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article by Hector A. author April 30, 2017
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There aren’t too many companies that have the ability to reach back over a millennium into your family lineage. Yet that’s exactly what MyHeritage does, drawing on the information provided by a huge database of records that spans continents as well as centuries.
  • Billions of records available for search
  • Subscriptions for as low as $6.88/mo
  • Easy to use site interface
  • Can upload existing family tree
  • Information kept strictly confidential
  • Need to open an account to view site features
  • Data subscription separate
  • No Native American community records
A Premium subscription costs $6.88/mo, which is billed at $82.56 for the year. This is much lower than other competing sites.
Hector A., author
Combination of DNA Users Can Upload Previous Test Results
User Interface Available in 40 Languages for Broad DNA Matches
Ease of Use Smart Matches
Combination of DNA Founder Populations Project
Multiple Logins Emphasis on Family Participation

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Taking a home DNA test from MyHeritage could not be easier. All you need to do is send away for one of their kits, use it to take a saliva sample, and then send it back. That’s it. If you’ve heard stories about needles and blood being required, banish them from your mind. They simply aren’t true.

Once your results come back, it’s easy to start using MyHeritage to uncover your ancestry. A single master web page lets you navigate through the family tree, photos, events, and research portions of the site respectively. You’ll never have to go looking for what you want. And in addition to the sleuthing you can do on your own, MyHertiage also offers easy to use features to aid in your discoveries. One example is the “hints” functionality which cross-references your lineage with others’ to find matches you never even would have thought to look for.

A good illustration of just how easy MyHeritage actually is to use comes from their very popular family tree feature. While you might expect it to only work for linkages made on the site, that’s not the case. Instead of forcing you to redo or recreate your existing knowledge, there is actually an option to simply upload a family tree into their system if you already have one ready. No fuss, no muss.

And finally, MyHeritage is fully optimized and accessible from any mobile or tablet device, making it easy to work and interact with your family history from anywhere.

Privacy Privacy

MyHeritage gives you complete and total control over who sees your DNA results and account activity. Most importantly, the results from your own DNA test kit are strictly confidential unless you consent to them being shared. The only exception to this is if there is a legitimate legal order compelling them to be revealed.

On the website, simply go to your privacy preferences and make your results as public or private as you like. If you don’t want any information shared with any parties, you can forbid it. If you are ok sharing some information with certain other people, you can do that as well. For example, you might not want your information accessible to strangers, but can still reserve the right to share it with one if you think it will help your genealogical efforts. The choice is completely yours.


The biggest limitation is that it’s impossible to browse the site in any meaningful way without at least signing up for an account. This is not required by other leading sites, and does force you to at least give some information away before you are sure you want to use the service. That being said, it doesn’t cost anything to do so, so you don’t have to make a financial commitment to see if you like the site.

Pricing Pricing

A Premium subscription costs $6.88/mo, which is billed at $82.56 for the year. This is much lower than other competing sites. It gets you up to 2500 people in your family tree, priority support, family tree builder premium, enhanced smart matching, and access to the MyHeritage family sites and members collections.

An upgraded PremiumPlus subscription costs $10.95/mo, which is billed at $131.40. In addition to everything in the Premium subscription, there are additional features such as an online tree consistency checker and “instant discoveries” feature that lets you add entire branches and photos in one click.

Finally, you can opt for a data subscription plan which gets you access to over 7 billion historical records including birth/marriage/death certificates, census/military/immigration records, newspapers, family trees, and more. It costs $9.95/mo billed at $119.40 for a year subscription.


There is a comprehensive FAQ section that can handle many questions about the family tree builder, DNA, and research. If you can’t find an answer there, head over to the community support forums where many helpful users  collaborate on finding solutions. If you would rather speak directly to a customer service representative, there are phone options available for many countries around the world.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

With over 86 million users in 196 countries, MyHeritage is one of the most comprehensive sites available for taking a DNA heritage test to learn more about your ancestry.


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Miriam Arthur says:

Hello. I’ve been using to manually create my family tree. They’ve just released a DNA test but it’s very expensive. Is there a way i can move my information from to MyHeritage or do I have to start all over again?

Mark says:

Great review. I’ve not tried this service yet but am looking forward to signing-up. 🙂 Thanks

Alannah Summers says:

I’m looking to find out more about my Native ancestry. I know you’ve said this service doesn’t include these communities, so could you point me in the direction of one that will? Thanks!

Alice Hargreaves says:

it’s absolutely wonderful that we’re in an age where we can instantly find out about our past. I’ve managed to link up with many distant relatives all over the world thanks to services like this. I’ve never actually done a DNA test though, so excited to take this next step. Very informative article, thank you for the recommendation.

Michael L. says:

Not thrilled about giving out my info but the signup process was pretty simple. Worth IMO to get a good service.

Samantha B. says:

Single master page is a nice touch. No need to hunting for info. Use it with some other services to get a whole picture.

Larry L says:

Does MyHeritage have any research options?

David says:

The ‘hints’ feature gives you a lot of unhelpful matches, but it also found a cousin that my family knew but had lost contact with. Cool!