Best Meat Delivery Box Subscription Services: Fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken & Fish Delivered to You

article by Rachel Carr
April 12, 2020
Have you ever seen a meat delivery box subscription advertised but have not really been sure what it is? Or have you ever wondered how buying a meat subscription box service can benefit you?

Here, in this article, we look at answering those questions as well as which subscription boxes are the best and why. It is actually a far larger market than would be immediately thought, so we have taken the hassle out of finding the right meat box delivery service for you.

What Is A Meat Delivery Box?

A meat subscription box service is a product where a company sends a selection of meat to a customer each week. The prices and types of subscriptions vary between meat delivery companies, and the kind of meat packages delivered will depend on what the customer wants.

A meat box delivery will, therefore, deliver a wide range of meat to a customer’s door without them having to go to the supermarket.

What Are The Benefits Of The Best Meat Subscription Box Products?

Before we discuss which subscription boxes are the best, we will look more closely at the benefits of a fresh meat box delivery or a meat delivery service. There may well be some benefits that are not immediately obvious to some that may make you want to buy into a subscription meat box.


We are all creatures of habit and sadly, this will often affect our eating choices too. As a result, the majority of us stick to the same kinds and cuts of meat over and over again. We tend to cook the same thing week in week out as we stick to what we know. Mostly, this is for ease and lack of knowledge of how to cook certain ingredients. However, we need a varied diet to stay fit and healthy.

A home meat delivery service is a great way to change this as it stops us from just buying the same thing over and over again. They deliver different types of meat as well as different cuts that can be used to create a variety of dishes for you to eat. If you are really feeling adventurous and really want to push your boundaries, you could even sign up for an exotic meat subscription box that will deliver unusual sources of meat each week to your door.


One of the best things about meat delivery companies and a home meat delivery service is the amount of time that these services save their customers. Given that the meat packages delivered to your door have simply been ordered through the internet, customers have not had to go to the supermarket or butchers to buy their weekly meat shop.

Instead, when a customer has a fresh meat box delivery every week, all the hassle of going to the supermarket is removed for them. For people with young babies and children, it also removes the hassle of having to take children to a shop they do not want to be in. For the elderly who find it difficult to get around, they do not have to go through the huge effort it takes them to walk through a shop. In every way, having meat packages delivered will save customers time and effort with every single meat box delivery.


Quality of meat is such a crucial element to your food actually tasting good. If the food source is a reputable farmer, you are far more likely to have a pleasurable dining experience than if you were to buy meat from a low-quality provider. When you buy meat online, you are far more likely to be buying high-quality meat. The reason being is that you are purchasing your meat from a dedicated meat delivery service.

The result is that the providers are highly knowledgeable butchers and farmers who know how to pick a good producer. You can relax knowing that you have chosen a quality meat home delivery where your food won’t have been stuffed full of additives to make it taste good. In fact, this is especially true if you buy into an organic meat delivery service or a grass fed meat delivery box.


So many of us have specific dietary requirements these days. This is due to increased awareness of dietary intolerances as well as people being more aware of what they put in their bodies. There are many people who suffer from diabetes, with particular needs. Some also steer clear of certain foods for religious reasons. Finally, some of us are following a diet in an effort to lose weight, like trying to cut down on carbs or following a keto way of life. This is why when you buy a meat delivery service, you are doing yourself a massive favor.

You can purchase a subscription meat box specifically for these dietary requirements from the ease of your computer or handheld device. So often when you need to cater to Halal eaters or those that only eat organic meat, you will find that your weekly food shop is more awkward than for those with less specific dietary requirements. A home meat delivery service takes all the hassle out of that. So if you only want your meat to come from a source that grass feeds livestock, you can purchase a grass-fed meat delivery box, or if you want your meat to be free of any additives, there is the possibility of an organic meat delivery service.


At first sight, meat delivery service subscriptions can seem a little expensive. However, upon closer inspection, they actually become a far more cost-effective way of buying food or buying meat online for a meat home delivery. In fact, the best meat delivery box will not only give you much better value for money, but it could also well reduce your overall monthly grocery bill when you buy meat online.

