Black Friday & Cyber Monday DNA Test Promotions, Discounts & Coupons For 2020

article by Nicky Hoseck
December 29, 2019
The pre-Christmas shopping frenzy is about to begin and it’s time to start looking around for the best deals. Black Friday marks the beginning of the festive spending spree and bargain hunting is the name of the game. Whether you’re on the market for a new Xbox, the latest Harry Potter Lego, or a home DNA test, now is the time to find the best bargains and the biggest discounts.

A DNA test kit may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect Christmas present, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the hottest gift ideas going. True, the results may come as a surprise for some, but they can also give people the motivation they need to embrace a healthier lifestyle that will work positively for them on a genetic level.

Here, we’re going to explore the best Black Friday DNA test deals and the Cyber Monday promotions that give you the best value for money.

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ancestry DNA Test Deals

#1 MyHeritage DNA – $49 DNA Tests and Free Shipping Offer

MyHeritage DNA is offering a last-minute holiday deal: a home DNA test kit for just $49 rather than the standard $79. To make the deal even more attractive, the company’s throwing in free shipping to customers ordering two or more tests. That means you can get tests for all your family members and have a unique and intimate experience exploring your DNA together.

MyHeritage DNA home test kits give you the chance to discover your past by exploring your ethnic origins and empower your future by gaining valuable insights into how your genetics affect your health. What’s nice about MyHeritage DNA is that it uses a cheek swab test which is easier and more hygienic than spitting into a vial.

Established in 2003, MyHeritage has over 10 billion historical records stored in its database, making it one of the largest home DNA testing companies around. Having such a wealth of data makes finding long-lost relatives easier while also providing more accurate results. MyHeritage also has a range of apps available so you can get your results sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

With a 14-day free trial available on top of its impressive Black Friday DNA test deals, MyHeritage DNA gives users an easy introduction to home DNA testing and the ability to build a family tree online or upload a pre-existing one. As with any genetic testing, users should be ready for a surprise or two, and even some life-changing results. For all the pros and cons of MyHeritage DNA testing, check out our full review.

#2 23andMe – 50% Discount

In previous years, 23andMe has played its cards close to its chest in the run-up to Black Friday, but this year, it’s decided on a slightly different approach. Its all-singing, all-dancing Black Friday deal gives consumers the chance to get a home DNA test for half the usual price. 23andMe’s offer of 50% off is going to be available only until 2nd December, so time is of the essence.

Like MyHeritage DNA, 23andMe offers both ancestry and health DNA testing, but they’ve structured their reports slightly differently. Rather than opting for either an ancestry test or health report, 23andMe users can choose from the following three options:

Ancestry + Traits

Get over 50 reports on your ancestral composition, plus an automatic family tree builder, DNA relative finder, and 30 or so traits reports detailing your genetic predisposition towards everything from salty foods to how often you’re likely to be bitten by a mosquito.

Health + Ancestry

In addition to getting insights into your ancestry and ethnic make-up, users receive detailed reports on how their genetics influence sleep patterns, weight gain, and lactose intolerance, among other things. Health predisposition reports are invaluable when it comes to being aware of your genetic susceptibility to common illnesses like Celeriac disease, Parkinson’s, and late-onset Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, carrier status reports give you details of what genetic variants could affect your children’s health.

VIP Health + Ancestry

This option gives you the same information as the Health + Ancestry package but with the additional benefits of priority lab processing, a year’s worth of premium customer support, and a one-on-one consultation with a trained expert who’ll explain the details of your ancestry report.

With its FDA authorization, 23andMe is a reputable home DNA testing company with a database as huge as MyHeritage DNA. According to a cardiologist from Stanford University, Euan Ashley, 23andME have “become the largest genetic study the world has ever known”. Check out the special offers of 23andMe.

For more information, check out our comprehensive review.

#3 Futura Genetics – 40% Off Using Code BlackFriday19

Futura Genetics offers just one home DNA test but it’s a comprehensive one that will tell you pretty much everything you wanted or needed to know about your chances of developing any one of the world’s 28 most common health conditions. Using the latest technology and non-toxic sample collection tools, Futura Genetics promises highly accurate results in just four weeks.

Using arrayed primer extension (APEX) technology, Futura Genetics simplifies the detection of genetic variants and works effectively with genetic markers that have already been associated with specific conditions. Futura Genetics checks for diabetes, several different cancers, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and migraines, among others.

Where your DNA indicates you’re at high risk of developing a specific condition, the Futura Genetics report will advise how to reduce that risk. If, for example, your report shows a high probability of coronary heart disease, it will be accompanied by a series of icons suggesting that, by not smoking and maintaining a healthy diet and weight, you’ll minimize the risks.

