The Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery Plans: Staying Gluten Free is Easier Then Ever Before

March 26, 2019
Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery Service
article by Rachel Carr author

So many people believe that when you lead a gluten-free life, your diet suddenly becomes very limited and boring. That is simply not the case as more and more of the best gluten-free meal delivery plans are proving. So many people use meal delivery services to help save them time, but they are also ideal for people who have a specific dietary requirement and are bored with their subsequent limited repertoire of recipes.

In this article, we explore the best gluten-free meal delivery services that are proving that whether you are wheat free vs gluten free, you can still lead a life where your diet is varied and interesting. The same can be said of gluten free vs keto dieters or even paleo vs gluten free dietary requirements.

Just because you have certain needs, does not mean that you don’t want to eat delicious food. All of the best gluten-free meal delivery services that we mention below, answer those needs with ease.

Added Benefits Of Using A Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Plan

There are a whole host of other benefits to using one of the best gluten-free meal delivery services available on the market other than ensuring that everything that touches your lips is gluten-free. Read on to see why subscribing to Home Chef is one of the best choices you’ll make.

Time-Saving with gluten free home delivery meals

Even the most proficient of home cooks will save a great deal of time if they have ingredients delivered to their door by Home Chef or one of its peers. Given that all gluten-free meal delivery plans completely negate the need to step foot inside a grocery store, they save a person so much time by not having to do a weekly shop. Couple that with the fact that many ingredients already have a great deal of the preparation stages completed for you, or simply that you have entire meals that just need heating through delivered, you shave off so much time from your usual daily chores where you can just relax.

Variety of food

Even when you don’t have a specific dietary requirement to cater for, during the week so many of us rely on just a small number of dishes that we know how to prepare quickly and easily for the convenience of it. With the best gluten-free meal delivery services, you are sent a whole host of new recipes to try each week that has all been inspired by cuisines from around the globe. It means that even if you are gluten-free and have to stay clear of wheat or other allergy-causing culprits, you still eat a varied diet of delicious meals to satiate your taste buds.

Gluten free meal plan delivery that suitable for the whole family

One of the most difficult things about having a dietary requirement is that not everyone has the same needs as you. This often leads to families cooking different meals for all the different family members with all their different dietary needs. The best gluten-free meal delivery services stop this from happening as they provide a wide selection of meals that will appeal to all and are suitable for everyone.

Meeting all dietary needs of gluten free diet

One of the worst things about a dietary requirement is that it can stop us from getting the nutrition we need due to having a much more limited diet than we would do ordinarily. By drawing on the expertise of chefs, dietitians, and nutritionists, the best gluten-free meal delivery services will be able to provide you will a well-balanced diet whether you are gluten-free or not. This is exceedingly comforting to those with growing children where diet is key to healthy development.

The Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery Plans

#1 Home Chef


Home Chef goes to show that just because you are gluten-free or paleo or wheat free, it does not mean that you can’t also enjoy all the culinary delights that food can offer. Plus, using them provides people and families with a whole host of other benefits other than the comfort of knowing that their specific dietary requirement is being met.

  • Flexibility – One of the stand-out features of Home Chef is the fact that its service is so flexible. This is necessary regardless of whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not as there will be weeks where you will not need as many meals as usual or weeks that you simply do not need delivery at all as you are on vacation. The company will not charge you for any missed meals.
  • Easy To Use – If you are gluten-free, you may have nightmares thinking about having to trawl through ingredient lists on meal delivery service websites to ensure that what you are eating is ok for you to eat. Home Chef helps its customers through its quick to see categorizations of every single recipe. They label each of their meals with symbols with a specific one designated for gluten-free.
  • Add Ons – We love the fact that Home Chef increases its flexibility by allowing customers to add on extra boxes of food that can help them stay gluten-free or meet any dietary requirement throughout the day. For instance, they have a smoothie selection box that can be chosen if you love to get your five a day with a drink in the morning. It’s just another way they ensure customers get enough variety in their food to keep them interested.
  • Straightforward Recipes – Not all of us are a dab hand in the kitchen, but Home Chef recipes are so easy to follow that anyone will be able to produce restaurant quality food every single night of the week. The added bonus is that the food you choose is also gluten free but delicious too.

We picked Home Chef as the best gluten-free meal delivery service for so many reasons, in addition to the ones mentioned above. However, even when only these are taken into consideration alongside its affordable price, it makes the company difficult to beat.

Cost: From $9.95 per serving

For more information on Home Chef, read our extensive Home Chef review.

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#2 Green Chef

Green Chef210x100Getting your hands on gluten-free ingredients can be a task in itself. Some stores have some of your favorites, while the rest are on the other side of town giving you the runaround on a daily basis. Sound familiar? This no longer needs to be the case, because Green Chef has your gluten-free needs covered and it is truly delicious. Delivering fresh ingredients to your door means that all you have to do is throw them together in a pan and soon you will have restaurant-quality dinner dishes gracing your table.