This is because the products you can buy from the best meat subscription box services will be such good quality, that you do not need as much of it as you did from a low-quality source. So not only are you getting better meat when you do purchase a fresh meat box delivery, but you also lower your costs too – whether you are buying for a family, as a couple or on your own.


It wouldn’t be immediately obvious to most, but a fantastic plus point to a fresh meat delivery box is the fact that you learn so much. Firstly, you will be tempted by and consequently will try different cuts of meat that you will have not cooked with or even tasted before. Secondly, you can be given recipes in certain meat subscription box packages that will be unlike anything you have ever made in the kitchen. Thirdly, you will learn about how different cuts of meat improve when they have been reared in certain ways.

The Best Meat Delivery Box Services

#1 Piedmontese

Piedmontese 210x100

Meat lovers will enjoy Piedmontese organic beef delivered straight to their door without any hassle. According to the Piedmontese website, the Certified Piedmontese cattle are never “administered animal by-products, antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. The cattle spend most of their lives grazing open rangelands. Their diets are supplemented by grain-based finishing feeds from crops that are often raised on-site. Animals part of the grass-fed, grass-finished program are finished using a healthy and balanced forage-based diet.”

When you order online, each cut is individually vacuum-sealed and frozen, then packed in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice. Every shipment also comes with a tracking number so that you can see when it is due to arrive. You can choose to order gift boxes, steaks, roasts, ground beef and assorted cuts, organic smart chicken, great range bison, as well as gift cards.

Additionally, there is a Beef Club that users can join which will ensure you get the best beef available at discounted rates. Choose from the Gourmet Butcher subscription which sets you back $100 per month or $250 per quarter. The other option is the Fancy Rancher which costs $250 per month or $500 per quarter.

#2 ButcherBox


ButcherBox prides itself on rearing animals in such a way that customers are not only getting better meat on their plates, they are also doing their part for the planet – as well as an animal’s welfare. The result is a grass fed meat delivery box product that is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Customers can purchase a range of different boxes depending on their taste preferences. They can, therefore, choose between a beef & pork box, beef & chicken box, all-beef box, chicken & pork box or a box that contains a selection of all three. Each box can vary in size, starting at 8 pounds and go up to 11 pounds in total.

It costs from $129 a month though there are often new customer deals to take advantage of. Additionally, you can double an order for just $20.

#3 GreensBury


Greensbury offers some standard meat in their meat subscription box products, but if you want a more exotic meat subscription box product, they also provide Bison as well as some seafood. Whatever you choose, Greensbury’s offering starts at an attractive price point as customers can order a la carte items that start at just $14.99.

We also like that the company offers a 5% discount when ordering regular deliveries, with shipping costs coming in at $9.95. It only delivers within the US but customers can pick and choose any item to be in their meat delivery box. Or, there is the choice to go for the more traditional subscription box. In a subscription package, there is the option of having a variety of chicken, pork, lamb, sausages, beef, and the previously mentioned bison or seafood. Interestingly, for those that like to make bone broth and stock – customers can also purchase bones. However, pre-made stock is also available.

Finally, Greensbury only sells meat that has been reared responsibly, so customers can be sure that no undue harm or stress has been laid on livestock. For those that purchase the organic meat products as well as the grass-fed beef options, they can be sure their meat is totally free from hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

#4 Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow_210x100

Crowd Cow positions itself as a meat delivery service that provides craft meat. There are a lot of choices available through this company, particularly in terms of quality. For everyday eating, they provide boxes that include regular meats like chicken, beef, and sausages as well as more premium boxes like their Japanese Wagyu box or their Farmers Market Reserve box. There is also a box called Steak Lovers that provides premium cuts of beef.

We like that within a delivery box, the company provides the customer with information about how the meat inside was reared and bred. It also includes details on the specific breed that was used and where exactly the meat came from.

Prices start at $89 for each shipment and delivery is free.

