The Best Wine Subscription Boxes: Enhance You Wine Drinking Experience

article by Rebecca Lori
December 24, 2019
Choosing the right bottle of wine for a special occasion can be a nightmare. With hundreds and thousands of different varieties available to choose from, it can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. This is where wine subscription boxes can really come in handy as they take your personal taste preferences into consideration and send you recommended bottles based on these. You’ll no longer have to scour the shelves of your local supermarket, looking for inspiration from the attractive labels and limited descriptions!

What is a Monthly Wine Subscription?

A wine subscription box turns standard wine drinking into more of a hobby. So if you are looking to learn more about wine or be introduced to new grape varieties from different vineyards then this service is ideal.

With a monthly wine subscription service, you simply select how many wine bottles you would like to receive each month, fill in a short taste questionnaire and wait for the bottles to be delivered straight to your door.

As expected from any subscription box, the service will differ from company to company. Some wine clubs will provide you with tasting notes to accompany the wine, whereas others include literature on cellaring and the history of wine and some even provide extra goodies such as cheese, antipasti, bath products, candles, and jewelry – but more of that later!

How Does a Wine Subscription Box Work?

If you’ve ever used any type of subscription box service then you will already be familiar with the format. Wine subscriptions work much the same as meal delivery subscriptions in that you pay a monthly fee (which can normally be canceled at any time) for consumable products to be delivered to your door.

In the first instance, most wine subscriptions companies will ask you a series of questions that you have to complete online. This is to get an idea of the type of palate that you have. They may ask if you prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate or black coffee over a latte. The more they can gain a sense of your taste the better tailored your wine choices will be. The bottles are delivered to your door each month but with some subscriptions, you can change the frequency. Some companies also offer refunds or swaps on any bottles that you don’t like – but not all, so please check their policies first!

Why Should You Try a Wine Subscription?

If you haven’t yet tried a wine club subscription service, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about – after all, you can just pop out to the grocery store and buy a bottle, right? If you only drink the odd bottle or two of wine per month and tend to buy the best cheapest bottle of plonk then a wine club subscription is probably not for you.

A wine subscription service is for those who are curious about wine and would like to learn more. People who are looking for recommendations based on their taste preferences, or those who may not even know what their wine preference is. If you are a complete novice but like trying different flavors and would like to learn how a good “nose” can create a good quality glass of wine then this type of service will suit you.

A wine club is also perfect for those who consider themselves to be knowledgeable wine drinkers and are looking to increase their knowledge and discover more wines from different regions and countries. It’s also perfect for those wishing to increase their wine collection.

A wine club subscription can be a good way of testing wines ahead of a special occasion such as a wedding. Perhaps will all the planning, you don’t have time to organize the wine too? Getting bottles to sample from home will be a relaxed (and enjoyable) way of taking on this task.

Having good quality wine delivered to your door is significantly more convenient than hunting down bottles from specialist shops. It can also be more cost-effective as you can choose your plans to suit your budget.

The best part is, with most subscription plans you can cancel after a month if you decide the service isn’t for you.

Best Wine Subscription Plans

#1 Hello Fresh


Known for their good quality meal delivery service, did you know that Hello Fresh also provides wine pairings too? The service is easy. Just simply choose from the large variety of red, white and mixed wines and receive six bottles to your door each month. Each wine box comes with pairing tips and tasting notes so you can make the most of your experience. If you are already using the Hello Fresh service you can take advantage of the sommelier-chosen wines to pair with your meals. One of the highlights of this service is that Hello Fresh allows you to see the month’s wine list ahead of time.

We also liked that the bottles were full size, where several other companies send 500ml tasting bottles which can be a little frustrating if you really like what you’ve sampled. The wine is sourced from top international vineyards from France, Italy, Napa Valley, and Argentina. You can choose whether to buy the wine to complement the Hello Fresh meals or to sign up for the separate service. Tasting notes and suggested pairings are included with the wine.

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#2 Blue Apron


If you’ve heard of this brand before you will probably associate them with meal delivery services, similar to Hello Fresh. You wouldn’t be wrong. Blue Apron predominantly provides a meal subscription service but also offers a wine club subscription service for those who would like to try specially selected wines which pair perfectly with their meals. Simply choose from a range of high-quality wines from renowned winemakers and wait for them to be delivered to your door.

The company promises to cut out the “middle man” which means that rather than sourcing their wine via wholesale options or retailer, they get their wine direct from the vineyards, enabling them to offer high-quality wine at affordable prices. What we liked about this service was that it was suitable for both beginners and wine connoisseurs alike.

With each subscription box accompanied by an informative flavor profile card, tasting notes and the story behind your bottle of wine.  Customers receive six bottles of wine with their monthly order, but unlike Hello Fresh, these bottles are only 500ml in size – which is a little disappointing.

Choosing wine from the Blue Apron booklet is a pleasure as it informs customers which wines are available for that month, along with information on which region the wine comes from, tasting notes and infographics that help you to compare the different wines.

