New Year, New You - 5 Most Popular New Years Resolution Ideas

article by Rachel Carr
December 29, 2019
We are all guilty of making New Year’s Resolutions that we needed to make far before the New Year came around. We are also all guilty of breaking our New Year’s resolutions far more quickly than many of us would care to admit. In fact, those of us who make them probably break them within a week or so of ringing in the New Year.
Here we look at the five most popular New Year’s resolutions and why people break them so easily. We then look at how people can work towards keeping them and sticking to them for the most prosperous year they have had yet.

#1 Lose Weight

Losing weight is perhaps the biggest and most popular New Year’s resolution that individuals make. Often, the same individuals make it every year too as they have not managed to shift enough, or any, of the pounds that they had intended. Losing weight can be very difficult indeed, especially in the depths of winter when often all we want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a big bar of chocolate to stay warm.

The difficulty of losing weight, other than the weather, can be for a whole host of reasons that can vary from person to person. For example, some people lack the willpower to cut back on certain types of food while others lack the knowledge of what is actually good for them and what is causing them to gain weight.

One of the best ways to tackle all of the problems that are often the reason behind failed weight loss attempts is to sign up to a meal plan subscription service. This is because these companies allow people to plan ahead and do so with ease. Many dietitians and health care professionals will proclaim the benefits of planning ahead when trying to lose weight. It means that fewer slip-ups happen and those slip-ups happen less often too.

Good meal kit delivery services that will help any dieter would be HomeChef, Hello Fresh or Freshly. They all provide customers with the ability to select meal plans that will suit their latest dietary requirements. So if a person is trying to limit the number of calories they ingest, one of these company’s meals planners will provide them with an easy way to do so. The company will simply suggest a whole selection of tasty, low-calorie meals. The same could be said for those that are losing weight by cutting out carbohydrates or following a Paleo diet. These meal kit companies can even suggest delicious low-fat meals that customers can pick out ahead of time. The result is that customers are less likely to pick up food that is laden with nasties causing them to remain the same weight – or even gain it.

One of the common characteristics behind whatever meal plan or diet a person chooses to follow is a company’s ability to make that food taste good. This means that dieters will still have their hunger and taste buds satiated without ever feeling like they are starving. This is one of the biggest triggers for people to put their hand in the biscuit tin – they have not eaten a meal that has kept them full for long enough or that they have enjoyed. This causes dieters to crave “tasty” food elsewhere.

That so-called tasty food is often processed and refined so incredibly bad for us. What is great about using a meal plan, other than the fact that it works to stop the need for refined food, is that once users start to feel and see the benefits of preparing home cooked food from fresh ingredients, they stop craving those very sweet things in the first place. These foods are not filling and more often than not when the sugar high has stopped, the crash afterward makes us feel worse than before we ate the processed food in the first place. When people start to feel how great their body feels after just a week of eating unprocessed food, a vicious cycle is broken and they are already more likely to start losing weight as they won’t crave bad food.

#2 Find Love

Ah, love. If you don’t already happen to be in a happy, loving relationship, finding that someone special is probably the first thing on your mind. Of course, a New Year’s resolution to find love is easier said than done, as it requires many different aspects.

Something you can do, first and foremost, is start putting yourself out there! If you keep yourself locked away in your house or your job, you won’t give anyone the opportunity to even see you. Even if you do find yourself out and about, if you’re not giving off the right energy (that is, an energy of wanting to meet the right person), you’ll find that no one will come your way.

Something else you can do to work towards your goal of finding love is to start doing things that you love. We know this sounds cliche, but if you begin to explore hobbies and activities that make you happy, you will most likely find people who are interested in the same things. Also, this actually takes your mind off of the idea of needing to find someone. Sound counterproductive? Think about it this way: When you lose something, and you look for it tirelessly, you almost never find it. But the moment you let go and do something is, it magically appears!

