Celebrities That Received Shocking DNA Test Results

article by Hector A. author
Lots of people grow up hearing stories about how they are related to someone famous. But how can you really know that someone from your family is actually a celebrity? It used to be impossible. However, with the proliferation of DNA ancestry tests, that is no longer the case today.  

If you think you are going to go through some complicated procedure to find out if you are actually related to your favorite celeb, think again. Services as simple as the We’re Related app allow you to cross-reference your own genes against a database of known celebrity ancestors. So, if you’ve ever wondered if you just might be related to Brad Pitt, there’s no reason to wait to find out. You never know what your genes are going to reveal about you, something these celebrities that received their own shocking DNA test results know all too well:

Oprah Is Part Native American

Oprah Is Part Native American

When Oprah used a DNA test kit in conjunction with the 2006 PBS series “African American Lives”, she wasn’t surprised to learn the majority of her lineage could be traced back to the modern day African nations of Liberia and Guinea. However, there was one major surprise – 8% of her ancestry is actually Native American.


Mario Lopez a Brit?

Mario Lopez a BritIt was easy to see how the former teen sensation turned celebrity news host had large amounts of Native American and Spanish DNA in his blood. More surprising was the discovery that he also has significant British ancestry as well. While Lopez is on the record as saying he is a “child of immigrants” he was still surprised to learn that includes people from the British Isles.


Eva Longoria Is Mostly European

Eva Longoria Is Mostly EuropeanOne of the most well-known Latina celebrities in the world, Eva Longoria is known for championing her Mexican and Native American heritages. That’s why she was completely shocked to learn that the majority of her DNA is actually European – 70% of it to be exact. Only 27% of her ancestry is of Asian/Indigenous origin, but that comes with one really cool caveat – she is actually distantly related to famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.


Tyra Banks’ British Past

Tyra Banks’ British PastAnother non-Caucasian celebrity whose DNA test kit produced unexpected results is Tyra Banks. Although it was no surprise that 85% of her ancestry is African or Native American, she is also 14% British as well.



Snooki’s Romani Ancestry

Snooki’s Romani AncestryThe reality TV star is aware of her adoption from Chilean parents at an early age, and has always held a strong affinity towards that part of her identity. However, the results of her DNA test were much less straightforward. Snooki comes from a very diverse genetic background, including traces of Middle Eastern Jewish and Asian ancestry. But perhaps the most shocking of all is her large Romani – commonly known as “Gypsy” – heritage.


Larry David Not Jewish?

Larry David Not JewishThe creator of the wildly popular “Seinfeld” television show is both Jewish and Caucasian, which led him to assume he was of a majority Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. That would explain why he was shocked when his DNA heritage test showed him to be only 55% European and 32% Native American. While this is still technically a “majority” it was much less than he had expected. It just goes to show you how valuable DNA testing is to correcting our misconceptions about who we really are.

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Stephanie R. says:

Can we stop hearing about Snooki already? K thanks.

Erik Q. says:

Loved Mario since Saved By The Bell in the 80’s! Crazy that he’s part British. I’ll forgive him, though 😉

Thomas E. says:

Anyone else scared to know their own results after reading these? LoL

Mark T. says:

I remember when Oprah traveled to Africa. So amazing that we can explore our past now!

Dana says:

I know someone who was adopted and actually reconnected with biological family because of these DNA services. Hard to see why finding out you’re a little British is with the money, but sometimes these help people figure out who they are in a bigger way.

Pete says:

Personally, I’m skeptical of any services that needs to use Snooki as a selling point.

Beth says:

How do I know which company is the most trustworthy?

Maggie Elizabeth says:

I can’t help but notice the disclaimer at the end. It makes me hesitant about using these services. Is it likely that my data will be stolen if I do?

Marie x0 says:


Philip Hyman says:

Hi. I have always wanted to check my DNA as my grandparents lost touch with a large part of my family. It would be fascinating to see where my ancestral routes lie. I’m never able to tell which kits and websites are a scam though. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction?

Abey says:

So cool that Oprah is part native American! One of us!!! I wonder which tribe?!

Ben says:

So Larry David is not Jewish. Big deal. I’m a Catholic but about 80% Native American. Not sure how DNA is supposed to figure into one’s religion.

murberberb says:

You do realize being Jewish is also an ethnicity and not just a religion, right? It’s saying he doesn’t have any Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry. I had an unknown great-great-grandfather who was Jewish, my father, grandfather, and I have Ashkenazi ancestry.

Michelle says:

Oprah is part American Indian? Didn’t really see that coming, but then again, that’s not exactly all that surprising considering how the English and later Americans treated the Indians. I wonder if she tries to connect with any of her Indian heritage.

Greg says:

So how exactly is this supposed to work? How can you tell if my ancestors were from Germany, Ireland or the middle of nowhere Kansas? Does the DNA wear a kilt or something? I mean seriously, what’s the science behind it?

Courtney says:

I’m not exactly sure how that Tyra or Snooki’s ancestry is exactly a shock. You can tell their background in their looks and their general personality. Then again, not sure exactly what any of this really does for them other than giving them something they can use to market themselves.