The Best Fitness Meal Delivery Service Plans: Athletes & Bodybuilding Meal Prep Delivery

May 20, 2019
Best Fitness Meal Delivery Service
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article by Rachel Carr author

So many of us exercise to stay fit, yet we often forget that diet plays a huge part in helping us get fit in the first place. While many of us will know that losing weight comes through both diet and exercise, our bodies can achieve so much more fitness wise when it receives the right balance of nutrition. However, the majority of us won’t have the knowledge base to create a diet plan which consists of that right balance.

A good way around this is to use one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans that are starting to gain more and more popularity. While many people may use them simply to feed their families from the wide range of generic services available, more and more are turning to them for both weight loss programs and to help with having workout meals delivered to their door. In this article, we look at the best fitness meal delivery service plans that are worth subscribing to.

The Best Fitness Meal Delivery Service Plans

#1 Home Chef


Just because you are are on a specific diet that has special requirements, does not mean you should not enjoy the same benefits of the best fitness meal delivery service plans that everyone else does. Home Chef is able to provide this through the highly flexible service that makes it quick and easy for customers to choose their meals and plan what they eat 5 weeks in advance.

  • Quick Categorization – A lot of us try to keep our carbohydrate intake down and our lean protein amounts up when trying to improve our diets for the ultimate benefits to our workouts. It’s easy to choose meals like this from Home Chef as the company categorizes each of its recipes that are suitable for a wide range of diets through quick symbol labeling.
  • Added Extras – While costs can certainly mount up when using the company’s added extras features, it’s a great option to have – especially for those that have subscribed in a larger household. It means that everyone can have their needs addressed, regardless of what they can or cannot eat. A really popular option is their smoothie extra so that those that love fruit can make a smoothie to go in the morning in no time at all.
  • Easy Recipes – Customers stay with Home Chef, regardless of dietary requirement, because every single one of their recipes is quick and easy to make. They are all ready in less than 30 minutes which means those that have chosen Home Chef to help with their fitness diet, can spend less time in the kitchen and more time working out or making use of their well earned time off.

With step by step instructions that come with pictures, as well as providing customers with the ability to choose their meals well in advance, Home Chef is a tough act to beat. It continually ranks highly amongst its peers and when it comes to fitness meal delivery, we rate it as the best fitness meal delivery service plan.

Cost: From $9.95 per serving

For more information on Home Chef, read our extensive Home Chef review.

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#2 Green Chef

Green Chef210x100If you don’t have the culinary skills to deliver five-star recipes every evening for dinner, or just don’t have to time to stop off at the store to purchase ingredients before making your way home to cook dinner, Green Chef has a great solution for you. Bringing freshly prepped ingredients to your door, with simple to follow recipes, you will be cooking up a storm in no time. With the option to choose from various meal plans like Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and more, changing your lifestyle to a healthier one will not be a problem or a chore.


  • High-Quality Ingredients – Green Chef take their ingredients carefully and you can be sure that their meats, seafood, vegetables, and spices are of the best quality available. The food arrives fresh and the recipes combine fabulous sauces, spices, and dressings including cilantro, mint, mojito-style marinade, and Mexican spices.
  • Simplicity – a majority of your ingredients are already prepared ahead of time. This means when start cooking, all of your carrots, onions, sweet potatoes and other ingredients are taken care of – just throw them in the pan.
  • Amazing Recipes – The recipes prepared for you are restaurant-quality. This is because qualified chefs carefully create each recipe to suit your particular meal plan. Another plus is having all of your ingredients color-coded so that you can easily spot which ingredients go into which meal.


Cost: From $10.99 per serving

For more information on Green Chef, read our extensive Green Chef review.

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#3 Freshly


It’s hard not to love what Freshly delivers, regardless of dietary requirement, given that they send fully prepared food and meals to your door that simply need warming up.

This does not mean that they send you takeaway-style food that is laden with grease and other hidden nasties. Instead, they send delicious home-cooked meals that have been made by a group of chefs dedicated to providing meals that satiate appetites but won’t increase waistlines. That being said, there is very little input needed from the customer who has to do no more than heat up the food in the oven or microwave.

  • Time-saving – This service is the ultimate time saver and one of the reasons it makes it onto our best fitness meal delivery service plans list. Not only does Freshly stop its customers from having to go to the grocery store to pick up food that they are unsure of how to prepare, but they have also completely cut out the preparation stage entirely.
  • Flexible – as is needed from all of the best fitness meal delivery service plans, but yet not always provided, is the flexibility to stop deliveries every so often. This could be because you are on holiday or simply out eating every night, or just not home from the office on time. Regardless, Freshly allows its customers to skip a week or cancel their subscription at any time.
  • Perfect for fitness fanatics – Other than the above, the other main reason that Freshly is one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans is that it makes choosing a suitable meal plan so easy. The result is that your meals are all perfect for optimizing your workouts. Food is all natural, packed with protein and completely free from refined sugars.
  • Wide variety – Just because you are keen on improving your fitness levels, doesn’t mean you don’t like to eat tasty food with a great deal of variety. Freshly draws on inspiration from all over the world to produce fitness-friendly foods – from the Caribbean to traditional British roast dinners.

