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MyPCBackup Review

article by Rebecca Lori author September 05, 2019
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MyPCBackup offers a simple and reliable solution whether you are looking for a cloud storage service for your home or small business. MyPCBackup provides you with an easy-to-use interface, as well as access from any of your mobile devices.
  • Services accessible from internet connected mobile devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • File versioning keeps records of your important documents
  • Solid upload speed
  • Strong file sharing functionality
  • Lacks more advanced features
  • Free accounts are heavily limited
  • Higher tiers can be slightly pricey
MyPCBackup is a strong online storage solution offering great tools with a good variety of paid services to fit a range of personal and small business needs.
Rebecca Lori, author
Multiple Devices Sync Multiple Devices
Real Time Protection Encrypted and Secure
File Sharing Automated Backups
Globe Access Files Anywhere
Mobile Access Mobile Access
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$10.69 /mo
  • 75GB Storage
  • $9.44 a month (billed $56.64 for 6 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $98.28 for 12 months)
  • $7.61 a month (billed $182.64 for 2 years)
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Premium Try Now >>
$11.94 /mo
  • 250GB Storage
  • $10.69 a month (billed $64.14 for 6 months)
  • $9.44 a month (billed $113.28 for 12 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $196.56 for 2 years)
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Ultimate Try Now >>
$14.44 /mo
  • 1TB Storage
  • $13.19 a month (billed $79.16 for 6 months)
  • $11.94 a month (billed $143.28 for 12 months)
  • $10.69 a month (billed $256.56 for 2 years)
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MyPCBackup’s more streamlined design focuses on creating a simplified and powerful user experience, offering a great solution if you are looking for a pain-free and ready-to-use service with minimal setup. The company’s servers are based out of the UK and the US, meaning you have fast speeds and easy access from anywhere in the world. MyPCBackup is a great solution for users with all kinds of cloud storage needs.

Personal Use Benefits Usability

One of the most prominent features of MyPCBackup is its usability; this is a simple service to use. Once you have selected the file to download and install, everything is plain sailing.

Step-by-step instructions are provided along the way to help you through the installation and set up process. MyPCBackup installs a small utility onto your computer which allows it to sync your local files into your online storage. The program integrates with your file explorer, which means that you can then simply drag and drop your files into the cloud backup. You can access your files from the MyPCBackups website and also use mobile apps to access data from your handheld device. The mobile application is just as easy as the software to use.

Transferring files, setting up automatic updates and tracking your backup history can be completed in a few clicks, from any device, anywhere in the world. From the online dashboard, you’ll find a nicely designed, streamlined layout that highlights the most commonly used tools. The no-frills setup feels intuitive and uncomplicated.

Reliability Benefits


MyPCBackup’s strongest feature is that it can be used directly from your computer’s file explorer. Not only can you simply drag and drop files as well as complete online backups of your folders, but you can also customize your cloud backups and make sure that the service runs exactly how you need it to.

Another benefit to using this service is the ability to schedule backups, ensuring that your important files and documents are always up-to-date. With this service, you are able to share files and folders with family and friends with a simple click. Your data will not only be backed up but protected too.


There is a range of features that MyPCBackup provides that can greatly benefit businesses of any size. The business plans allow you to set up online backups across several computers as well as provide admin tools such as setting permissions and status update monitoring. Another feature of the business plans is email backup and a standard file sharing service.

Synchronizing from a mobile device is capped at 2 GB but MyPCBackup allows each user to connect to unlimited devices and there’s also the option to upgrade your business plan according to your mobile data needs. The cloud storage service allows you to transfer very large files – up to 5 GB in size.


MyPCBackup collects data from its users and is quite clear about the type of data they collect and how they use it within their Privacy Policy. When you sign up for any type of cloud storage service such as this you will always be expected to provide a name, address, email address and credit card details at the initial registration phase.

Other information will be collected relating to your data usage too such as IP addresses, browser type and version, type of device you use, pages you view, metadata relating to your use of the service and whether you have clicked or opened any marketing emails and any support you may have asked for previously.

