The Best Organic Meal Delivery Plan - Organic Meals Delivered to Your Home

article by Rachel Carr
June 23, 2020
So much of the food on our shelves is mass produced in such a way that it requires the use of pesticides and other less than positive farming methods to meet demand. However,  we are all becoming increasingly aware of how our eating habits are affecting the environment. As such, many of us are turning to organic food to ensure that what we eat is not only better for us, but it also diminishes the impact it has on the globe.

The problem with eating organic food all the time is that it is not always the most convenient. Grocery stores tend to be lacking in the variety that we like to have in food. A good solution to this problem is to sign up to one of the best organic meal delivery services that are growing in popularity. Already hugely popular for those with no dietary requirements, these services deliver ingredients to your door for you to prepare from recipe cards that are included too.

In this article, we list our top recommendations for the best organic meal delivery services out there that make cooking fun again, while you can be safe in the knowledge that you are eating the best organic meals possible.

Added Benefits to Organic Meal Delivery 

Other than being better for us and our bodies, as well as being better for the environment, there are a whole host of other added benefits to using the best organic meal delivery services.

Saving money

A big reason that people don’t already have a meal delivery subscription is the misconception that the service must be expensive. This is simply not the case as,  not only is the price per serving pretty comparable to what we would find we were charged by buying our ingredients at the grocery store, we also don’t incur any waste. The result is that we actually save money through this waste reduction as well as the fact that we do not buy any unnecessary ingredients in the grocery store. We are all guilty of picking up that extra bottle of wine or special offer when we do our weekly shop. Those little-added extras can really add up over time.

Well balanced meals

One of the ways that home delivery meal companies really make an impact on our lives is the fact that they provide a well-balanced meal every single time. This is thanks to delivery companies ensuring that their recipes include all the nutrition that we require. This is fantastic news for those that find themselves on restrictive diets – whether they want to lose weight or have a food intolerance to certain ingredients.

Save time

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of using one of the best organic meal delivery plan companies. By not having to go to the grocery store, these deliveries immediately save all of us time that we can spend elsewhere in our increasingly busy lives. However, they also save time as a great deal of preparation is cut out in the making of recipes too. Food is often pre-measured or even prepared for us. Customers will find that most recipes from our preferred suppliers above take less than 30 mins to get onto the table.

Learn new skills

Particularly during the week, when we are all strapped for time, so many of us fall back on a small selection of dishes for our supper. It means that we more often than not have a very limited repertoire that has no chance of developing. The best organic meal delivery companies help us learn new skills in the kitchen, which is great news for culinary novices. New recipes open up a whole new world to us and our taste buds by exploring new cuisines, techniques, and ingredients.

The Best Organic Meal Delivery Plan

#1 Home Chef


Home Chef more often than not tops our recommendations lists. It is simply brilliant at what it does due to the fact that it doesn’t over complicate matters and just does what the majority of us require a home delivery service to do. As such it delivers ingredients straight to your door with easy to follow recipes that are delicious – and all at a very attractive price. That being said, it also has the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – Just because you are after the best organic meal delivery plan, it does not mean that you don’t have the needs of every other customer that Home Chef has. This means that you will need just as much flexibility built into the subscription plan as possible. Home Chef is great as you only pay for what you use. There will always be times that you need to skip a meal due to other plans, as well as skip whole weeks due to vacation time. Home Chef allows you to do just that.
  • Huge Variety – Home Chef offers dinner options, breakfasts and fruit boxes to its customers. There are around 10 dinner options each week and customers can easily find recipes to suit their dietary requirements. Therefore if they are gluten-free eaters or vegetarians, they will still find a whole host of recipes on offer through Home Chef that will keep their taste buds delighted.
  • Eco-FriendlySo here’s the thing with Home Chef in terms of being the best organic meal delivery plan. It sadly does not guarantee that all its ingredients are organic. So if you are looking for an organic meal delivery service as you want all your ingredients to be free from pesticides and such like, this may not be the plan for you. However, so many of us turn to organic food as it tends to be better for the environment and suppliers tend to have better farming practices all around. If that is the case for you, then Home Chef is ideal as all its packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Plus, the company only ever use suppliers that use sustainable practices with respect to both the environment and employees.
  • Every little bit helpsAnother reason that environmentally minded people may be attracted to Home Chef is that they hate waste. As such, when they have an excess of ingredients at the factories, they work to ensure that that food goes to homeless shelters or similar. The company recognizes its place in the food chain and its responsibility to reduce waste to zero.

