The Biggest Interior Design Trends of 2017

article by Arya A. author
We all ogle the latest fashions in home design, knowing that we can look but not touch. But now even the trendiest styles are available to anyone. Check out the hottest design trends of 2017 and how you can get them yourself with a dirty little trick the pros don’t want you to know about.


Colors play a significant role in interior design, and here’s what 2017 has in store:

  • Get ready for rich, jeweled tones. Vibrant greens, bold golds, ruby reds, and purples will splash the 2017 scene with flavor. Also, look towards colors that make you happy and affect your mood positively to supplement your room decor.
  • Pastel, powdery colors will also offset those richer hues. Sand, Terracotta, and powdery pink will complement the deeper colors beautifully. They’re subtle and yet introduce color in a pleasant way.

Going Green

As with every industry, interior design is recognizing the global environmental crisis we are experiencing. Designs are leaning more towards sustainability and greener living options, so plan this when you design your own house this year. People are combining a techno-kitsch style that includes the latest innovations with a back to the basics feel. Whether including connected devices that reduce energy consumption, opting for recycled materials for furnishing, or patronizing brands that are Earth-conscious in their production processes, think of a cleaner tomorrow in the designs of today.

Trend-savvy designers will also be bringing more plant-life into their interiors and an African flavor that will include many of the color palettes mentioned above (the powdery ochre, rust, and burgundy for example).

Back to the Basics

In line with the above trend, many materials will bend towards the naturalistic style. Exposed brick, metal and wood combos, and blown plaster finishes will appear on the scene. Clay and cork will also appear, albeit in combination with a sturdier, long-lasting metal component.

Decade Revivals

Many fabrics and texture styles will return to specific period trends. Depending on where you look, you’ll find the contrasting surfaces of the 1970s, the handcrafted fabrics of the 1930s, and art nouveau elements everywhere.

Eclectic Design

Eclectic is back and better than ever, which is great for the DIY designer. Within moderation, almost anything goes. You can blend different styles, combine various periods, textures, and colors, and splash the old with the new for a vibrant tapestry of style and flavor that’s all your own.

How to Get the Trends

 Home design software is the secret that professional interior designers don’t want you to know about because it lets you do everything they can do, and more!

You have all the design trends at your fingertips; now it’s time to put them to work. Break open your home design software, and start playing around with the color palettes, fabrics, and textures to see which work within your home and which ones don’t. When you design your own house, you can have fun incorporating these new trends into the design, while checking which styles are not the right fit for you. Use the color changer feature in TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro to see what an item will look like in a different shade, or allow the HGTV Ultimate Home Design cabinet face tool to guide you towards the perfect design blend.

The hottest trends are no longer the exclusive property of the elitist interior design community. Grab the best home design software you can find, and have a field day when you design your own house to look like a Hollywood mansion!