The Futura Genetics report doesn’t come cheap, however, and most of the year, its price tag is a rather daunting $375, although that does entitle you to free shipping at least. Futura Genetics’ Black Friday deal of 40% off means you’ll save a whopping $150, bringing the Futura Genetics test slightly more in line with the competition.

It’s still expensive, but its high level of accuracy, simple reports, and recommendations on how to control the risk make Futura Genetics perfect for those who are losing sleep over the possibility of developing a hereditary healthy condition and are looking for some peace of mind.

You’ve only got a small window of opportunity, however, as Futura Genetics’ BlackFriday19 code is only available between 29th November and 2nd December so you’d be well advised to head over there as soon as possible to capitalize on this Black Friday DNA test deal.

To help you decide, check out our review here.

#4 – $40 Off AncestryDNA has achieved some impressive sales figures over previous Black Fridays and promises similarly tempting offers again this year. Starting out as a publishing company specializing in genealogy reference books and family history magazines in 1983, has grown considerably over the past 30 years or so and now has a database of over 15 million people’s DNA.

Over the past couple of years, has made record sales over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, giving customers 50% off all subscriptions. This year, it’s taken a slightly different approach and is promoting its AncestryDNA report with a $40 discount, meaning you pay just $59 instead of the usual $99. Sadly, those wanting to find out what health conditions they’re more genetically susceptible to will still have to shell out the full $149.

AncestryDNA is a simple test that produces in-depth results, giving users insights into their ethnicity, and regionally-specific information about where their ancestors lived as well as what historical events influenced their movements. Although AncestryDNA won’t tell you much about your genetic health, its reports do now include personality traits, including how likely you are to develop wisdom teeth and what earlobe type you have.

If you’re not too concerned about getting the best Black Friday DNA test deal and more interested in the history of your family’s health and the future health of your children, then the AncestryHealth option is more up your street.

With its huge database and multiple match options, AncestryDNA promises some of the most accurate results and is ideal for those wanting to discover more about their African, Native American, or Jewish roots.

A DNA Test Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

There’s a lot to like about the concept of giving your favorite family members a DNA test for Christmas but it can drag some unexpected skeletons out of the closet, leaving your family Christmas in tatters.

For one man, that Christmas present took away more than it gave as he discovered that the daughter he had been caring for the past 15 years wasn’t his but was a result of a long-term affair his wife had been hiding from him.

Although he managed to maintain a healthy relationship with his daughter, his marriage fell apart. In retrospect, he admitted, “I don’t have any regrets taking the DNA tests. I’m glad I found out the truth. But I tell everybody who wants to take the DNA test, ‘Be prepared for unexpected results. There could be skeletons in your closet”.”

A home DNA test is also one gift that keeps on giving… whether you want it to or not. Some companies offer regular updates that adjust the genetic analysis of your DNA sample as more information becomes available and technology becomes increasingly precise.

Timothy Caulfield, a researcher at the University of Alberta, pointed out that these updates are responsible for the gradual demise of his Irishness. “I used to be 100 percent Irish.” Caulfield says, “Now I’m 88.9 and I have a little bit of Welsh. I’m getting less Irish.”

Doctors in the UK are also concerned about the additional pressure DNA health tests could place on the NHS, especially over the notoriously busy Christmas season. According to one GP, some DNA tests have a “high degree of false-negatives and positives” which could cause some to panic about their genetic health. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, of the Royal College of GPs, supported this view, saying that not all consumer genetic tests are “sufficiently reliable and could cause undue worry or inappropriate reassurance for patients”.

While making the most of the Black Friday DNA test deals is certainly worth it financially, emotionally it could play havoc with your family Christmas plans. Before ordering a home DNA test for yourself or a friend or family member, it’s important to consider the consequences and whether Christmas is the right time to discover the unexpected truths and long-hidden secrets about your family and their past.


A home DNA test can change your life dramatically, often for the good and there’s every indication they’ll prove as popular this year as they have in year’s past. The CEO of, Margo Georgiadis that popularity is indicative of “the great passion that people have for finding answers to the very human questions of who they are and where they come from”. Certainly, with the capacity to track down long-lost relatives, you could end up with a much bigger family gathering next year if you’ve been gifted with a DNA test this Christmas.”

There are, nevertheless, issues to consider before signing up for the best Black Friday DNA test deal. Making sure the DNA testing service you’ve chosen has genetic counselors on hand to talk your family members through any difficult discoveries is key, as is knowing the details of what the specific test you’ve purchased will reveal.

It’s understandable to curious about our origins and how our genetics could influence our family’s future, but it’s also worth taking into consideration that such curiosity has been known to kill a cat or two. It’s also important to realize that, as curious as you may be about your ethnicity, your wife or daughter may not have the same level of inquisitiveness, which means the present will fall flat pretty much as soon as the wrapping paper hits the floor.