Home Chef is obviously not without an obvious drawback given that it cannot guarantee the use of organic ingredients for all of its produce. However, it most definitely makes up for that in so many other areas that it remains the top of our list of the best organic meal delivery services.

For more information on Home Chef, read our extensive Home Chef review.

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#2 Hello Fresh


HelloFresh is another company that vies for the best organic meal delivery plan given its dedication to providing customers with seasonal, fresh food that helps them eat a better, more nutritious diet. That diet goes to show that eating well does not need to be restrictive or boring given the depth of the recipe library that HelloFresh provides. Plus, it is an excellent value for money.

  • Ingredient sources – Like Home Chef, HelloFresh does not guarantee that all its ingredients are organic. However, what it does do is dedicate its time and energy to providing ingredients that are healthy and high quality. They also focus on sourcing ingredients as locally as possible to its facilities so that they reduce the amount of energy wasted in buying food and also by lowering the CO2 emissions that food production is guilty of making.
  • Environmental Delivery Practices  – So while not organic all the time, the company has invested time in finding other ways to lower its carbon footprint. As such, they ensure that each delivery van only delivers to around 50 customers a week. In doing so, they are able to make sure that those vans travel as short a distance as possible.
  • Flexible – Like Home Chef, Hellofresh recognizes that people will not need the same amount of meals delivered every week. As such, they allow a highly flexible subscription where customers can skip a week, cancel or change the delivery address or recipes chosen at the drop of a hat. It ensures that the customer is in control of their diet at all times – plus it ultimately reduces waste as a consequence.

HelloFresh delivers delicious recipes for its customers to make each week, from ingredients that those customers can be confident are high quality produced with as minimal effect on the environment as possible. It has a competitive pricing plan too so it is definitely worth a try if you are looking for one of the most responsible and one of the best organic meal delivery plans on the market.

For more information on Hello Fresh read our extensive Hello Fresh review.

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#3 Green Chef

Green Chef210x100When it comes to organic food, Green Chef know their stuff. They only purchase from ethical and responsible farmers. On top of that Green Chef promises that each box delivered will contain food free of: GMOs, toxic pesticides, sewage sludge, antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids. Being USDA certified, Green Chef ensures that all the ingredients that are delivered to your doorstep are organic, sourced sustainably, and of the highest possible quality. Here are some more reasons why Green Chef is a great organic choice.

Versatility – when it comes to choosing your menus, you can take your pick from Keto, Paleo, Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free or Pescatarian. In addition to individual meals that feed two people, you can also choose from family size meals which include four servings.

Delicious Recipes – Being a dud in the kitchen is no longer a problem. Your ingredients are color-coded, pre-peeled, and chopped, meaning you can save time and still be the next Gordon Ramsay. Choose from delicious recipes including cumin-spiced steak, cauliflower fritters,  black-eyed pea veggie balls, toasted veggie and lentil sandwiches, pesto pasta primavera, harissa-spiced pork tenderloins, shrimp tinga tacos and many more.

Environmentally Friendly – On top of having organic ingredients, Green Chef go that extra mile when it comes to the environment too. You have a comprehensive guide on their website telling you how to recycle or reuse all their packaging, including the box and the sauce containers.

For more information on Green Chef read our extensive Green Chef Review

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Sun Basket_210x100

Sun Basket is one of the most popular meal delivery services on the market. We love it as well which is why it made it on to our list of top best organic meal delivery companies. The company also answers the need for more specific dietary requirements on top of providing food that is organic – so if you are Paleo, Vegan, Lean & Clean or Gluten Free, Sun Basket can provide food that is suitable for you.

