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DNA Testing - Rediscover Yourself and Your Roots

Who hasn’t spent time pondering who they are, and where they come from? Whether it’s understanding your ethnic and national origins, searching for a long lost relative, or becoming aware of a heightened risk of disease, DNA holds secrets for all of us.

Today, home DNA tests make it possible for anyone to unlock the secrets of their past quickly, easily, and most importantly – affordably.

But because this cutting edge technology is still relatively new, many people have questions they want answered before taking the DNA plunge.

What Can You Learn from DNA Testing?

DNA testing allows you to learn about the genetic code present in your DNA. Once known, your genes provide a wealth of information about you. They can be compared against the types of genes known to be present in specific ethnic or national populations, giving you insight into your origins. And when compared against other people, genes allow you to find close or distant relatives.

There are also medical uses as well. Different ethnic groups are at heightened risk of passing on certain genetic diseases to their children. A DNA test can detect the risk of passing these diseases on, allowing couples to make an informed decision before conceiving. They can also give you a better understanding of what your kids might look like, as they detect recessive physical traits in you or your partner that might not be visible to the eye.

Why Read Our Reviews?

There are now quite a few home DNA testing services available, and it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Different labs perform different tests depending on what you are interested in learning about your genome. To help you cut through the lingo and get answers to your specific questions, we provide a plain language explanation of what every type of DNA test will tell you.

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to using the results of your test to find familial connections. We provide a breakdown of each site’s functionality for tracking the path your ancestors took around the globe, building your family tree, and finding living family members.

Want More Info?

We know you want to spend your time learning exciting things about your past – not browsing through a catalogue of websites trying to figure out which test is the right fit. Our mission is to give you the most accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-use information about DNA testing companies. To do that, our site provides information about the ease of use, privacy, limitations, price, and customer support of all the most popular DNA testing services out there. Bottom line, we’ve gone through all of the sites available so you can understand what each one offers and make the best decision for your needs.


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