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pCloud Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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In three short years, pCloud has managed to take the cloud storage industry by storm thanks to a strong blend of functionality and security features. With 3 million customers already on board, pCloud’s excellent service is hard to deny.
  • Military-grade security for your data
  • Store videos, images, audio clips, and other files
  • Access your files from anywhere with mobile apps
  • Easily share files and folders with collaborators
  • Up to 20 GB of free storage
  • No live collaboration capability
  • Upload speed can be less than optimal
  • No phone or live chat support
pCloud is an excellent solution for users who are seeking a simple cloud storage backup service with robust security features.
Sandra Trentino, author
Multiple Devices Access on all devices
Real Time Protection Share and collaborate
Integrations Unbreakable security
Countries Available File versioning
Mobile Protection File sharing
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$3.99 /mo
  • $47.88 per year
  • 500GB Storage
  • 500GB Download link traffic
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$7.99 /mo
  • $95.88 per year
  • 2TB Storage
  • 2TB Download link traffic
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The company offers one of the most attractive free options of any online backup provider, including up to 20GB of space and a free trial of their pCloud Crypto service, which adds client-side encryption to all of your stored data.

With an intuitive design and accessibility from anywhere in the world, pCloud offers an easy-to-use and efficient way to take the files you need and want wherever you go. pCloud is also committed to ensuring you don’t lose your data. The company’s separate server sites add extra layers of protection for your information. On the whole, pCloud is an excellent service for home and business users looking for a secure and straightforward cloud backup solution.

Accessibility Accessibility

One of pCloud’s greatest strengths is how easy It is to access and manage your files from anywhere. When you sign up for your account, you will be prompted to download pCloud Drive, which will manage all of your files directly on your desktop without requiring an extra interface. You can share any file or folder easily with your drive and live syncing means your data will always be up-to-date. If you are on the go, you can access your drive from anywhere using the company’s web-based dashboard.  The dashboard offers you the ability to access, view, and upload any files you may need. It even lets you listen to music or view video files stored with adaptive streaming. If you are constantly on the go, you can simply download pCloud for your iPhone or Android device and view your files from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone.

Security Security

If you are looking for a strong security suite to go with your online storage solution, pCloud might be your best option. The company uses robust TLS/SSL server-side encryption for all your data, meaning that no one can see your information. It also protects your information by storing it on three separate physical servers located in different locations, all of which feature high security. If you are looking for extra security on your side, you can sign up for the company’s Crypto service, which adds client-side encryption. With this feature, you can protect sensitive files from online attacks and even local threats. While the service is only available for an extra fee, it is a definite must-have if you are a security-conscious user.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Thanks to an intuitive and straightforward design, pCloud is incredibly easy to use. The company placed great emphasis on creating a system that does not require any heavy lifting.  Staying true to its design, pCloud lets users focus on protecting and managing their cloud storage instead of worrying about setup. The desktop Drive lets you drag and drop files and organize your data however you like. On the web dashboard, you can use upload links to remotely add any file you need. You may also listen directly to audio files and view video files without having to launch an external player.

The mobile versions are also well-designed for functionality, letting you navigate through a simple structure that gives you quick access to your data and lets you protect your phone’s sensitive information. Overall, pCloud’s storage solution shines through thanks to its ease of use.

Personal Use Benefits Personal Use Benefits

If you are considering a cloud storage solution for your home, pCloud is a great alternative. One of the biggest benefits is the amount of free online storage space you receive after you sign up. When you register for a pCloud account, you instantly receive 5GB of space which can be expanded to a full 20GB by referring your family and friends to the service.

The web and mobile versions enable you stream your saved music and video files with gapless playback thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that guarantees your files will always play at the highest possible quality. Furthermore, if you sign up for pCloud’s Crypto service, you can create private folders on your computer that will be invisible and inaccessible to other users. Finally, sharing files is also an incredibly simple process. Invite anyone you want to view your folder or send them download links to access a particular file.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

For business users, pCloud’s suite offers excellent added value for a small cost. All of the service’s cloud solutions for business come standard with 1TB of storage space as well as pCloud Crypto to protect your company’s communications and important documents. While pCloud does not allow for live collaboration on documents, it does enable users to share documents directly via their cloud storage folders, meaning that sharing your sensitive data is very secure. Using the service, you can also create teams with different access permissions in order to simplify sharing and collaboration. You can always add more space as you need it, making it an extremely flexible solution.

Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Can Small & Large Businesses Use This?

pCloud is ideal for both small and large businesses. Considering service plans begin with 1TB of storage space, the company’s basic business plan is perfect for small business users. Moreover, military-grade security for all data means that pCloud is a robust solution for a range of companies from small businesses to large enterprises looking for a more secure and cost-effective approach to storage.

Key Factors Key Factors

Pricing: For home users, pCloud offers three different tiers of service. With their free service, you can receive up to 20GB of storage and 50GB of download link traffic. Their Premium service increases your storage to 500GB and gives you 500GB of download link storage for $3.99 a month ($47.88 per year). If you choose pCloud’s Premium Plus service, you’ll receive 2TB of storage space and 2TB of download link traffic for $7.99 a month ($95.88 per year). If you are interested in pCloud for business, their sales team will assist you with pricing.

Upload and Download Speed: Because they don’t cap their data transfer speed, downloading files is lightning fast with pCloud. While speeds are dependent on your geographical location and your internet service provider, pCloud will download files at the fastest speed available. While they did show some lag when it came to upload speeds, their service still performed favorably compared with peers operating in the industry.

File Sharing: One of the benefits of using pCloud is the ease with which you can share files. The cloud storage service lets you share files and folders in two different ways. The first is by sharing a full folder with someone, which will give them access to edit files within the folder. The second is by sending individual download links that let others download the file and edit offline. While pCloud could improve their live-collaboration functionality, it still provides excellent sharing features for both home and business users.

Device Syncing: Thanks to its cross platform functionality, you can sync all of your files from any of your devices and access them from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Support: One area where pCloud could improve is their support options. You can reach the company’s support team via e-mail 24/7, but depending on congestion, your response might take up to 24 hours. When they do respond, agents are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. You can also access the company’s well-rounded FAQs and knowledgebase.

Bottom Line Conclusion

pCloud is an advanced and affordable online storage solution for both home and business users. If you are looking for a cloud storage service that puts a strong emphasis on protecting your data and identity, pCloud is an ideal solution for your needs.