Delicious dishes – when we say delicious, we mean professionally created recipes by incredibly skilled chefs. Think of choices like cumin-spiced steak, saag halloumi, pork tenderloins with balsamic fig sauce, Italian chicken sausage patties, Vietnamese shrimp bowl, and steak and sweet potato curry.

Easy to make – If you’re not very confident in the kitchen, don’t worry. The meals that are delivered to your door have color-coded ingredients and simple to follow recipes too. The vegetables are prepped for you in advance so you won’t have to spend time chopping and peeling before cooking.

Environmentally Friendly – Green Chef is amazing when it comes to recycling their packaging, and is probably the most environmentally conscious meal delivery service out there. On their website, they have a guide which will show you exactly how to reuse the items found in their boxes, from the cooling gel packs, sauce containers, and even the box itself.

Cost: From $10.99 per serving

For more information on Green Chef, read our extensive Green Chef review.

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#3 Freshly


So often, when eating pre-prepared gluten-free food, that food is full of additives and other nasties to help make it taste good. However, Freshly is one of the best gluten-free meal delivery services as it not only delivers fully prepared meals to your door, those meals are full of wholesome and all natural ingredients. To ensure that all its food that it designates as gluten free is, in fact, gluten free, they even have a separate site to produce food for this dietary requirement. Gluten-free dieters can be sure of no cross contamination, therefore.

  • No frozen meals – More often than not, if a meal is pre-prepared it will also have been frozen. However, Freshly meals are never ever delivered frozen because all their meals are cooked on site every day. The result is delicious meals that are free from processed ingredients or sugar.
  • Ultimate time saver – All customers have to do is warm through the food that is delivered to their door. So, not only do they no longer have to go to the supermarket to stock their fridge and shelves with gluten-free food or ingredients, they don’t even have to spend more than 5 minutes in the kitchen warming through their food.
  • It works for everyone – Freshly plans are extremely flexible so that should you have the odd day where you do want to cook or that you simply don’t need a meal, you don’t have to pay for one from the company anyway. This can so often be the way with subscription services but Freshly recognize that not every household will need seven suppers delivered to them each and every week.
  • Delicious gluten free recipes – Freshly have some of the tastiest food on offer for their customers regardless of dietary requirement, but their gluten-free selection goes to show that this type of diet should not be boring

For those on a gluten-free diet that don’t even want the hassle of preparing ingredients to go into a dish every night, Freshly offers a fantastic service that will save time and money. The ease and convenience of this company’s offering are not at the detriment of taste either as Freshly always delivers food that is delicious for even the pickiest of taste buds.

Cost: from $8.99 per serving

For more information on Freshly read our extensive Freshly review.

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#4 Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n' Lean_210x100

Fresh n’ Lean was one of the first companies to provide gluten-free meals to its customers – should they require them. The company itself first started to gain popularity for its then forward-thinking approach to its ingredients. This meant that Fresh n Lean was also one of the first to use organic, plant-based ingredients that were free from additives and preservatives.

  • Weekly changing menu – It’s impossible to get bored when eating from Fresh n Lean’s menu, whether you are gluten-free or not. Customers can choose what meal they want to eat too so that they don’t always just deliver for dinner. This constant change is fantastic news to those on a gluten-free diet who so often suffer from a poor variety of choices on menus.
  • Nationwide delivery – Whilst based in Los Angeles, Fresh n Lean also delivers nationwide so that wherever you are, you can have your gluten-free needs answered. This is fantastic news and is a huge reason why Fresh n Lean is one of the best gluten-free meal delivery services out there.
  • Clever shipping – You don’t have to be in when you take delivery of your Fresh n Lean box of ingredients, which is great given that so many ingredients in a gluten-free diet are perishable. The reason being is that the company delivers its food in specially designed coolers.
  • Gluten-free facilities – The main way that customers can be confident that their food will be free from any gluten is that Fresh n Lean prepare their gluten-free recipes boxes on a gluten-free site.

Fresh n Lean is another example of a company that produces ready-made meals that are totally gluten-free yet delicious and free from any nasties. There are no fillers or ingredients that are simply there to make the food taste better but serve no nutritional value either. This is further underpinned by its dedication to only using locally grown and organic food so that its customers can be confident of eating nutrient-rich food.

Cost: from $11.99 per serving

Gluten Free, Full of Taste – With Fresh n’ Lean

The Bottom Line

All of the meal delivery plans that we mentioned above are fantastic providers. They will be able to offer customers a varied diet of delicious gluten-free food that is so tasty, those who eat it will be surprised that every single meal they eat contains absolutely no gluten. No one will miss the usual family favorites of bread or pasta given the wide range of food that is otherwise offered by all three of our preferred suppliers.

In addition to that, the best gluten free meal delivery services are beneficial to its customers in so many other ways too. They are the ultimate time saver as well as also saving a household money too through the huge reduction in waste that occurs from only receiving dishes or ingredients that are needed. Plus, the comfort that can be given by knowing that all meals are well balanced and made from quality produce is enormous.

All in all, with all the added benefits of using one of the best gluten-free meal delivery services in addition to the fact that these services can actually save you money, it can make a massive impact on your life.