You Don't Need to be a Professional Interior Designer to Redo Your Home

article by Arya A. author
We’re living in the age of DIY, and society is embracing it like a burst of sunlight after a harsh winter storm. With everything from education to jewelry making, we’ve become a do-it-yourself nation, and interior design is the next frontier.

Here are a few reasons why more people are saying no to interior designers and going the DIY route with home design software.

Save Money

It’s no secret that interior designers charge an exorbitant amount for their services. Starting from upwards of $100 per hour, it all adds up to thousands of dollars by the time you finish drafting, designing, and decorating. And that’s just a single room. Home design software allows you to fiddle with thousands of options, take all the time you’d like, and costs less than one hour of a professional designer’s time.


One of the main reasons homeowners are turning towards software for home decor is because it affords them the independence and flexibility they crave. When starting to design your own house, it’s easy to realize what a personal experience it is, and that’s not something everyone wants dictated by an “expert.” The software allows you to call the shots, make all the decisions, and not worry that your preferences will be overlooked. You also don’t have to live with design choices you don’t really like because you didn’t have the backbone needed to say no to the designer.

Cost Estimator

The best home design software will come with a very convenient feature – a cost estimator. This tool tallies up each of your expenses to give you a running total. You can get a breakdown per room or for a whole project. Either way, it’s an excellent resource to help keep you within a given budget and see where you need to cut back on spending. TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro and Home Designer Interiors are two great programs that offer this feature.

You’re Top Priority

Interior designers generally take on multiple clients at a time. While this is their right as an independent contractor, it certainly takes away from your level of importance. Your living room is just one of their many projects being worked on during their 9-5. Alternatively, when you design your own house, you’re the sole priority on the schedule. You’ll pay attention to each detail, and give every question your full attention because you are client #1.

Not All or Nothing

When paying for someone’s time or services, the key is to get everything done and quickly. This could lead to rash decisions or on-the-spot judgment calls that wouldn’t be made under less pressure. Using software for home design, the project can go at your own pace. This prevents you from making impulse buys just because the clock is ticking, and gives you the luxury of taking things slow. Additionally, you can spread out your purchases and renovations so that they fit better into your monthly budget. Working with a designer, everything has to be done NOW, while working on your own, you can take things month by month.

Whether you love the independence, appreciate the savings, or enjoy the slow and steady route, let the best home design software help you create the home of your dreams…and you can do it all by yourself