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article by Foster I. author March 23, 2017
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ZipCloud’s pricing is also very user-friendly, providing you with ample cloud storage space for a low monthly subscription. The business plans are highly competitive, and overall, ZipCloud is a great product for users who are looking for a tailor-made cloud backup solution.
  • Set the frequency and size of your backups
  • Great pricing plans makes finding the right solution for you a breeze
  • Select the bandwidth your backups use and keep your internet bills down
  • Highly customizable backup options
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple computers might require a business account
  • Incremental backups can be heavy on your bandwidth
  • Free version has a 15MB standard limit on file sizes for backup
ZipCloud is a highly-customizable and user-friendly cloud backup service that comes with a low price tag.
Foster I., author
Countries Available Access Files Anywhere
Support 24/7 Support
Easy to Use
File Sharing Automated Backups
Security Secure Online Backup
$10.69 /mo
  • 75GB Storage
  • $9.44 a month (billed $56.64 for 6 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $98.28 for 12 months)
  • $7.61 a month (billed $182.64 for 2 years)
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$11.94 /mo
  • 250GB Storage
  • $10.69 a month (billed $64.14 for 6 months)
  • $9.44 a month (billed $113.28 for 12 months)
  • $8.19 a month (billed $196.56 for 2 years)
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$14.44 /mo
  • 1TB Storage
  • $13.19 a month (billed $79.16 for 6 months)
  • $11.94 a month (billed $143.28 for 12 months)
  • $10.69 a month (billed $256.56 for 2 years)
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Accessibility Accessibility

ZipCloud is easy to use from anywhere in the world. The cloud backup service offers you a desktop application that works with your file explorer and lets you select which folders and documents to synchronize. Its easy user interface makes it a simple process to handle all of your needs, including personalizing your online backup options, including how often, when, and what size your backups should be. It also features native applications on both the iOS and Android platforms, meaning you can easily access your files from a mobile device.

The web dashboard allows you to retrieve any file in your backups regardless of where you are with a simple, intuitive design. ZipCloud’s servers are based in the US and the UK, meaning that if you are using the cloud backup solution from the US or Europe, you should have great backup speed and efficient services.

Security Security

In order to protect your files and documents, ZipCloud uses bank-level security protocols and keeps your data on Google Cloud Servers which feature multiple layers of industry-leading security, as well as redundancies designed to protect your data from loss. It also saves your home IP address and information to protect your data from being accessed by anyone but you.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

ZipCloud’s desktop application only takes a few moments to master. Its simple design and easy-to-use features ensure that you can always find exactly what you need in the program. The user interface is intuitive and streamlined, and integration with the file explorer allows you to directly backup your files without having to open the application. Its web and mobile applications were also excellently designed with great features that make synchronizing, organizing, and recovering your data refreshingly easy.

Personal Use Benefits Personal Use Benefits

ZipCloud’s ability to adapt itself to your backup needs makes it a great service for home users. ZipCloud lets you even change the speed at which to carry out backups in order to guarantee that you can use your computer even when backups are happening. Its security features and the ability to share with others make this a great solution if you are looking to collaborate with friends and family or simply share memories.

If you use ZipCloud on your phone it can act as a backup for your photos and videos, letting you use the space available to create more memories. The mobile version of ZipCloud also lets you create memos, voice notes, and live-update documents from your device. ZipCloud offers the ability to back up larger files as well. The free account’s upload limit is 15MB per file, while the paid plans let you upload and back up files up to 5GB large.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

ZipCloud provides a great array of features and functionality for its business plan users. For one, plans start at a great 100GB storage size with 5 computer licenses—an ideal plan for a small business getting off the ground. If you are looking for more storage space, the more advanced plan starts at 500GB of cloud storage. However, the best part is that you can decide exactly how much space and licenses you need, guaranteeing that you will have the right amount of online storage for all your files. ZipCloud also offers strong business features such as email backups along with collaboration and sharing options, making working with your teammates and employees more efficient.

Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Can Small & Large Businesses Use This?

ZipCloud’s business services are great for entrepreneurs who are getting started and looking for great and affordable cloud storage solutions. Its larger storage plans are useful to larger companies and those with heavier data needs, but are better suited for companies looking to build a lean business model.

Key Factors Key Factors

Pricing: ZipCloud has three great low priced paid subscription tiers for users—Home, Premium, and Ultimate. The Home plan offers 75GB for $6.19 a month, the Premium plan gives you 250GB of storage for $7.44 a month, while the Premium gives you a massive 1TB cloud storage space for a great rate of $9.94 per month

Upload and Download Speed: ZipCloud’s standard transfer speed is great, matching industry leading benchmarks. It also lets you decide which speed to use in order to save you bandwidth and allow you to use your computer while backups are made.

File Sharing: With ZipCloud, you can share files and invite others to view your media via email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also create customized private links and share them with people manually.

Device Syncing: ZipCloud is available on all mobile platforms including iOS and Android, meaning you can sync any of your devices to your account and view all your files.

Support: ZipCloud has support via email or phone, and is available 24/7. Service representatives are quick about responding to tickets and are always ready to help. The site also features a handy FAQ to help guide you through some commonly encountered issues.

Bottom Line Conclusion

ZipCloud is a great cloud backup service if you are looking to conveniently tailor updates to your needs. Its great suite of features and applications means it straightforward to utilize while its intuitive design will let you start protecting your files almost instantly. If the free account is not enough for you, its excellent paid options are inexpensive and filled with great tools to make your life easier. ZipCloud can serve as a great investment for home and small businesses purposes.