How Do I Free Up Space on My Phone?

article by Rebecca S. author
Here’s a tough fact to deal with: there will never be enough space on your smartphone. As technology advances, the amount of digital memory you can put on a physical device gets bigger and bigger.

Software has kept up with this pace, requiring more memory as it becomes more complex, and hitting the limits of what phones can handle.

 In just 10 years, our phones will look very different and will be able to do things that only the most powerful PCs of today can do, but they’ll still be limited by their size, and their owners will still have to deal with the never-ending question: how do I free up space on my mobile device?

The Manual Review Process

Every phone will display somewhere in its settings how much memory you’ve used, and how much storage space is still available for use. Sometimes you’ll run into this menu when you’ve accidentally filled the phone to capacity, and then you’d be smart to check and find out what types of files are taking up the most space.

Documents, notes, emails and text messages all take up little space, but pictures, video, music and applications are the likely problems for most people who need to free up space. The first step is to plug your phone into the computer. An iPhone, for example, is managed via iTunes, which can display how much memory your videos and other media are taking up. See anything old or unnecessary? Delete it for a quick memory boost.

A modern iPhone can shoot 4k video, a very high definition, yet the lowest tier models with the same functionality only have 16 gigabytes of space. When you consider that a one-minute long video shot in 4k takes up more than a gigabyte of space, you can see that another option is needed besides the deletion of videos to free up space on a mobile device.

Get With the Cloud

Cloud storage is an ideal solution for mobile device users who want to be able to store lots of media, without needing to erase anything to make room for more files. When your phone starts to refuse to save voicemails or display images sent by friends, it will have already told you it is out of space.

This is a great time to back up your digital files from your phone into a service like iDrive, which has a mobile backup feature. After backing up your phone into the cloud via the free application, you can delete anything you want and not have to worry that it’s gone forever.

Other cloud storage services are designed to sync all your devices together, so that whatever lives on your phone is also present on your computer. By using a service such as SugarSync, you never need to worry about manually syncing, or that the video you just deleted isn’t retrievable. It automatically syncs your devices with the cloud after each new file is created or uploaded, giving you peace of mind and your whole library’s history right at your fingertips.

The point of the cloud is that physical space is no longer a constraint on memory, but only if you use it! If you’re a rabid phone memory user, you should have already moved to the cloud long ago.