Bad Credit Loans Brand Review

article by Emery S. author June 19, 2017
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Bad Credit Loans is a lending broker that focuses primarily on short-term, small loans. They stress the fact that they do not want their clients to use them as a long-term solution. Their flexible terms make it easy even for people with poor credit to receive a personal loan.
  • Unsecured personal loans (no collateral needed)
  • Minimum loan amount as low as $500
  • Pay back in as little as 3 months
  • No origination fees
  • Fast online application process
  • Maximum loan amount is capped at $5,000
  • Can have high interest rates
  • High penalties for late or missed payments
Bad Credit Loans is a lending broker that focuses on short-term, small loans…Their flexible terms make it easy for people with poor credit to receive a personal loan.
Emery S., author
File Sharing No minimum credit requirements
Multiple Logins Large network of lenders for better rates
Ease of Use Helpful for people in bad credit situations
User Interface Lots of educational resources
Same-day turnaround
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APR as low as 5.99%
  • Easy loan request form
  • Online processing
  • Nearly instant approval
  • Rapid disbursement
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  • Auto Refinance
  • Boat Loans
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Quick Data

  • Number of lending partners is unclear
  • Loans range from $500-$5000
  • APRs range from 5.99%-36%

Applicant Requirements

Bad Credit Loans is the broker in this scenario and not the actual lender, so their application requirements are minimal and very standard to the industry. They ask for the basic information they’ll need to give over to lenders for a potential loan that is suitable for your situation, including the following:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a legal citizen of the United States
  • Must have a regular, verifiable income of $1,000 or more. This can be via a regular job, self-employment, disability, or some other form of government funding. A monthly pay stub must be provided upon request.
  • Must provide basic information such as phone number, email address, name
  • Must have your own checking account in your name

Any further requirements will be subject to individual lenders’ preferences including state eligibility and terms (see below).

Application Process

The application process is also simple and fast.

  • Bad Credit Loans will ask you to fill out a form with some basic information to get the process started. Basic information may include the amount you are requesting, reason for loan (can simply choose ‘other’ if you prefer not to disclose), your name, social security number, and bank account information for transfer purposes. These are standard loan questions, and they are not too invasive.
  • Bad Credit Loans will send your application through its network to get you the most suitable loan proposal available.
  • You’ll receive offers from lenders along with terms such as repayment schedules and any fees. You can read through and compare all the offers, and you are never under any obligation to accept any offer.
  • Once you do accept a lender’s offer, you’ll receive the loan amount into the checking account you specified in the application process.

Loan Terms Overview

The specific loan terms that will be applied to your personal loan are not regulated by Bad Credit Loans themselves. Instead, the individual lenders are the ones who determine all loan terms including repayment schedules, late fees, APRs, and more. Carefully review all terms of a loan before accepting to ensure that you’re not agreeing to any conditions that you don’t fully understand.

Generally, Bad Credit Loans repayment schedules last between three to 60 months.

Special Features 

In addition to being a good service that will work with just about anyone, Bad Credit Loans has several beneficial features and tools built into their site to help people get a better handle on loans and their own personal finances. Resources include:

  • Educational materials: Taking out a loan is an overwhelming process as it is. Bad Credit Loans helps out by giving borrowers education materials such as an extensive blog, explanations of terms, and breakdowns of concepts such as E-consent and APRs. This is helpful for people who aren’t in financing and don’t really understand all of the details and language being used with respect to their loans.
  • Career development: Many people that find themselves in financial difficulty are unemployed or working for a low salary. Bad Credit Loans offers career development tools to help borrowers improve their employment standing and financial situation in general.

Scam identifiers: There are a lot of con artists looking to get your personal information, make money off of you, or clean out your bank account. Bad Credit Loans offers invaluable resources for sifting through the offers to find the legitimate services and skip over the scams.

Multiple Devices Platforms Available

There is currently no mobile app for Bad Credit Loans.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

Bad Credit Loans caters to people with poor credit scores, as the name implies. So even if you have a credit score below 600, you’ll likely still be able to borrow $1,000. This is probably the most that you can borrow with low credit ratings, however. So, while they cater to the bad credit crowd, the amount that Bad Credit Loans’ lending network is willing to supply is capped pretty low for this segment of the population.


Telephone customer service can be reached between 6AM-7PM PST at 800-245-5626 or via their online support. Borrowers can also send them an email at

Bottom Line Bottom Line

With a motto that reads “We Can Help When Others Can’t,” the goal of Bad Credit Loans is apparent. There to help people in difficult financial situations when other lenders are unwilling to work with them, Bad Credit Loans has created a reputation for themselves as being the underdog’s lender. While interest rates can climb high over long-period loans, this company tries to keep even that aspect low by recommending short-term contracts. Bad Credit Loans is an excellent service for anyone who is in need of some extra revenue fast.