Ultimately, Freshly answers so many needs that a person has, particularly those that are looking to improve their diets to help them achieve their workout goals. Plus, given that customers are delivered delicious, fully prepared meals for every night they want, what the company charges is exceptionally low. It is definitely a fantastic option should Home Chef not be quite right for you.

Cost: from $8.99 per serving

For more information on Freshly read our extensive Freshly review.

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#4 Plated


Plated touts itself as the perfect cooking experience which may sound like overkill, but it most certainly allows customers to enjoy eating food as opposed to worrying about how to plan a well-balanced meal. Like Home Chef, this fitness meal delivery service works by sending you the ingredients you need to make a meal so there is a little preparation involved, but recipes are all a total breeze to make.

  • Wide range  – Plated is great because each week it provides its customers with 20 recipes to choose from for their even meals. Within those recipes are meals that are suitable for people who have dietary requirements to help them reach fitness goals. Customers are allowed to pick any combination that they fancy all – all of which have been categorized so that choosing low carb or low-calorie options is quick and painless
  • Quality ingredients – For those that want one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans to answer their dietary requirements, this will often mean using top quality produce too. Plated pride themselves on providing “100% antibiotic-free meats, beef with no added hormones, and seasonal, hand-picked produce from trusted purveyors”. They also use organic produce and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. When it comes to fish, whenever possible, they only buy sustainably sourced
  • Good for households of any size – Whether you are cooking just for you or for a gaggle of children, Plated can help you provide meals for everyone under your roof. The company also manages to do this even if you have your own dietary requirements in terms of your fitness regime that need to be answered.

Plated was aimed at making people spend less time stressing over food preparation and spend more time enjoying their food. The company recognized as well that even those with special dietary needs, like fitness fans, still wanted to enjoy meal times that had a wide variety of food options available to them. It manages to do so at an affordable price, hence why it is one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans.

Cost: from $9.95 per serving

For more information on Plated read our extensive Plated review.

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Other Benefits of Using Fitness Meal Delivery Plans

One of the biggest draws of using any of the above best fitness meal delivery service plans is the huge time saving it provides through the ease of use and through completely cutting out the need to go to the grocery store. Plus, given that preparation times for meals are dramatically reduced thanks to the amount that has already been done for customers, using a meal delivery service has this initial obvious draw.

There are far more benefits however which will get you signing up to one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans above in no time at all:

  • Better home economics – Using one of these delivery services can actually save you money. This is so often overlooked or disbelieved by potential customers. But the reality is, as the best fitness meal delivery service plans will cut out waste as well as stopping you purchasing things you don’t need in the grocery store, they save you money. So while the initial cost per serving price may look like quite a lot for a plate of food, remember the hidden costs that we don’t take into account when preparing a meal from scratch.
  • Improving your repertoire of recipes – Particularly during the week, we are all guilty of falling back on a small number of trustworthy recipes and dishes for our supper. This is, even more, the case when we are following a stricter diet that limits what ingredients we are allowed to use to create our day to day meals. However, by using one of these fitness meal delivery services, we are able to enlarge our library of dishes no end. That’s because there is a huge team of chefs working behind the best fitness meal prep delivery plans that do all the hard work and thinking for you. It will really open your eyes to how creative you can be within a restrictive diet that is suitable for bodybuilding or fitness.
  • Suitable for all – Through the use of these aforementioned chefs, the best fitness meal delivery service plans are fantastic for the whole family to use as the recipes that are delivered are all delicious. In addition to satiating everyone’s taste buds and keeping interested live in food for every family member, it will also meet a person’s fitness requirements so that they can optimize their ability to workout efficiently.
  • A balanced and nutrient-rich diet – In connection with being suitable for all the family, as well as creating a week full of food that is interesting to eat each and every day, is that the chefs behind these delivery plans create a balanced and nutrient-rich diet too. So while you can be confident that your diet requirements in terms of your fitness needs are met, you can also be confident that you and the rest of your household are getting all the vitamins and minerals they require too.

The Bottom Line

As many fitness experts will tell you, working out will only get you so far when trying to reach your fitness goals. At some point, your diet needs to be addressed so that you can continue to attain your targets in the gym. Yet, many of us will not have the knowledge base required to ensure that this is possible. There is so much science behind what is the optimum mix of food types for those that are trying to improve their bodybuilding abilities or simply how far they can fun.

The best fitness meal delivery service plans make this possible. Plus, they make it possible with minimal effort and input from yourself. You simply sign up to a subscription plan and state what your dietary requirement is. Other than picking what days you want to receive food for, there is very little else you have to do bar cooking the actual food, which with some of the best fitness meal delivery service plans simply means warming it up.

In terms of improving your fitness, it is a great idea, but when you consider all the other benefits that come as a side product, signing up to one of the best fitness meal delivery service plans can be nothing short of life changing.