Mozilla Firefox and ExpressVPN Team Up to Set Asia Alight

article by Rachel Carr
November 21, 2018

Sharing a commitment to free and safe browsing, it was only a matter of time before Mozilla and ExpressVPN caught each other’s eyes across a crowded internet and discovered a match made in heaven. Along with Cherry Mobile, Mozilla is launching a new ultra-light Android browser specifically for the Asian market and, as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve partnered with ExpressVPN to offer a seven-day free trial of the VPN giant’s services to Firefox Lite users in Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Thailand.

De-foxing the Internet

If you sat down with a book over 136 billion pages long, the probability of you finding the exact piece of information you wanted within a few seconds is minimal if even possible. As this is how many pages it would take to print out the 4.54 billion pages of information contained on the internet, you can begin to understand why we’re so reliant on search engines. But a search engine only works as well as the browser – choose a slow browser and you’ll feel as though you are paging through each of those 136 billion individual sheets of paper.

Over the past few months, Mozilla Firefox has given their browsers a complete overhaul, taking their speeds up to Google Chrome levels, while maintaining their reputation for flexibility and wide-ranging support for extensions. In keeping with their commitment to free and open access to the internet, Mozilla has also introduced some new privacy features which include safer password-free logins and the automatic blocking of ad trackers.

As a non-profit company committed to giving everyone secure and independent access to the internet, Mozilla is constantly developing to ensure people across the world can enjoy a smooth, safe browsing experience. Their most recent initiative sees them team up with ExpressVPN and Cherry Mobile to expand internet access throughout Asia.

The Cherry On Top

Based in the Philippines, Cherry Mobile started out in 2009, making it a pretty new addition to the cellphone industry. Dedicated to providing “Everything for Everyone”, Cherry Mobile create handsets that cater to different budgets and lifestyle needs. From waterproof, shockproof phones to cutting-edge multimedia handsets, Cherry Mobile creates devices that are both affordable and functional.

Cherry Mobile constantly develops new products to give their customers the most rewarding cellphone experience which is why they’re so delighted to partner with Mozilla. According to the company’s Assistant Vice President for Product Development, Lonson Alejandrino, they’re excited to see the new Firefox Lite product which, they believe, will “bring utmost ease and security to our end-users”.

Lighter than a Pocket Rocket

Fast and lightweight, Firefox Lite is basically Firefox Rocket rebranded and enhanced. Although the name has changed, the game plan remains the same, which is namely to provide a data-efficient browsing experience. Available on Google Play, Firefox Lite enables users to block images on the sites they visit to reduce the amount of data they use. Mozilla has also introduced a function that allows you to read pages offline with a single tap on the toolbar.

Less than 3.5MB in total, you’ll hardly even notice Firefox Lite is there. The newly born fox cub from Mozilla is compatible with Android Lollipop 5.0 and upwards and features a Turbo Mode that will block ads and other third-party content. While not revolutionary – Amazon brought out a lightweight Android browser in April – Firefox Lite is ticking all the boxes in terms of meeting the fast-evolving needs of cell phone users across the globe.

Express Yourself

Not only is Firefox Lite fast and furious, but it’s also safer than other browsers. If you choose to, you can browse in private mode and get rid of your virtual footprint by doing away with cookies, passwords, and history. Mozilla has also introduced tracking protection which will keep your device free of targeted advertising and other common web trackers.

The ad-blocking is not 100%, however, and those wanting a truly anonymous and secure experience will embrace Mozilla’s partnership with ExpressVPN. All Firefox Lite users can experience the pleasure of protected browsing for seven days free of charge and we’re pretty convinced that, once they’ve tried it, they won’t want to go back.

Every time we log on to the internet, we run the risk of our private data falling into the wrong hands, especially if we connect through a public Wi-Fi hotspot. From identity theft to phishing, cybercrime threats are increasing faster than ever and even some reputable VPNs struggle to give their customers the protection they need. Certainly, Mozilla looked far and wide before committing selecting their perfect VPN partner but, in the end, ExpressVPN’s commitment to an open web where everyone has equal access to online security and privacy sealed the deal.

The Head of Business Development for Mozilla Asia, Charles P.C. Chen explained, “ExpressVPN stood out for its pioneering work in leak proofing. We are happy to have established such a strong collaboration to bring a whole new level of secure mobile web experience for our users”.

The Quality of Excellence

ExpressVPN have long since established themselves as one of the leading lights of the VPN world but, despite having secured the top spot some time ago, it doesn’t rest on its laurels but works tirelessly at developing more secure systems to give customers the protection they want and need. Situated in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has cornered the market in terms of high speeds, excellent encryption and the respectful treatment of client data.

Not only does ExpressVPN have one of the most expansive server networks in the world, with over 2,000 servers in 94 different countries, it also boasts a range of technical features that give an extra layer of security without compromising the browsing experience. They don’t skimp on customer support either, with an encyclopedic FAQ section on their website and a reliably efficient 24/7 live chat service.

Recently, ExpressVPN was one of five VPNs to participate in the Center for Democracy and Technology’s initiative to improve trust within the VPN industry. In addition to questions about their corporate identity and accountability, the CDT’s Signals of Trustworthy VPNs questionnaire interrogated suppliers about their data collection and storage protocols and the actions they take to improve the security of their connections. Unsurprisingly, ExpressVPN were honest and transparent in their responses, confirming their commitment to the anonymity of their customers and their indefatigable efforts to improve the privacy and security of their service.

ExpressVPN is not only one of the fastest and safest VPNs around, but they are also committed to the bigger picture in terms of ensuring everyone in the world has the freedom to access the internet securely. The collaboration with Firefox Lite will change the face of the Asian market, enabling users to connect via public Wi-Fi connections without the fear of sophisticated man-in-the-middle attacks.

When ExpressVPN announced their partnership with Mozilla earlier this month, they stated, “Through our partnership with Mozilla, we hope to be able to educate users about these risks and equip them with tools to protect themselves”. Sounds more like an overprotective uncle than an international corporation which is exactly what keeps ExpressVPN at the top of their game.