  • 99% Organic – Getting a 100% organic company is nigh on impossible as water can never be deemed as organic. The result is that 99% organic is as good as any of the best organic meal delivery services are going to get, and Sun Basket is one of those. Plus, not only do they use organic ingredients, but their produce is also non GMO and are responsibly sourced with all meat being from grass-fed antibiotic pastured farming practices. Seafood always comes from sustainable sources and suppliers that the company wholeheartedly believes in.
  • Ecologically friendly – As many of us will want from our best organic meal delivery plans, all packaging that food arrives on our doorstep is 100% recyclable.
  • Giving Back – Sun Basket is a company that is happy to donate its excess food to local food banks so their waste is reduced as much as possible, while helping the local community. Many organic food eaters will find this appealing if one of their main reasons for turning to organic food is for environmental reasons
  • Designed by chefs – Sun Basket ensures that their food is delicious as they have their recipes designed by a chef who has a wealth of knowledge on how to get the best out of ingredients. In addition to that, the company then gets that recipe checked over by nutritionists. This is a fantastic idea as it means that customers can be confident that their food is providing all the nutrition they need from each and every meal – especially when following a restrictive diet like Paleo, Gluten Free or Vegan.
  • Delivery areas – Sun Basket does deliver to the majority of the US, however sadly it does not deliver to AK, HI, KS, MN, MT, ND, NE or SD.

Sun Basket is a great option for those in the market for one of the best organic meal delivery plans out there. We love that the company delivers all its organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in a recyclable and insulated box so that deliveries stay fresh without employing any harsh chemicals. Additionally, as the ingredients are pre-measured, there is zero waste, as well as a minimal chance of overeating as so many of us, are guilty. Both of these bad habits have a material impact on the environment too.

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#5 Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon 210x100This meal kit subscription service is not only plant-based but also GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and is low in sodium and sugar. The main idea behind Splendid Spoon is that it pushes against fad diets, but offers users pre-portioned and calorie-controlled meals. This meal-delivery service was created to improve health by using nourishing foods rather than making drastic changes to your normal eating habits.

  • Convenience – Catering to people on the go, Splendid Spoon differs from other meal delivery plans in that it caters to breakfast and lunch meals rather than dinners. This means that you don’t have to spend hours prepping and planning as to what you will be eating at work for the upcoming week. Breakfast meals come in the form of smoothies, which means you can grab one and run out the door, consuming it during your commute to work.
  • Variety – There are more than 40 meals to choose from on a weekly basis and you can choose from three plans, Breakfast, Breakfast + Lunch, Breakfast + Lunch + Reset. The first will see you with five smoothies per week, the second with five smoothies and five bowls (either soups or grain bowls), and the last plan includes five smoothies, five bowls, and one full-day reset.
  • Flexibility – You can have your order delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis, depending on what suits you best. You can skip orders and cancel anytime as long as you make the cut-off point prior to the next delivery. This means that you can order one week of Splendid Spoon and then cancel all the following deliveries if you want to test it out to see whether it suits you.

One of the biggest benefits of Splendid Spoon is that all of your meals are prepared in advance and ready to go. The breakfast smoothies are packed with healthy ingredients and powered with rich proteins and healthy fats. Not only does it mean you will be consuming more nutritionally balanced food, but you will also curb snacking throughout the day.

For more information on Splendid Spoon read our extensive Splendid Spoon review.

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The Bottom Line

Buying organic is an increasingly popular way of shopping for groceries, however not all grocery stores have quite kept up with demand in terms of the variety of produce they supply. This is a great shame given the impact that irresponsible farming practices can have on our environment.

As such, subscribing to one of the best organic meal delivery plans on the market is a fantastic way for the general public to take responsibility for how their eating habits have an impact on the world. It’s also a great way of ensuring that the food we ingest is free from any nasties that could have a long-lasting impact on our bodies as well as the world as a whole.