5 Best Loans Providers for 2018

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article by Christian N author
Finding the right personal loans provider can be tricky with so many options and scams out there today. After researching extensively, we’ve come up with five great services for instant loans online that you can trust. Take a look.


LeLendingTree LogondingTree is a great place to turn for bad credit loans. That’s because this personal loans service is not a direct lender. Instead, LendingTree is a lender marketplace that connects borrowers to many potential lenders automatically. You fill out your application form (a simple online process that takes about two minutes), and then LendingTree sends it out to their entire database of lenders, so you get multiple responses faster and for less work. Here are some LendingTree highlights we think you’re going to like:

  • No origination fee
  • Low requirements
  • Connect to multiple lenders with a single application
  • Variety of loan types including home equity loans and business loans

It should be noted that because LendingTree isn’t the direct lender, you will need to deal directly with the lender you choose to discuss loan terms, repayment contracts, and other terms and conditions.

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Sofi LogoOriginally a go-to resource for student loans refinancing, SoFi is easily among the best personal loans services available today. They offer extremely competitive rates, countless tools, and resources for their customers, and have no credit history requirements. SoFi caters to young, ambitious borrowers who just need a small cash advance to make their dreams come true. They pride themselves on building a community, not just signing checks, and making a huge difference in the end. They offer financial education resources so members can start making smarter financial choices, and connect borrowers with potential employment opportunities, as well. With fixed and variable rate loans starting at just 5% APR, SoFi also provides great incentives like:

  • Loan freeze in the event of unemployment
  • Loans up to $100,000
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No prepayment penalty

Additionally, SoFi tries to take care of their members in a more global sense, providing invaluable resources such as employment networking events and their latest wealth management tool for smarter investment choices.

Ready to get started with SoFi? Find out more information about these excellent payday loans online today!


badCreditLoans LogoBadCreditLoans.com is another lending marketplace, so you get access to many lenders at one time. This is one of the preferred ways to apply for a payday loan online since you don’t have to go chasing providers, fill out the same information multiple times, or ask and answer the same group of questions over and over again. Because they have such a wide network of lenders, BadCreditLoans.com offers loans of every type including title loans, refinancing mortgage loans, and more. APRs range from 5.99%-35.99% and loan amounts range anywhere from $500-$5,000. Several of the benefits of working with a lending service like BadCreditLoans.com include:

  • Flexible repayment terms with contracts ranging from as little as three months, and up to 60
  • Same day approval
  • Small loan amounts available
  • Balance transfers, installment loans, and other types of loans

Wondering if BadCreditLoans.com is a good option for you? Read more about this lending service right here to decide.


cashUSA LogoWhether you are looking to renovate your home, buy a new car, or save yourself from a sudden medical emergency that’s draining your bank account, CashUSA is a great way to apply and receive personal loans with a super-fast turnaround time. Another lenders network, CashUSA sends out your application for you, making the entire process easier. Aside from being faster and easier, it’s an easy way to compare several loan offers at once, so you can opt for the best terms and offer you receive.

  • Loans ranging from $500-$10,000
  • Receive funds within a single business day
  • Offers bad credit loans
  • Many repayment options and channels (including autopay)

Learn more about CashUSA and what this lending network is all about here.


GuideToLenders LogoGuidetoLenders.com is the final lending marketplace we’ve reviewed, and they are just as good as the rest we’ve already mentioned. With loads of lenders to work with, borrowers can easily find a loan provider to meet their needs and suit their budget. With a low eligibility threshold, good APRs and payday loan interest rates, and fast turnaround time, it’s obvious why many turn to GuidetoLenders.com for their financial assistance. Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up with them:

  • 150+ lending partners
  • Lots of borrowers resources including articles library, lending terms glossary, and guides
  • Free credit score report
  • Free service

Additionally, GuidetoLenders.com doesn’t care how you spend your personal loan, which means you won’t have to worry that car loan interest rates are different than business loan interest rates.

Want to give GuidetoLenders.com a whirl? Check out more details about this prominent lender network here.


Especially when it comes to financing, finding a service you can trust is a real challenge, and that’s why online reviews are so important. Whether you’re looking for no credit check loans, business loans, or just a cash advance, these reliable and trusted names in the industry will ensure your loan process goes smoothly, quickly, and successfully every step of the way.