The information is used so that the company can provide the service that you are paying for, provide you with useful content, to improve the services/offer other relevant services and to diagnose problems with the servers. They also state that the transmission of data via the internet is never completely secure and that they cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted through email or the service.

Ease of Use Features

There are a number of features that make this cloud storage service worthwhile and whilst we understand it’s not the most comprehensive plan, we still believe their basic features will cover most people’s needs.

Here are some of the highlighted features:

Multiple Device Sync

Easily synchronize your files across your computers and devices by simply selecting the files and folders you wish to sync and choosing where you would like to sync them. MyPCBackup works quietly in the background, uploading your files to the cloud-ready to be synced to other devices.

Mobile Access

Perfect for home users who like to be able to access their documents on the go and teams who work remotely. Mobile access enables you to browse, backup and sync from your mobile.

File Share

You will be able to share files and folders quickly and easily with MyPCBackup. Just invite them through Facebook or Twitter or email over a link that will take them straight to the document. File sharing is an essential part of business and this cloud storage service allows the sharing of large files between users.

File Protection 

MyPCBackup backs up your data onto a secure Google powered cloud. Data is encrypted and files are kept safe throughout all stages of transfer.

File Versioning

The ability to be able to revisit and revise old documents is priceless. With file versioning, you can do just that.

Pricing Pricing

There are three main packages available for home users and businesses. You can adapt them to your needs by adding bolt-on features to your package, which incur an additional cost, meaning you are in control of your budget.

For home users, the Home/Pro Plan offers 75 GB and starts at just $11.03 p/mo for a 24-month subscription. If you take a 12 x month subscription it will cost you around $11.88 p/mo and a 6 x month subscription will cost $13.69 p/mo. If you decide to go for the monthly subscription this will bump the price up to $15.50 p/mo.

The next plan up is the Premium Plan which gives you 250 GB of data storage. The price of this per month is $11.88 for a 24-month subscription, $13.69 p/mo for a 12-month subscription, $15.50 p/mo for a 6-month subscription and $17.31 p/mo for a monthly subscription.

The top tier plan is the Ultimate Plan which offers 1 TB of data storage. This will cost $15.50 p/mo for a x 24 month subscription, $17.31 for a 12 x month subscription, $19.13 p/mo for a x 6 month subscription and $20.94 p/mo for a monthly subscription.

Support Support

The support offered at MyPCBackup is pretty decent, with lots of different avenues to explore to get your issues sorted and your questions answered. You can send the Support, Technical or Billing team an email if your query isn’t urgent or, alternatively you can try to find the answers yourself on the Knowledge Base page

This section is full to the brim of useful advice and answers to commonly asked questions and a helpful feature is being able to search this section so you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of text. If you still can’t find the solution that you are looking for then you can contact the support team on the online chat facility which only requires you to initially enter your name, email address, subject, and department so you can be referred to the right person. Response times are pretty fast on the website and problems are usually resolved in the first instance.

Bottom Line

MyPCBackup provides a decent range of features for home users and business owners looking for a basic yet solid cloud storage solution. Not only can you sync files, access files and share from any device but you can also do this easily, as the interface is so simple to use. Sharing files is an easy process too; just select the file and send the link to the recipient.

This is an important aspect of teamwork, making the business plans great for remote working, accessing files on the go from mobile devices and sharing and amending documents. Your documents and files are kept safe and secure with this service so you won’t have to worry about them sitting on MyPCBackup servers.

The price is fair for both the home and business plans with the 24-month subscriptions offering the best value for money. If you’re unsure which plan to go for you can try the monthly subscription trial and then upgrade if you’re happy after a month. This could offer you the chance to gauge just how much storage space you require too.

Lastly, the support from this service is great. There are multiple ways to get in touch with the company and response times are generally good.

All in all, a good service for home users and small businesses.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Overall, MyPCBackup offers you a solid service with reliable speeds and a suite of strong security features. Its simple design and ease of use lets it shine by putting emphasis on the tools you need to have a great cloud backup. If you are looking for a more powerful set of functionality, MyPCBackup’s great paid tiers give you the control you need to keep your files secure. MyPCBackup is a robust cloud backup solution for both home and small business users.