#5 Farmer Girl

Farmer Girl Meats_210x100

With a growing emphasis on supporting small and local businesses from the population, Farmer Girl has managed to implement this into a meat box delivery service. The meat sent to customers is from small family farms that have been rigorously tested to ensure that all beef is 100% grass-fed while animals such as pork and lamb are pasture-raised. Additionally, all the chicken selected is free-range.

We also like that there are no minimum orders or restrictions on how many boxes you have to purchase over a certain amount of time. It means that customers are totally in control of what they have delivered and consequently what they pay for. For those that do choose to have recurring deliveries, there is a 5% discount on every single item.

Customers simply decide what individual items they want and how much of they need. In terms of costs, a half-pound of ground beef will cost $3.39.

#6 Rastellis


We rate Rastellis subscription meat box as one of the best online meat delivery services out there thanks to its responsibly sourced produce that is delicious to eat. Each piece of meat is cut by experienced butchers and then frozen and shipped to your door. Each piece is wrapped individually so that you can store it straight into your freezer or refrigerator for as and when you want to cook it.

We also love that all the meat is totally free from hormones, antibiotics, and steroids – which is something that not enough supermarket meat counters offer. Customers can order a delivery weekly to as long as every 6 weeks with an auto-delivery option. Meat subscription boxes start at $99 and will vary between plans as to what and how much a customer gets. However, a box can contain anything between 8-24 servings of meat that includes chicken, steak, sausages, ground beef and then some fish like salmon, tuna or shrimps.

Handily, there is also the option for a one-off delivery too.

#7 OmahaSteaks


OmahaSteaks are a fantastic option for online meat delivery, particularly because they not only ship to the US, they also deliver to Canada, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. They deliver to the US for free but the other destinations do have an additional fee.

Their pricing starts at a very reasonable $79.99 for one shipment and customers are asked to choose between a steak box plan, a grill box plan and a plan entitled Stock Up All at Once. The last choice is by far the most expensive but buying in bulk with OmahaSteaks means that customers save around 50% with each purchase in comparison to if they bought each item individually. For example, one of the Stock Up All At Once options contains enough food for 28 meals, each of which serves up to four people.

#8 Moink

Moink _210x100

If you are unsure whether a meat subscription box is for you, Moink offers a good way to try such a service. They offer something called a Sampler box that is priced at a reasonable $129 per box with free shipping. Their full-size boxes cost $159.

Within a full-size box, you can purchase chicken, beef, pork or even salmon. There is also the option of having a combination of all of them. There are five ‘pre-selected’ boxes that customers can pick, but it is possible to change anything within a box that is not wanted.

We like that their salmon is wild and not farmed. Additionally, all their meat comes from livestock that has either been grass-fed or is totally free range. In rearing animals in such a way, they can be sure their customers receive produce that is free from unwanted nasties like antibiotics, GMO grains, and hormones.

#9 Porter road

Porter Road _210x100

Last but not least on our top choices of best delivery box subscription services is Porterroad. They provide a flexible solution to buying meat and allow customers to pick whether they want their meat delivered every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. They have several types of boxes available and each one is customizable as there are over 20 add ons for customers to choose from.

There are five types of boxes available. They start at $70 for the Grill Master Box which includes 6 pounds of meat perfect for the barbecue. Other options are the self-explanatory beef box or the beef and pork box. Finally, there is a Butcher’s choice box or the Best of Porter Road box which has a large selection of several different types of meat – from bacon to steak.

Finally, all livestock for the boxes are raised outdoors and the company ensures all meat is free from hormones or antibiotics.


The Best Meat Subscription Box – The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a meat delivery service or subscription meat box product that saves you time and money, then any of our best meat delivery box companies above will be a fantastic option. What’s more, not only will you save time and money, you will also be able to answer any dietary needs easily while also ensuring that you are purchasing quality produce.

Finally, one of the best things about ordering online meat delivery packages is the amount you learn about what you are eating. You can be picky about where your meat comes from and what the livestock has been fed, or where it has lived. You can buy food catered for religious needs easily. You can buy a meat subscription box that suggests ways to prepare your meat so that you can taste it at its best.

You can simply make your life a great deal easier.