Google Announces YouTube Video Editor Will Be Discontinued

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019

YouTube’s free in-browser video editor is officially being taken down per a recent post by a Google Community Manager in YouTube’s Help Forum.  The program will be shut down on September 20th, so users have two months to finish up any ongoing projects on the web-based editor.

In the post, Google also announced they would be getting rid of their Photo Slideshows feature as well. Videos already uploaded with the editor will remain unaffected.  Those looking to edit or remix their already published videos are encouraged to download them from YouTube or retrieve their original files using Google Takeout.

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Google says the YouTube Video Editor will be discontinued due to “limited usage” of certain features. They are not completely discarding all aspects of the editor, however. The “Enhancements” feature will be kept in the Video Manager, for editing uploaded videos using functions like trimming, blurring, filters, and more. The editor has been a long-time tool for YouTubers looking to edit videos up to an hour long, free of charge. Users are now encouraged to find other free, 3rd party editors, but Google does not recommend a list of worthy replacements.

This is not welcome news to many Chromebook users, who cite concerns that similar free editors available for the Chromebook do not stack up to the YouTube Video editor.

If you are looking for a decent substitute for YouTube Video Editor, it would be worthwhile to check what is the best YouTube video editing software. Also, recently we made a several interesting reviews on the best video editing software brands.