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A personal loan can be a godsend to the right individual. Unlike other types of loans, personal loans have virtually no limitations on what they can be used for. A typical personal loan will range anywhere from $1,000-$50,000, though some go as high as $100,000 depending on the lender’s policy and the borrower’s circumstances.

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How Do Personal Loans Work?

Getting a personal loan is a relatively simple process. The steps are:

  1. Finding the right lender: This is the most difficult step because there are so many fraudulent “lenders” on the market. Scam artists may attempt to steal your money or information, and some seemingly-benign institutions might suddenly change their loan terms late in the borrowing process. Before choosing a lender it’s recommended that a borrower read the lender’s reviews, speak to its representatives, ask questions, and get everything in writing.
  2. Applying for a loan: Today, most lenders have online applications, so it’s faster, easier, and smoother than in days of yore.
  3. Receiving the loan: Depending on the lender, you’ll receive your loan amount anywhere between a few days to up to a week from the time of submitting your application, assuming you’ve been approved.
  4. Repaying the loan: Your loan will include terms about payment amounts and times. You can set up a monthly payment plan so your loan is paid off automatically each month. The payment amount will vary based on the original loan amount, its interest rate, the borrower’s credit score, and the length of the agreed-upon contract.

Applying through a loan marketplace, rather than with a direct lender, gives you the added advantage of evaluating offers from multiple lenders simultaneously, rather than spending hours and hours searching through them yourself, one by one.

Why Get a Personal Loan?

There are several reasons to get a personal loan:

  • To consolidate debt: Pay off all other debts, credit card charges, and bills and only have one monthly bill that’s easier to manage.
  • To pay off a higher interest rate loan: Pay off the loan or debt with the higher interest rate, and then pay off the personal loan with a lower rate later on.
  • To finance a large or unexpected event: Life is not without its surprises, and sometimes it’s more feasible to pay for these in gradual installments rather than all at once.
  • To improve your credit rating: Taking out a loan, paying off debt, and diversifying your credit habits will all improve your credit score. A personal loan helps you accomplish all three objectives simultaneously.

To receive greater repayment flexibility: Personal loans generally come with more flexible repayment structures than credit cards.

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A personal loan can be an excellent financial choice when taken out for the right reason and with the right lender. We offer tested lender reviews for the highest standards of security, reliability, and ease of use. Our site also provides a range of other written and video content that will give you the information you need to make the best financial choices possible in today’s rapidly changing fiscal landscape.