Washington Couple Speaks Out About the Dangers of Smart Baby Monitors

August 29, 2017
The Dangers of Smart Baby Monitors
article by Hector A. author
Don’t ignore a child’s fear of the dark!  KDVR reported on a Washington couple confused by their three-year-old son’s confession that he was scared at night because he could hear voices talking to him. Soon, his mother discovered that a stranger was speaking to her son through the ‘smart’ baby monitor they had placed in the room. A voice was saying disturbing things like, “wake up, daddy’s looking for you.”

After the mother’s discovery, her husband then heard someone notice she was coming into view and saying, “look, someone’s coming.”  A night lens was rotating when the couple wasn’t controlling it, following their movements to avoid getting caught. They immediately called Foscam, the manufacturer of the monitor, who said that it was possible the device had been hacked into via a laptop or smartphone application.

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To add another alarming layer to this ordeal, there was no way for the company to discover the hacker’s identity or location. Hacks like these are becoming more frequent, and make families more vulnerable to identity theft (to say nothing of thoroughly creeping them out). Families can prevent these hacks by changing their WiFi and baby monitor passwords to two different codes, following best practices for creating highly secure passwords, and checking for software updates frequently.