You'll Get in Trouble if You Lose Your Family Vacation Pictures

article by Deeann B. author
Just a few short years ago, a person needed to lug around a camera in order to capture special moments with friends and family. That all changed as smartphone technology advanced. Now users can take high quality photos and videos with easy and capture special moments at will.

While smartphones make it easy to be an amateur photographer, they also come with risks. Photos can easily be lost or damaged depending on certain conditions, causing moments to be lost forever.

If users opt to upload their photos to the cloud, they will avoid many of the pitfalls associated with storing photos on smartphones.

Unlimited Storage

Most phones have a limited amount of storage space. While available storage can be increase like with mini SD cards, smartphone users will have to pay for the extra cost. In addition, even with expanded storage, space still becomes an issue after a while.

While an average picture file doesn’t take up a lot of space, other forms of media such as home movies can really eat away at storage. Then factor any downloaded apps or games and users are scrambling to find space. Nothing is more inconvenient than trying to take a picture of a special moment only to be greeted by a message that more space is needed before a picture can be taken.

With cloud storage, users don’t have this concern. The best cloud service providers offer servers with a virtually unlimited storage capacity. Subscribers are only limited by the amount of storage granted in their plan. If one needs more, they can either purchase more storage or upgrade their subscription.

Easy to Share

One major advantage to sharing photos to the cloud rather than saving them on a smartphone is that it is easy to share them with friends and family. Normally, if someone wants to share their photos, they either have to email them or try and either transfer data from their data card or try and hook the phone up externally to a computer.

These options are not always convenient. However, once photos are uploaded to the cloud, all someone has to do is make the photo sharable and then anyone with permissions can login and access the photos.

No Worries about Device Failures or Damage

 A top concern among smartphone users is device damage or breakage. Smartphones are delicate devices and most users have damaged or broken their device at one time or another.

Depending on the damage, a user may be able to have the data retrieved from the phone. However, if the phone’s board goes bad or the external storage card is faulty, then all of the data is lost forever.

When data is uploaded to the cloud, users don’t have to worry about losing their precious moments to failures or damage. Once the phone is replaced, photos and data are still available just like the phone wasn’t dropped out of a two-story window.

Don't Lose Your Family Vacation Pictures

A Small Price to Pay to Preserve Memories

For those that regularly use their smartphone to take pictures or videos, an investment in cloud storage is a wise one. For just a few dollars each month, all photos and data can be uploaded and accessed whenever needed. In addition, one can access their data from a PC, laptop or other mobile device. All someone needs is an internet connection to access their photos from the cloud. Before signing up for a service, conduct some research for cloud storage reviews to discover which provider offers the best features for the best value.

Smartphones allow users to capture life’s precious moments, so why not protect those moments with cloud storage.