Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service Providers: Hop On The Meal Delivery Wagon

March 31, 2019
Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service
article by Rachel Carr author

Meal delivery services are growing in popularity around the globe as people start to see the number of benefits they can provide. Those with particular dietary needs may dismiss them owing to the incorrect presumption that meal delivery services don’t cater to special diets.

However, there is a number that most certainly do and here we look at the best vegetarian meal delivery plans that are available on the market at the moment. We then look in more depth at what benefits the best vegetarian meal delivery companies can provide its customers – some, like saving money, will surprise.

If you don’t have a special dietary requirement, meal delivery services are still a fantastic option for many people for many reasons. Read which ones we rate as the best.

The Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service Providers

Here we list the top three best vegetarian meal delivery companies and kits. We demonstrate that vegetarian meal delivery plans are a very realistic proposition for those who love to eat and eat well.

#1 Home Chef


Whether you are a vegetarian or not, Home Chef is our preferred meal delivery service for its wide range of delicious recipes Home Chef is our preferred supplier for the best vegetarian meal delivery service for several reasons. Firstly, it is simply so easy to use.

Customers can pick and choose their meals so that even if they are vegetarian, they are not lumbered with a selection of options that don’t appeal to a person’s taste buds. Plus, setting up a meal plan and the ability to set it up for five weeks in advance is incredibly quick so that each individual customer has their needs answered at every meal.

  • How Does It Work? Home Chef works by customers simply selecting the amount of vegetarian meals they need each and every week. Obviously, if you are the subscriber and vegetarian, you will choose every meal to be vegetarian, but also choose the number of meals you need that week. This is great as it means that if you have plans to eat out, Home Chef won’t force you to pay for a meal that you won’t even make. If you have other dietary needs that need to be answered, like low-calorie meals for example, you can add this into your weekly kits too.

Customers can also choose to add extra items each week should they want. So, for example, if you like to have a smoothie every morning, there is the chance to subscribe to their smoothie bundle too. While these extras can quickly add up, it shows that vegetarian meal delivery services don’t have to be the same meals over and over again.

  • What Else Do I Need To Know? In addition to being able to plan five weeks in advance, customers can also read the recipes themselves. This means that should you find that one of the vegetarian meals on offer is simply too complicated for you to cook, you can veto it entirely. These recipes also detail what exactly is needed in terms of equipment – more often than not only the basics are ever required.
  • What Other Benefits Do Home Chef Have? Home Chef realizes that a great attraction of meal delivery services, vegetarian or otherwise, is that they save time for its customers. One of the ways it manages to do this is by providing quick recipes that are a breeze to make. The majority of their recipes take under thirty minutes to prepare. Plus, Home Chef also individually wraps its ingredients so that preparation time in the kitchen is even quicker.

The stand out feature of Home Chef that helps makes them the best Vegetarian meal delivery company is their flexibility. It can work for families and young professionals alike, all who have very different needs. Plus, when the food that is produced is as delicious as Home Chef recipes and kits make, it is a no brainer of a choice.

Cost: From $9.95 per serving

For more information on Home Chef, read our extensive Home Chef review.

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#2 HelloFresh


HelloFresh is a great value for money meal delivery service that is easily one of the best vegetarian meal delivery companies on the market. Despite it’s a great value, it continually is able to provide high-quality meals each week. For vegetarians, in particular, it is great as it has a dedicated service called the Veggie Plan.

  • How Does It Work? Customers sign up to Hello Fresh subscription service and, as they are vegetarian, need to choose the Veggie Plan. HelloFresh then provides a selection of delicious recipes each week that have a huge variety given that the company draws on inspiration from cuisines around the world. They really prove that Vegetarian eating does not have to be boring and just variations on a veggie casserole each evening. Each week, HelloFresh delivers a package of food to your door with all the ingredients that you need.
  • What Else Do I Need To Know? One area that HelloFresh really shines, other than its inexpense, is that it has incredibly straightforward recipes that customers can follow with ease thanks to step by step instructions with pictures. Even those that have barely set foot in a kitchen will be able to follow a HelloFresh recipe to produce a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal.
  • What Other Benefits Does HelloFresh have? We really like that HelloFresh offers customers the opportunity to sign up to its wine club at the same time as subscribing to its meal delivery services. This means the company pairs wine with your meals that it thinks will enhance the food you have cooked as well as making the wine you are sent taste even better too.

Finally, HelloFresh offers a further discount to students with 10% off the subscription price. It makes it even cheaper than it already is and means that baked beans on toast do not have to be the backbone meal for a person in full-time education.