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#3 Winc

Winc logo 210x100

The best wine subscription will always have the highest quality wine and that’s why we’ve included Winc on our list. This company was founded by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane, two wine lovers that shared a belief that wine should be accessible to all. They formed a wine club with Brian Smith – a sommelier and winemaker – and have since grown Winc: a winery based in California providing a subscription service for serious wine lovers.

The Winc website is a pleasure to navigate with its user-friendly layout and clear wine list. You can purchase wine individually or add them to your subscription box for a slightly reduced price. We like the way in which they get to know your taste – by asking questions such as “how do you like your coffee?” and “Do you like earthy flavors like mushrooms and black-truffles?”. They then use the results to recommend wines that match your taste profile. You can fully customize your box and also skip a month if you need a break.

#4 VineOh!

VineOh logo 210x100

Here’s a wine subscription service with a difference. The VineOh! Wine club has been marketed towards women and provides several options that are quite different from other similar brands. The wine club is fairly straightforward in that it provides four or six bottles of wine each month: either red, white, a mix of both or sweet. Providing very good value for money, VineOh! gives you $84 worth of wine for just $59.99 per month. The bottles are full-sized premium Californian wines that are delivered to your door each month. There’s no pressure here: you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

What really makes VineOh! stand out is the gift boxes which are a great idea. You can gift a VineOh! Happy Box (or indeed buy yourself one) and receive around $120 worth of goodies. This wine subscription gift box has varied contents but usually includes two bottles of wine and five or six full-sized products such as chocolates, bath goodies, face masks and more. Boxes start from as little as $69.99 for a one-off purchase, up to $229.99 for a yearly subscription of four boxes delivered each quarter. There’s a real self-care element to these subscription boxes and we think the wine subscription gift box is a fantastic treat for anyone who needs pampering.

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Vinebox 210x100

Every once in a while a company comes along and completely disrupts the market. We feel that VINEBOX has done this with its unusual concept. Rather than send out full-sized bottles, the VINBOX wine subscription sends patented vials of wine that will give you exactly one glass. Finishing an entire bottle of wine before it wastes can be tricky sometimes, especially if you’re not 100% sold on the flavor. You won’t have that issue here, as VINEBOX sends you a sleek looking box with patented vials that have been specially designed to keep oxygen out, keeping the wine fresh for up to a year.

It isn’t just the packaging that’s gorgeous in this plan, the wines are pretty special too with each box containing a personalized assortment of reds, whites, and rosés which have been sourced from Europe and picked by renowned sommelier Tyler Kennedy. You can sign up to receive a one-off box for $87 or a quarterly plan for $79 per box or Annual plan $72 per box, delivered every three months. Each box contains nine glasses of wine, making this one of the most expensive subscription plans on our list.

If you like what you’ve sampled, there’s the option to buy full-sized versions of the wine and there is always a selection of boxes available to purchase from as little as $49 per box.

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#6 Wine Awesomeness

Wine awsomeness logo 210x100

Wine monthly subscription boxes can be pretty dull and stuffy, dare we say. You receive your wine with a few factual notes and then you’re left to your own devices. That’s why we rate companies such as Wine Awesomeness, that take the snobbery out of wine tasting and make it accessible to all. This monthly wine subscription service has a focus on unusual and rare wines that have been curated by a team of experts.

Each of the boxes is delivered with a neat magazine and pairing ideas so you can totally impress your dinner guests. Signing up is simple and you are able to check out the current wines online which are accompanied with tasting notes such as “jammy red fruit like cherry and plum with notes of red Jell-O and Twizzlers.” and “yellow fruit, lemon curd, and yellow cake mix. Smells of stale lemon bars and pie crust.” Monthly subscriptions start at just $49 a box with three full-sized bottles of wine included.

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#7 Firstleaf

Firstleaf logo 210x100

One of the most highly rated wine clubs in America, Firstleaf works directly with the very best wineries to bring you the best, most affordable wines on the market and the best wine subscription for its customers. In fact, 92% of their wines have won awards, so you should expect some pretty special bottles when you sign up to this wine club.

What we like about Firstleaf is that it uses a special rating algorithm that chooses wine for you based on your previous ratings, this means that the more you drink, the more your wine choices improve over time. It costs $90 per shipment ($15 per bottle) and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if there are any bottles you don’t like, just get in touch and let them know. We don’t think you’ll have that problem though.

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Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a beginner, or simply someone who enjoys a glass of high-quality vino there’s a wine subscription service out there for you. Saving you time and effort, wine monthly subscription boxes give you the chance to try very high-quality wines at very fair prices, as they often work directly with the wineries to bring you the best quality and price possible.

With pairing tips and tasting notes included in most boxes, you are sure to learn a thing or two in no time. Most wine subscription services can be paused or canceled whenever, so you really have nothing to lose – Salut!