Best Seafood Subscription Box: Fish & Seafood Subscription Box Clubs Reviewed

article by Rachel Carr
May 13, 2020
Given the new craze for recipe boxes and groceries being delivered straight to your door, it can be a little overwhelming picking a brand to subscribe to.

There seems to be an ever-broadening range of the types of food delivery boxes too making the market even more intimidating. For example, you can now get food delivery services that provide purely organic groceries straight from a farm, entire meals, or even just wine.

Here, in this article, we look to take out any confusion caused by the breadth of the market and focus on fish and seafood subscriptions for those that are pescatarians or those that simply want to increase the fish in their diet.

To make it clear what a seafood delivery box is, we explain what exactly a monthly fish box entails and why it is a good idea to sign up to a fish subscription box. Finally, we investigate what the best seafood subscription box brands are so that you can make the most informed decision about having fish shipped to your door.

What is a Fish Subscription Box?

A fish subscription box is a service that is able to provide a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly fish delivery to subscribers. It means that if you sign up for a fish box delivery, you can have fish shipped to your door.

The best fresh fish delivery service companies will provide a wide range of fish to choose from and the best seafood subscription plans will also offer a large variation in what is available in a seafood monthly box too.

Why Sign up to a Fish Box Delivery?

There are a whole host of reasons that signing up for one of the best meal delivery services, and particularly a live fish subscription box is a brilliant idea, which we investigate below.


In the modern world, we are all strapped for time. We are inundated with busy work schedules that are often at odds with us spending quality time with our loved ones. Add into that mix the need to get some much-needed life admin done – think the laundry, taxes or cleaning – that doesn’t leave us much time to sit down and make a nutritious meal for ourselves, let alone buy the ingredients for it. This is why a live fish subscription box is such a good idea. We can order our ingredients online and have it delivered straight to our door as often as we like it.


It can be so easy to let grocery bills escalate when shopping in the grocery store for our food. One of the best things about having a fresh box, seafood or otherwise, full of delicious goodies delivered straight to our door so that it actually will save you money over the long term – whether you are a family, in a couple or living by yourself. The reason being is that the best live fish subscription box services will deliver food in ready-made portion sizes that minimize waste.

It means you never buy too much. Plus the nature of a many other monthly fish box services is that they deliver food frozen. As it is frozen, it will keep in your deep freeze for months – as opposed to going bad after just a few days in your refrigerator.

Better for Suppliers

By cutting out the middleman of the grocery store, if you use a box seafood delivery plan service, you are also massively benefitting the suppliers. As you are buying directly, you are only ever paying for what you get and are not having to pay for the markup that grocery stores need to add to make a profit.

The result is that more money goes directly to the company you bought it from, who will be using local fisherman to bring in their catch too. It means your money will directly help the community from which you bought the food.

Better for the Environment

In addition to benefiting customers of a box seafood delivery service in a variety of ways directly, another great advantage of a fish subscription plan is that it is better for the environment. By being delivered straight to your door, the middle man is cut out which is more energy-efficient.

Furthermore, the best live fish subscription box services will only ever use sustainable fishing methods and packaging that is recyclable. Again, because they also only ever provide fish in the correct portion sizes, customers never waste any food either so that fish are not over farmed with mass implication on the biodiversity of our oceans and seas.

Good for Dietary Requirements

One of the best things about any meal kit delivery service or specialist grocery delivery service is that they are great for specific dietary requirements. While grocery stores have got better at providing many options for different dietary needs over the years, meal delivery services do them better.

So if you are on a low carb diet, a meal plan kit is a good option as all the hard work of designing your meal plan for a week is done for you. Or, indeed, if you are a pescatarian, a box seafood delivery service is great as you get a lot more variety from these specialist companies than you would a grocery store. The same can be said of big meat eaters who can really benefit their diet and financially from using a meat delivery service that specialises in their dietary wants or needs.

Specialist knowledge

One of the most overlooked benefits of using a specialized fish subscription service is that you are buying food from the experts. The companies all focus on providing their customers with a niche amount of ingredients and as a result, they really know their stuff about where to find the best produce in our seas.

It is the case across the board for the best meal plan delivery services – of any type. If you buy food from a person or brand that knows their stuff, you are going to be purchasing a top-notch product. Be it buying bone broth from a bone broth delivery service or the best fish possible from one of the below best seafood subscription box services.

Top Brands for a Seafood Delivery Box

Here are our top 10 brands for a fresh box seafood delivery service out there at the moment. They can all be relied on to provide the best of the best seafood box selections for customers.

#1 Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company Main Brand Logo 210X100

Buying frozen fish in bulk is one of the best ways to reduce the cost to your monthly grocery bill. However, purchasing fish through one of Wild Alaskan Company’s highly affordable seafood subscriptions is also a brilliant way of increasing the quality of the food that you and your family is ingesting.

Plus, the fish shipped to your door is also sustainably sourced wild fish. The company offers a wide selection of different types of fish, plus it varies its portion sizes and cuts too so that customers can benefit from a large range of choice from just one fish subscription. All this helps to make Wild Alaskan Company one of the best fresh fish delivery service companies out there.

#2 Vital Choice

Vital Choice Main Brand Logo 210X100_

At the heart of Vital Box lies a want to provide people with the best organic and ethically produced food possible. With regards to its fish selections, customers are able to purchase wild-caught fish at a lesser price than they would do from the supermarket shelves when buying in bulk.

