Signs That Your Dad Might Not Be Your Biological Father

article by Hector A. author
Anyone who has ever watched a daytime talk show knows it can be painful to confront longstanding suspicions about paternity. But these questions can creep up for many individuals in a variety of circumstances.

Below are three signs you can look for if you are suspicious of the family bonds that you’ve grown up with.

Physical & Personality Traits

Your physical features, and to some extent your personality traits, are a direct result of the DNA you’ve inherited from your parents. So it should come as no surprise that these are often the first clues people recognize in cases of paternal misidentification.

Of course, this is not a sure-fire test. Many people simply resemble their biological mother. In addition, it’s possible to inherit a pair of recessive genes for features that neither biological parent outwardly manifests. A classic example of this is a blue-eyed child being born to brown-eyed parents.

Nevertheless, if you find that you have absolutely no resemblance to the man you believe to be your biological father, it could be enough of a red flag to take more conclusive actions.

Inconsistent Timetables

Many people have been able to confirm their fears about questionable paternal lineage through inconsistent or impossible timelines regarding conception.

The most common example of this is inconsistencies between physical presence and the gestation period. For example, if you find out later in life that the man you believe to be your father was actually stationed on a military base or traveling nine months before you were born, it should raise some doubts.

A Lack of Love & Attention

Even if they aren’t consciously aware of any deception, it’s nonetheless very common for males to have a “sixth sense” about whether or not a child is actually theirs. No one is quite sure why this is the case. However, the idea is corroborated by the fact that the inverse is also true – parents and siblings will often feel an instant sense of deep connection when reunited after a lifetime of separation.

So, if you are perplexed as to why your father figure showered siblings with love and attention while treating you with indifference or even disdain, it’s a possible sign that he isn’t your biological father.

The Only Real Way to Know Is a DNA Paternity Test

Though the above signs might be justifiable reasons to question the family narratives you’ve  grown up with, remember that they are not definitive proof. For that, you will need to undergo a DNA paternity test and compare your genes to those of the man you believe(d) to be your father.

If you are ready to know the truth, services such as 23andMe can provide you with an accurate, affordable home DNA test kit that will get you the answers you deserve.

Your Dad Might Not Be Your Biological Father


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