HelloFresh is one of our preferred suppliers of vegetarian meals because of its dedication to keeping costs low while providing a range of recipes that will tantalize taste buds week and week again. If Home Chef is out of your budget or does not deliver to your area, then this is an excellent alternative.

Cost: from $8.74 per serving

For more information on Hello Fresh read our extensive Hello Fresh review.

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#3 Green Chef

Green Chef210x100

Green Chef is one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services as it recognizes that such a huge portion of the population has specific dietary needs, like vegetarians. In fact, it actually caters successfully to a whole host of other diets too, but that does not mean it has not spent the time creating a large number of recipes with veggies in mind.

  • How Does It Work? From the outset, customers choose a plan that’s right for them. For those who don’t eat meat, they can pick vegetarian though there are other options available too that may work like pescatarian. From there, Green Chef then delivers its customers a box of ingredients every week or every two or four weeks depending on the customer’s requirements. There’s no minimum commitment so customers can skip orders should they want. This flexibility is also built into the subscription plan itself which is quick and easy to change or cancel should a customer need or want. Inside each box are organic ingredients that are prepped and pre-measured. Some sauces are pre-made too as are marinades and spice blends. Recipe cards are also included and everything is boxed up in a container that keeps ingredients cool.
  • What Else Do I Need To Know? For those with veggie requirements, this is one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services out there. Not only are vegetables organic, but the company also ensures that there is more than just a salad to prepare at each meal time. Their recipes are one of the most creative out there yet are easy to follow with step by step photos included on recipe cards.
  • What Other Benefits Do Green Chef have?  Green Chef is green in more ways than one. Not only does it provide brilliant vegetarian recipes to its customers, it also provides sustainably sourced ingredients to make those very recipes with. If you are concerned about your effect on the environment then this is simply the best vegetarian meal delivery company for you.

Lastly, what we loved about Green Chef, regardless of dietary requirement, was the fact that the portion sizes that the recipes tend to produce are big enough to provide an extra serving at the end of the meal. This is something that most meal delivery services do not do as a way to cut waste but also to increase their revenue too.

Green Chef is a fantastic option for those in need of one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services due to its extensive range of recipes that will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Cost: From $11.99 per serving

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The Benefits of Using a Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

Most people start using a Vegetarian meal delivery service to save time. This is because having a vegetarian meal kit delivered to your door each and every week stops you from having to visit the grocery store as well as preparation times being cut in half. However, there’s more to the best vegetarian meal delivery services than immediately meets the eye. In fact, customers often see the following benefits too:

  • Save Money – It may not seem it at first, given that the cost per serving can seem quite steep when first started, but the best vegetarian meal delivery services will actually end up saving its customers money. There are a couple of reasons for this. First off, the kits totally reduce waste. You only ever use what you need and what you are sent. The bi-product of this is that you don’t throw out food that you have paid for that you don’t or cannot eat due to them going bad. Secondly, by stopping us from going to the supermarket, we end up not buying the goods that we never needed in the first place.
  • Learn New Recipes – Meal delivery services are great at either teaching an old dog new tricks or teaching a kitchen novice many different recipes. It can be a fantastic way of trying out new and wonderful techniques of cooking that can produce fantastic results. So often, because it is easier, we revert to cooking a small selection of meals each week, a meal delivery kit stops this from happening. In fact, it makes life so much easier in the process too.
  • Vary Your DietA common misconception about vegetarians is that they have a healthy diet. While vegetables are undoubtedly good for you, it doesn’t necessarily follow that all a vegetarian eats is a plate of crudites. In fact, they are more likely to reach into the cookie tin as meals that are low in protein (which a vegetarian meal so often is) do not sustain our hunger as much. With one of the best vegetarian delivery services above, customers not only will have a varied diet due to the large selection of recipes on offer, but they will also have a diet that meets their nutritional requirements as well.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a meal delivery service when you are vegetarian can be an excellent idea. Not only does it mean that a company takes care of doing all your grocery shopping for you, as well as doing a large amount of your food preparation, you also know that you are going to be eating food that provides you with everything your body needs. The best vegetarian meal delivery services introduce well-balanced recipes into a customer’s lives as well as satiating their appetite and taste buds.

Plus, they more often than not do so at a price that is not only affordable but at a price that will end up saving its customers money. In addition to this is the added bonus that meal delivery services save people time by delivering ingredients to a customer’s door so that they do not have to traipse around a grocery store looking for particular ingredients.