5 Shocking Reasons You Need to Get a Home DNA Test Right Now

article by Hector A. author
People all over the world are now using home DNA tests for a variety of different reasons. This isn’t surprising. Tracing lineage has always been an intriguing way to give insight into who we are and where we come from.

But that alone doesn’t explain the explosion of the test’s popularity in recent years. Today, stories about how a DNA heritage test either confirmed existing family lore – or contradicted it – are common. Or if you’ve ever given any thought to getting a DNA paternity test, now is definitely the time to act. Here are just five of the reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to finally take the plunge and get one done today:

Advances in Technology

If the mere words ‘DNA Test’ fills you with visions of labs, blood, and days of being poked and prodded by a mad scientist, you can relax. Today’s modern DNA test kit is quite painless – just a small kit that will be sent to your mailbox.

Once you get it, there are no needles or other devices of torture to worry about. All you need to do is take a Q-tip, swab a bit of saliva out of your cheek, and then send it away. That’s it.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Due to the wide range of information that a modern genealogy DNA test provides, many people assume it must cost a small fortune. But with the advances in technology over the last decade, these tests have basically become routine. Today, they cost somewhere in the $100-$200 range – a very affordable price point that is easily worth the value of the information you will receive.

Today’s Tests Rely on DNA – Not Records

The problem with antiquated methods of researching ancestry and genealogy is the word “research”. That’s because scouring records from around the world is not 100% reliable.

In contrast, a modern ancestry DNA test is based on hard science that traces an immutable part of your genes through the generations. This eliminates the possibility for human error in the process that made the old way of finding out more about your heritage less accurate.

To Confirm Paternity & Familial Relations

Many families have rumors swirling about children who were adopted or conceived outside of marriage. While there is nothing wrong with these types of family relationships, sometimes the uncertainty surrounding parentage can result in rumors and speculation that can be painful for everyone involved. A home DNA test kit can eliminate all of the doubt about paternal lineage, putting speculation to rest and giving everyone peace of mind.

It’s Just Really Cool

Finally, the ease, accuracy, and information offered by a modern home DNA test makes it awesome on all levels. It’s never been easier to gain such meaningful and valuable information about who you are and where you come from. Why would you wait any longer to learn about your heritage when there is such an affordable and effortless way to do so?


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