And perhaps a larger variety too – for example, customers are able to choose from halibut, tuna, sablefish, sole and tuna in addition to the more common salmon and cod. Plus, the company also produces its own salmon burgers, salmon hotdogs and salmon sausages. Finally, its most premium box which has over 17 servings in, also includes shellfish.

#3 Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere Main Brand Logo 210X100_

Lobster Anywhere started its life as a supplier to fine dining restaurants across the States. It has now branched out to delivering straight to individuals and families who want lobster or other fresh seafood to eat in their own homes. The lobsters come straight from Maine and the company aims to deliver the crustaceans overnight so that they are delivered live to your very front door.

Additionally, they also provide lobster tail which is frozen that can mean a more affordable way of getting lobster on your table. The company uses a year-round sustainable fishery to ensure that they not only care for the environment, but they can also supply lobster to clients all day, every day.

#4 Cameron’s Seafood

Cameron's Seafood Main Brand Logo 210X100_

With its nationwide delivery, Cameron’s Seafood manages to deliver some of the most delicious ingredients and food to customers. Harking from Maryland, the company specializes in crab and crab meat. The result is that you can have crab cakes delivered to your doorstep in less than 24 hours – if you have such a craving.

Additionally, the company also offers some of the best quality Alaskan crab legs – including the species King, Snow and Dungeness. The monthly seafood boxes also allow customers to purchase their goods in bulk as the goods come vacuum packaged and frozen if required. This drives down the cost of what can ordinarily be expensive produce.

#5 Sizzlefish

Sizzlefish Main Brand Logo 210X100_

One of the massive benefits around a seafood monthly box from the best fresh fish delivery service is that you know that each time you have a delivery, you are ensuring that you are minimizing your household’s food waste. This is particularly the case with Sizzlefish subscriptions because they vacuum seal each portion of fish that is cut individually to ensure that no excess is ever wasted.

Plus, its fish is of premium quality and is both natural and wild-caught. For those that love seafood, they will be very happy with the wide choice shellfish available at a very affordable price – especially given the quality of the incredible ingredients on offer.

#6 Kitchen Catch

Kitchen Catch Main Brand Logo 210X100

Kitchen Catch is a reputable company that allows its customers to choose how much fish they need in their weekly or monthly fish delivery to the pound. The company also offers its customers a wide variety of recipes that can be made with the produce bought within its fish subscription plans so that customers know how to make the very most of the top-notch ingredients that are included in their box seafood delivery.

Plus, the company also makes it possible to purchase artisan olive oils, lots of different types of fresh pasta or other products like chef-made sauces so that making delicious meals is even easier.

#7 Sitka Salmon

Sitka Salmon Main Brand Logo 210x100

Whilst some may prefer a fresh box seafood selection straight to their door, the frozen, vacuum-sealed fish that Sitka Salmon provides its customers through its seafood subscriptions is a very close second. This is thanks to the specialist fishermen that catch Sitka Salmon’s produce for any of its seafood box deliveries.

The result is that customers always know that they have purchased sustainably sourced seafood that does not rid our waters of a large number of particular fish. Customers can obviously buy a whole load of salmon with this brand, but it has a lot of choice with regards to its seafood selection too.

#8 Sea to Table

Sea to Table Main Brand Logo 210X100

Sea to Table is able to offer one of the best fresh fish delivery service plans thanks to freezing its produce as soon as possible. It then delivers its produce within 1 – 3 days so that customers can be sure that their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly fish delivery includes some of the best, if not the best, fresh fish possible.

The majority of the fish and seafood in a Sea to Table seafood monthly box is caught by American fishermen too so it supports the American economy and is more environmentally friendly too given that the fish is all caught in American waters.

#9 Ocean Box

oceanbox Main Brand Logo 210X100

Ocean Box is a great choice if you want the very highest quality fish shipped to your door. The company ensures that it is one of the best seafood subscription services out there by only ever providing its customers with exceptional ingredients that are chef quality. All food is also sustainably sourced and, better yet, it is all packaged up in an environmentally friendly way so the waste produced is kept to a bare minimum.

Plus, as the company cuts out the middleman by not shipping to a supermarket first when customers sign up to this fish subscription service, they can be certain that their food is 5 days fresher than what they ordinarily would have bought.

#10 Sea Food Crate

Sea Food Crate Main Brand 210X100

We rate Seafood Crate thanks to its dedication to providing the best fresh fish delivery service to its customers. The monthly fish box packages that it offers are full of great quality seafood and fresh fish so that subscribers can be assured that their fish box delivery will provide delicious ingredients every single time. Seafood Crate’s produce is so good in fact that it is used by many high-end restaurants.

We also love that it is environmentally friendly as the company prides itself on being almost waste-free. By having an order deadline that customers meet for every fish box delivery they order, the lack of food waste enables the company to adhere to sustainable fishing practices.

The Best Seafood Subscription Box – The Bottom Line

Subscribing to a seafood delivery box service may be too niche for some people to even think about, but they are a great way to increase the amount of fish in your diet. Fish, especially oily fish, are an easy way of getting lean protein into our everyday food which fills us up and stops us from snacking on nasties throughout the day. Plus, oily fish have a high amount of Omega 3 in them which are great for our skin, bones, hair and brain function.

Plus, with all the added benefits that help you both financially and also by saving you time in the grocery store, it is difficult to deny that when you sign up to one of the best seafood subscription box plans, you are going to reap a lot of rewards. A seafood box will at the very least, broaden your taste buds’ horizons from time to time. At the very best, you could be helping to limit climate change by buying food in a far more environmentally friendly way than going to the grocery store will ever be.