maximum File Size
  • Backup Open & Locked Files
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Phone Support
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With great features such as live syncing, incremental backups, and robust security tools, ElephantDrive is a great way to guarantee your data’s safety.

ElephantDrive additionally offers a great free option that gives you a full 2GB of storage space with most of the same features that are available in paid subscription plans so that you can see the fantastic service for yourself. Overall, ElephantDrive is a phenomenal tool for home users and small businesses that are looking for a great cloud solution at an affordable price range.

Personal Use Benefits Usability

One of the things that we liked about ElephantDrive was that the product is very user-friendly. Customers are provided with a wide range of tools that enable you to connect your data either locally or remotely.

The desktop app is easy to install and keeps you organized by setting up a backup schedule alongside incremental updates to keep your files up-to-date. The web dashboard from ElephantDrive is accessible from any browser and enables you to view your backup settings, sharing options and devices.

One of the highlights of ElephantDrive is that you can use this on the go. Simply download the mobile app for your Android or iOS to view individual files and full backups of your data. The live syncing option will help you to keep track of changes that you have made to documents.

We found the user interface intuitive and simple to use. From the installation stage through to the daily running and navigation, it is also relatively simple.

Reliability Benefits


One of the packages that ElephantDrive offers is a home service for personal computing. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to lose data from a crashed laptop then you will understand the importance of data storage. Not only does ElephantDrive give you a safe space to store your files and documents, but it also protects them by encrypting the data.

The backup service that ElephantDrive provides is easy to use and it’s an efficient process. It’s easy to select individual files to send to your online storage or back up your entire drive. You can limit the bandwidth you utilize too which will help you keep costs low. For those that like to have access to their files wherever or whenever they please this service is invaluable. It means that you can easily view your files from mobile devices and share documents with other people by sharing a straightforward link.

Live syncing features, incremental backups, and robust security means that your data is safe and secure – another fantastic benefit to using cloud storage.


Small business owners can really benefit from this cloud storage solution. ElephantDrive provides some solid features that put a focus on collaboration, security, and efficiency, helping you take your business to the next level.

The business plan allows you to connect multiple computers and allocate space individually, giving you control of how you use your storage space. The end-to-end encryption ensures that your company data is safe from potential cyber-attacks and unforeseen accidents involving loss of data. Another great feature of ElephantDrive is the ability to sync across multiple devices, which means that your team can work remotely and access documents wherever they are.

The Enterprise Package is a better option for slightly larger businesses with unlimited storage available. You also get priority support with this service too.


ElephantDrive provides a very detailed statement on its privacy policy online. They’re pretty transparent about what information they store and what they do with certain information. According to their online statement:

“Vault” folders, files, and data – ElephantDrive does not own any data, information, or material that you deposit via the ElephantDrive services into your “Vault” (Vault Data).

ElephantDrive will not monitor, edit, or disclose any information regarding your Vault Data without your permission, except in accordance with this Policy and our Terms of Service. ElephantDrive may access your account, including Vault Data, to respond to customer requests or in the course of auditing, research, and analysis in order to maintain, protect and improve our services.”

They also stipulate that when a customer uses their services, the servers automatically record information regarding when you use the software or visit the website. The logs from the server might include information such as IP address, web request, browser type and language and cookies that can identify your browser.

Ease of Use Features

ElephantDrive provides the following features:

Direct Backup From NAS

ElephantDrive is pre-installed on a range of leading NAS (network-attached storage) platforms. The company provides a cloud back up solution which has been specially designed to integrate seamlessly with this storage hardware solution.

Sync With Everywhere

This special feature allows you to sync your data across multiple devices instantly. If you add data to the Everywhere folder, they will automatically sync to the Everywhere folder across all of your registered devices.

Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile Devices

Use this cloud storage solution across a wide range of devices. Just simply download, install and you’re good to go.

Mobile Access

When you download the relevant app you are then able to view, access and share files from Android, iPhone and iPad devices. You can directly upload files and back up from your mobile device too.

Safe & Secure

Using the very latest AES 256-bit encryption, ElephantDrive encrypts your data before it leaves your device. Keeping your information safe from potential cyber-attacks.

Share A Folder

Get your colleagues to sign up for their own free ElephantDrive Account and then you are able to view, read, edit and share documents. This is the perfect solution for small to large businesses.

Publish Links

Easily share documents by sending a link which will then enable others to view or edit the information.

Recover Deletions

The Archive feature keeps copies of old deleted files and folders in your online hard drive. This is a really helpful tool as it’s often too easy to accidentally delete a document or file.

Restore Old Versions

Another helpful feature is the ability to able to restore old versions of documents. This is really useful if you need to see previous edits.

Pricing Pricing

ElephantDrive offers three different subscription plans for your home, business or enterprise.

With the Home package, you pay just $10 per month and this will get you 1,000 GB base storage, 15,000 GB maximum storage priced at $10 per 1,000 GB. The maximum file size per upload is relatively low at 2 GB and you are able to use up to 10 devices and have 3 sub-accounts.

The Business package jumps up to double dollars at $20 per month. For this fee, you receive a base storage space of 1,000 GB and maximum storage capacity of 50,000 GB. Any storage used above your base will set you back an additional $20 per 1,000 GB. You can use this service across 25 devices and have 20 sub-accounts.

For $30 a month, the Enterprise package will give you the same base storage of 1,000 GB and each additional 1,000 GB costs $30. The highlight of this package is the unlimited storage capacity. The maximum file upload is 200 GB and you can use it for over 100 devices with 100 sub-accounts. With this package, you get priority support and a concierge service too. You also get a dedicated account manager to give you one-to-one help.

Support Support

There is quite an extensive support section which features a large library of solutions that you are able to search through. The idea of this is so that you can troubleshoot your own issues.

Many users’ common problems and questions are answered in this section and so it’s actually very helpful and saves sending emails back and forth. Alongside this, there is also a range of tutorials that can guide you through the setup process.

This section also helps you to understand the software. In addition to this, you can contact the company directly via phone or send them an email. We found the phone link to be tricky though when accessed via PC. It would have been much more beneficial to include a phone number on the support page.

Emails take a while to respond to and there’s no way of knowing what hours the company operates so you could be waiting for quite some time. We really feel that the company could greatly benefit from a 24/7 online chat facility where queries can be resolved in real-time.

Bottom Line

All in all, ElephantDrive provides a really good, basic cloud storage solution which forgoes the bells and whistles to offer a service that will cover most people’s needs. Combining great transfer speeds with helpful and easy-to-use tools we think that this storage service makes a great option for both home and business use. In comparison to a few other companies that provide a similar model, the features may seem basic at first glance but we feel that this enables ElephantDrive to keep costs relatively low.

Most people that use a cloud storage service only really need the ability to safely store and share files and documents. The packages available are a little limiting with this storage service. With the home package, your maximum upload file size is 2 GB which may be adequate if you are storing word documents but if you are looking for cloud storage for images then this will definitely limit what you are able to store onto the cloud.

The support section could be improved too and whilst there is an abundance of links for users to search which may answer their queries, we feel an online chat facility would offer much better and faster support. If you are looking for basic cloud storage then ElephantDrive makes a good choice.