Best Home Design Software 2018

Home Design Software
article by Rebecca S. author
Looking to redecorate part of your home or outdoor area? Don’t waste money you could be investing into your project on expensive designers. Check out some of the greatest home and landscape design software on the market in 2018, and save a bundle without losing out on style.

#1 Home Designer Interiors

Home Designer Interiors®Home Designer Interiors is rated one of the best home interior design software options of 2018 for its vast features selection, ease of use, and competitive pricing. Since it’s exclusively a home interior design software, Chief Architect’s Home Designer Interiors doesn’t have any landscaping options. Instead, it focuses all its energies and resources on delivering an outstanding interior design suite, and it succeeds with flying colors. Home Designer Interiors was created with simplicity of use in mind, so anyone can get started designing in no time (don’t worry, there are more advanced tools in the drop down menu if you prefer to get more involved). Design wizards, video tutorials, and how to guides help direct you on every aspect of room design so that you can make impressive renderings in just a short time. Some of the tools that we found impressive were:

  • Extensive home kitchen design software
  • Superior quality 3D final renderings
  • 5,000 objects in their items library
  • Sample floor plans

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#2 Home Designer Suite

HomeDesignerSuite®The Home Designer Suite has one of the most extensive features list available on the market today, earning it several awards in the home/garden design software industry. You can make some incredibly detailed floor plans with this software. Offering CAD tools, a gargantuan object library, and materials editor, this software is known to have a more professional flair to it, while still making things easy enough for the average Joe to use, as well.

  • Superior exterior home design software tools so you can plan and design your landscape
  • Highly customizable floor plans
  • Cost estimator

A, significantly cool feature of this home and landscape design software is the 360 degree rotation viewer. This incredible tool lets you export your floor plan and view the finished project on your computer or mobile device, rotating the plans as you move so you can get a full panoramic view within a simulated environment.

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#3 Punch! Home & Landscape Design Premium

Punch! Home & Landscape Design PremiumPunch! Home & Landscape Design Premium is excellent home plan designer software. It offers several tools to help you design both full rooms and exterior areas from scratch, and tweak smaller details of each project with ease. Options like an automatic roofing wizard, window and door adjusters, and a stairs generator make adding in these basic structural elements a snap. In addition, here are some of the best features of this design software for home remodeling:

  • 2D and 3D renderings
  • QuickStart Preview for fast and easy room designing
  • Valuable how-to and user manuals to guide you through the design process
  • Excellent landscape design tools

And, let’s not forget the enormous images library that the Punch! Home & Landscape Designer Premium suite provides. Browse through more than 4,700 objects in their object library for an array of furniture items, bath and kitchen fixtures, appliances, and even decorative items to give your project a personal touch.

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#4 TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro/Deluxe

TurboFloorPlanDeluxe®One of the best home design software options, TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro & Deluxe versions offer outstanding features and software that’s extremely simple to use so anyone can take advantage of the advanced design opportunity. Use the 45 sample floor plans, or design a room from scratch on your own. Everything is clearly labeled (and color-coded!) for easier distinction and placement.

One of the smartest features of the TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro software is the cost estimator. How often have you started a project thinking it would cost you one thing, and halfway through realized you are already over budget and can’t finish the job? With their cost estimator, TurboFloorPlan allows you to calculate every inch of your home design, ensuring there are no surprises later on. You can tweak your design, structure, and accessories to better fit your budget with real-time estimates in front of you. Here’s some more to love with this home renovation design software:

  • 100+ design tutorial videos to help you plan and design every aspect of your revamp
  • Both basic user and more advanced tools so anyone can get use out of it
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Internal components like HVAC, plumbing, and electric

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Redesigning your home has never been easier thanks to the smart, convenient, and technologically-advanced home design software available today. Learn more about what neat features are out there, and get the home you’ve always dreamed of for less than you could ever imagine.