Also, try to keep an open mind. Even if you have your type down to a tee, if someone comes along who might not fit exactly into your box, give it a try. Who knows? You might discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

#3 Save Money

Saving money is one of those boring things we all know we should be doing, but are all fantastic at putting off until the next paycheck. It is necessary and important to do however to help us build up a nest egg or a safety net for any unforeseen expenses in future that we need to pay for immediately. By saving money, we give ourselves the ability to pay for the emergency repairs to our boiler immediately, and without the need for using an expensive, high interest bearing credit card.

The secret to doing it, and not giving up within the first month, is two-pronged. Firstly, save a chunk of your paycheque as soon as you have been paid. Put it into another bank account that both pays you a high-interest rate for saving regularly and also penalizes you the moment you start to take money out of it. The latter of these two characteristics will make you think twice about withdrawing any cash for non-emergencies.

Secondly, start the year by looking at your bank statements and your financial affairs. Be honest about where a great deal of your money goes and think about ways you can stop spending so much money in that area. In doing so, you are also able to start saving a little bit more, and more often too. It doesn’t have to be much each month for it to have a big impact over the entire year. For example, if you go out a lot for dinner and drinks with friends, could you cut back just one of those outings a month? Think about what you spend on average each time you dine out, and then times that by 12 to come to the amount you would save over the year just by staying in once more every 30 days. It will easily come to a three-figure sum without you even noticing the difference to your life.

#4 Quit Smoking And/Or Drinking

Quitting smoking or drinking is a difficult one as both activities are highly addictive. This is due to the ingredients included in cigarettes and alcohol as well as the habitual use of both being a tough thing to break.

For this reason, there are two mindsets to help people give up either of these habits that are so bad for our bodies. Firstly, you can cut back with the intention of slowly stopping both. There is merit to this, especially if you are more a habitual user than someone who actually feels the need to chain smoke or drink early on in the day. Think about what your triggers are for smoking or drinking. If it’s because you need to step outside from your desk and a cigarette gives you the ability to do so, try to give yourself a break in another way. Make yourself a hot drink perhaps. Or if you always drink while cooking in the evening, try to stop doing that once or twice a week, and then slowly increase this to drinking only with your supper.

The second is to go cold turkey. This is obviously the harder of the two methods to implement, but you may see results more quickly. Sometimes the need for these results will be the overriding factor as health can be so much at risk sometimes due to smoking or excessive drinking that cold turkey is the only option available. What helps with going cold turkey is to identify all the triggers that make you reach for the bottle or a packet of cigarettes. Work backward as to what causes you to drink or smoke and try to avoid instances where those triggers come about. Planning in this way initially can help you keep going with giving up entirely from the 1st January.

#5 Get Organized

Getting organized is often on our list of resolutions as towards the end of the year, our lives get so busy meeting up with loved ones and friends that we often forget about some fundamental chores.

Getting organized is perhaps one of the easier resolutions to maintain, but it is by no means easy. There are so many parts of our lives where an organization can be difficult. Those with children in particular and a busy household will be particularly aware of this.

The trick is to start little and work up. For example, it sounds incredibly small, but do you never have a birthday card to send or give someone and then you realize too late? An easy way around this is to go out and buy a whole load of cards at the beginning of the year and keep them in a drawer at home. You’ll never miss a birthday again.

A bigger way, though far more obvious, is to keep a diary. That way you will never forget an appointment or anniversary again. If you are part of a family that needs a wider organization, have a calendar that everyone can see and write all their events on there so that no one can double book each other.

The Bottom Line

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. There is no denying that. This is because they have often become something so big in our lives that we want to change that they have become a tough habit to kick.  The trick for almost all of the above resolutions, to name just a few, is to break the mindset of how big that resolution is. It means you are able to break the resolution down into smaller manageable chunks. This makes them far easier to maintain than simply saying you are going to lose five pounds a week by eating celery for breakfast lunch and supper.

Most importantly, if having a new resolution is not working for you, don’t immediately give up. Find another way to work for you and don’t beat yourself up by calling yourself a failure if your first method did not work. It’s all about finding balance and a way that works with you and your life.