The Best Dog DNA Tests: Discover The Heritage And Breed Of Your Dog

article by Maria Perinic
October 15, 2019
Dogs are more than man’s best friend. They are family. Bringing joy and happiness to everyone around them seems to be in their DNA. But what other secrets lie in their genes?

Understanding your pooch is now much easier than it ever has been. With a simple DNA test, you can find out everything you need to know: from their ancestry line to risks of hereditary diseases and even if they come from doggy royalty.

Why Test Your Dog’s DNA?

If you are unsure about the breed of your four-legged friend, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to find out about the history of the breed as well as discovering whether your pooch is a mix or a purebred.

You might also find a few other surprises going back generations. Who knows, you could have a dog with wolf or coyote genes running through its blood.

In some cases, you can even determine your dog’s pedigree.

What Will You Find Out?

There are many practical reasons to DNA test your dog. In most cases you will be able to find out:

  • Breed (purebred, mutt, designer dog)
  • Size prediction
  • Their genetic behavior
  • Health issues
  • Genetic traits

Health issues can be a huge problem when it comes to some dog breeds, so this is a great opportunity to find out more about their genetic health issues such as:

  • Genetic markers associated with diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Hemophilia
  • Eye-related problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Metabolic issues
  • Immune deficiencies
BrandsPricingDatabase SizeResults Time 
Wisdom Panel
$149.99250 Breeds2 WeeksGet Now
Embark$199.99160 Breeds4 WeeksGet Now
Orivet Dog DNA Test$109.95150 Breeds2 weeksGet Now
DNA My Dog$68.9985 Breeds2 WeeksGet Now
Find My Pet DNA$69.9580 Breeds2 WeeksGet Now

What Makes a Dog DNA Test Great?

When taking a dog DNA test, you should consider a couple of things, as not all DNA tests are created equal. There are not as many options out there as there are for humans, so you should consider which will give you the answers you’re looking for.

  • Number of Breeds in the Database

There are just under 200 dog breeds in the American Kennel Club register, but a lot of dog DNA testing companies do not cover them all. Some have as few as 80. Make sure to check out the list of breeds they have and if it’s short, keep looking.

*Your dog’s DNA will get compared to whichever breeds are found in their database.

  • Genetic Health Risks

Some dog DNA testing kits look at around 150 health risks connected to certain dog breeds. Others do not consider any. It is vital for your dog DNA testing kit to give you detailed information about the health risks associated with your pooch so you can discuss them with the vet.

  • Physical Traits Report

There are dog DNA testing kits out there that do not take into consideration your dog’s DNA, but rather give you a detailed report on their breed. What you need is a profile built exclusively for your dog’s DNA. The tests that offer this service are usually more expensive, but definitely worth the cost.

Top DNA Tests for Your Dog

Now that you know what to look out for when selecting a DNA test for your four-legged friend, let’s take a look at the best tests out there at the moment.

#1. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel logo 210x100

Testing over 250 breeds, you can see why Wisdom Panel is one of the best in the business when it comes to dog DNA testing. The test is incredibly simple to complete and the results are reliable and accurate.

Breed Database Size: 250+ Breeds
Genetic Markers: 1800+
Genetic Disease Testing: No
Physical Traits: Yes
Family Tree: 3rd Generation
Free Updates: No
MDR1 Drug Sensitivity Test: Yes
Results: 2 Weeks


  • Wisdom Panel Health (Breed & Disease Detection): $149.99
  • Wisdom Panel 4.0 Canine Breed Detection: $99.44

Explore Your Dog’s Breed and Heritage Now, With Wisdom Panel

#2. Embark

There is a reason that Embark is one of the best dog DNA testing kits available right now. They offer genetic mutation testing for more than 160 canine health conditions. Additionally, you get a free replacement swab is your original swab gets damaged in the process. As far as customer service goes, there’s live chat or email available to you.

Breed Database Size: 160 Breeds
Genetic Markers: 200, 000+
Genetic Disease Testing: 160 Diseases
Physical Traits: Yes
Family Tree: 3rd Generation
Free Updates: Yes
MDR1 Drug Sensitivity Test: Yes
Results: 4 Weeks

Price: $199.99

Discover All The DNA Secrets Of Your Pooch Now, With Embark

#3. Orivet Dog DNA Test

Orivet 210x100Ever wondered why it is so hard to understand your pooch’s personality? Orivet will help you out there. With a simple cheek swab, you will be able to determine your pet’s ancestry with percentage levels of each breed. Additionally, you will receive nutritional suggestions for your dog as well as breed-specific games.

Breed Database Size: 150
Genetic Markers: hundreds
Genetic Disease Testing: Yes
Physical Traits: Yes
Family Tree: Unknown
Free Updates: Unknown
MDR1 Drug Sensitivity Test: Unknown
Results: 2 Weeks

Price: $109.95

Get To Truly Know Your Best Friend, With Orivet Dog DNA Test

#4. DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog 210x100This easy to use DNA testing kit will let you know important factors concerning your dog including possible health problems, personality traits all within two to three weeks. You will also get a certification with your dog’s breed identification.

Breed Database Size: 85
Genetic Markers: Unknown
Genetic Disease Testing: No
Physical Traits: Yes
Family Tree: 3rd Generation
Free Updates: No
MDR1 Drug Sensitivity Test: No
Results: 2 Weeks

Price: $68.99

Revel Your Dog’s DNA Information Now, With DNA My Dog

#5. Find My Pet DNA

FindMyPetDNA 210x100This is one of the fastest services around, with some receiving their results just four days after sending their dog’s DNA samples to get tested (The officially stated time is up to 2 weeks). Find My Pet DNA analysis is specially designed for dogs DNA. It features a wide database of dog breeds DNA samples.  Although their services are widespread, the customer service levels could be improved as could their website.

Breed Database Size: 80+
Genetic Markers: Unknown
Genetic Disease Testing: Yes
Physical Traits: Yes
Family Tree: Unknown
Free Updates: Unknown
MDR1 Drug Sensitivity Test: Unknown
Results: 2 Weeks

Price: $69.95

Your Dog’s DNA Is Unique, Find It Now, With Find My Pet DNA

Should I Test My Dog?

Why not? There is a heap of information to be found out when it comes to testing your dog’s DNA. From their breed to health conditions, there are only positives to be taken away from this process.

Your four-legged friend no longer needs to be a mystery, so why wait? Find out their story today!

Testing the DNA of your dog? Get the best DNA testing kit for yourself also.