LastPass Introduces New Password Sharing Feature

July 28, 2017
671x382_LastPass Introduces New Password Sharing Feature
article by Hector A. author
LastPass is known for its’ precision as a password manager. However, users have often complained about their inability to share passwords with friends and family members. Now, LastPass is attempting to quell those complaints.

Their latest feature, called LastPass Families, allows users to securely share passwords, bank account information, and passport numbers with family members. Users will be able to add or remove their family members to their account. They will also be able to decide which passwords get shared with which users.

The feature supports up to 6 family members and will be a separate paid service from other LastPass editions. LastPass premium members will get access to Families for free for six months after it debuts later this year. The company is also offering early access to users who want to try the service first. Users can sign up on the company’s website, here.

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