Remodeling Your Kitchen? Answer These 3 Questions First

article by Arya A. author
There's a lot that goes into a kitchen remodel. While you might have considered big issues like the layout and budget, most people skip a few important concerns during design. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the design of the project and some helpful tools to make the job easier.

How many sinks do you want?

This isn’t an obvious question for most people, but experts recommend having a second sink installed away from the main cooking area. This can be used for some quick jobs or to wash hands without getting in the way of meal prep.

What type of cabinet facing do you like?

The color, texture, and style of your cabinets is not just aesthetic, but can actually add value and functionality to your kitchen redesign. There are literally thousands of options, so if you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. The best home design software will help you sort through the choices and make your final decision, but more on that later.

Are you opting for built-in or standalone ovens?

There are benefits to both appliances, and the space you have may provide you with a logical answer to this question. For example, if you already have the range built into your countertop (and like it there), then stick with this design. A follow-up question could be gas vs. electric. That’s another personal preference, though many homeowners will base this off of local gas and electricity prices.

How Home Design Software Will Help

These are just a few questions that’ll come up as you design your own house or kitchen, and they can be answered more easily than you think. How? With simple technology at your fingertips. The best home design software will give you the options, flexibility, and ability to try out different design elements, placements, and styles with ease. You can save time, money, and frustration using home design software for your kitchen remodeling before you buy anything or hire anyone.

  • Home Designer Suite has hundreds of cabinet faces to choose from, so test drive a few to see what style you like best.
  • You can also choose from loads of appliances, fixtures, and countertops to get a feel for what a finished room design will look like and whether you’re happy with the overall style you’ve chosen. The beauty of home design software is that it gives you the flexibility to change your mind without adding anything to your bill.
  • Cost estimator tools that come with software like HGTV’s Ultimate Home Design will ensure that you stay on budget, something that can easily go out the window if you try to remodel without a plan.

Remodeling a kitchen is a major undertaking and not one to be done flippantly. Use the high-quality software to see what each element within your kitchen remodel will look like as a finished product, tweak your choices and designs, and make decisions based on hands-on experience and not just the word of a contractor trying to make a quick buck.