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MyPCBackup Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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MyPCBackup offers a simple and reliable solution whether you are looking for a cloud storage service for your home or small business. MyPCBackup provides you with an easy-to-use interface, as well as access from any of your mobile devices.
  • Services accessible from internet connected mobile devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • File versioning keeps records of your important documents
  • Solid upload speed
  • Strong file sharing functionality
  • Lacks more advanced features
  • Free accounts are heavily limited
  • Higher tiers can be slightly pricey
MyPCBackup is a strong online storage solution offering great tools with a good variety of paid services to fit a range of personal and small business needs.
Sandra Trentino, author
Multiple Devices Sync Multiple Devices
Real Time Protection Encrypted and Secure
File Sharing Automated Backups
Globe Access Files Anywhere
Mobile Access Mobile Access
Home Try Now >>
$10.69 /mo
  • 75GB Storage
  • $9.44 a month (billed $56.64 for 6 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $98.28 for 12 months)
  • $7.61 a month (billed $182.64 for 2 years)
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Premium Try Now >>
$11.94 /mo
  • 250GB Storage
  • $10.69 a month (billed $64.14 for 6 months)
  • $9.44 a month (billed $113.28 for 12 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $196.56 for 2 years)
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Ultimate Try Now >>
$14.44 /mo
  • 1TB Storage
  • $13.19 a month (billed $79.16 for 6 months)
  • $11.94 a month (billed $143.28 for 12 months)
  • $10.69 a month (billed $256.56 for 2 years)
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MyPCBackup’s more streamlined design focuses on creating a simplified and powerful user experience, offering a great solution if you are looking for a pain-free and ready-to-use service with minimal setup. The company’s servers are based out of the UK and the US, meaning you have fast speeds and easy access from anywhere in the world. MyPCBackup is a great solution for users with all kinds of cloud storage needs.

Accessibility Accessibility

MyPCBackup installs a small utility on your computer in order to synchronize your local files into your online storage. The program integrates with your file explorer, allowing you to simply drag and drop your files into your cloud backup. If you are away from your computer, you can access your account from MyPCBackup’s website and interact with your files anywhere. MyPCBackup also offers mobile applications so that you can access your cloud storage whenever you need them.

Security Security

MyPCBackup features robust security for all of their servers. Your data is stored in Google Cloud Servers that feature various layers of security and a strong 256-bit AES and SSL encryption for all data transfers. The cloud servers are also stored in data centers that feature stringent security and protection standards.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

MyPCBackup’s software and mobile applications are very easy to use. The downloadable manager features a simple layout, which although slightly rudimentary, presents all the information you need organized into an intuitive interface. The Installation process is also quick and painless, with step-by-step instructions along the way.

Transferring files can be done by simply dragging and dropping while setting up automatic updates as well as tracking your backup history only takes a few clicks. The online dashboard features a streamlined layout that highlights the most commonly used tools. You can also check on the backup schedule and history online while tracking changes made in your storage.

Personal Use Benefits Personal Use Benefits

One of MyPCBackup’s strongest assets is that you can use it directly from your computer’s file explorer. By allowing you to simply drag and drop files as well as complete online backups of your folders, you can customize your cloud backups and make sure your data is protected the way you want. Scheduled backups also ensure that your information and important files are always up to date.  The ability to see previous versions of files means that you can always find exactly what you need.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

MyPCBackup has a suite of helpful tools for business users on both the small and enterprise levels. Each of these plans allow you to set up online backups for several computers, as well as administrative tools such as setting permissions and monitoring the status of updates. MyPCBackup’s business plans also offer email back up along with the standard file sharing services. Synchronizing from a mobile device has a somewhat low cap of 2GB, but MyPCBackup allows every user to connect unlimited devices and you can upgrade your data plan for mobile according to your needs. The service also gives you the ability to transfer massive files. The free service gives you a 15MB file size limit, while the paid service lets you upload and back up files up to 5GB in size.

Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Can Small & Large Businesses Use This?

MyPCBackup offers subscription plans for both small businesses and enterprise level companies. Their data plans fit different business needs in terms of storage space—100GB for the Business plan and 500GB for the Enterprise Plan—at great prices while offering customizable plans according to your cloud storage needs. If you are looking for a lower priced but reliable option, MyPCBackup is ideal for a small to medium-sized business.

Key Factors Key Factors

Pricing: MyPCBackup offers three great and affordable paid subscription tiers for users—Home, Premium, and Ultimate. The Home plan gives you 75GB for $6.19 a month, the Premium plan is $7.44 a month for 250GB, while the Premium gives you a massive 1TB cloud storage space for only $9.94 per month.

Upload and Download Speed: MyPCBackup features solid response time for uploading and downloading documents. The online backup service is at the top of the pack in terms of file transfer speed.

File Sharing: You can share files and folders with anyone via e-mail or social media. You can also use your mobile devices and remote access to share important documents.

Device Syncing: MyPCBackup allows you to sync an unlimited amount of devices to your account. If you need more data transfer capacity than the free plan offers, you can opt for an excellent variety of paid plans.  Additionally, the services are compatible with any of your mobile devices with a MyPCBackup application available from both iTunes and the Google Play store.

Support: MyPCBackup’s online support lets you get in touch with a service representative 24/7 via phone or e-mail. Moreover, the company website also features a great library of knowledge to find answers to any questions you might have.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Overall, MyPCBackup offers you a solid service with reliable speeds and a suite of strong security features. Its simple design and ease of use lets it shine by putting emphasis on the tools you need to have a great cloud backup. If you are looking for a more powerful set of functionality, MyPCBackup’s great paid tiers give you the control you need to keep your files secure. MyPCBackup is a robust cloud backup solution for both home and small business users.